Diane Gets Hooked

Part Two





Diane Goes Full Time


            Becoming a hook pretender was one of the best things I ever did. Dan loved me when I was restricted to only using my hooks for everything. I would usually come home from work and get into my hooks until I went to bed. I just loved the feeling of being so handicapped. I had moved in with Dan a few months earlier and he always liked to come home and see me preparing dinner with my hooks. Of course our sex life was greater than ever.

            We did go out fairly frequently, but we always had to be careful that we weren’t recognized. That made for a stressful situation. I wanted to always be out wearing my hooks and Dan wanted me that way too.

            A solution to our problem presented itself one day. Dan had been offered a new job out of state. He asked if I would consider moving with him if he accepted the position.

            “Diane, think of it, you could pretend full time, even work that way. No one would ever know that you really had hands,” Dan said,

            “Do you think I really could get a job with my hooks?”

            “Are you kidding? You can do almost anything with them. You are a natural. Wouldn’t you love to be accepted as an arm amp and need hooks for everything all the time?”

            “Wow, that would be so great. No more worrying about being recognized,” I replied, becoming more convinced every moment.

            “So let’s do it!” Dan almost demanded.

            Dan and I were considering marriage and we loved each other very much. I knew I would go with him one way or the other, full time hooks or not.

            About a month later we moved. We found a great apartment in a nice area near Dan’s new job. I made sure that I wore my hooks for everything while we were in the new area. No one would ever see my hands, only my two wonderful hooks. From the day we moved in I was in hooks from the time I got up until I went to bed. I shopped using my hooks of course. It was always fun when there was a new challenge that presented itself.

            Of course, people got to recognize me in the stores I used regularly. The sales people were very kind and always went out of their way to help with something that was difficult for me. It felt so good to be accepted in this way. I knew I could never again go without my hooks since far too many people knew me that way.

            Dan introduced me to the people he worked with at a get together at a friends house. Dan explained to them in advance that his fiancée was an amputee and used two prosthetic hooks. That way they weren’t shocked. They were all very accepting. Of course they were curious, but refrained from too many questions.

            “Diane, you are so brave to do what you do with such a handicap,” one of the wives said.

            “It’s not really brave, it’s the only way I can do things. I am so used to my hooks that I really don’t even think that I don’t have hands. After a while using them seems so natural. I don’t give it a second thought unless I need to do something that I am not used to doing.”

            “Are there things you can’t do?” one woman asked.

            “Oh sure. There are things I will never be able to do. It is more difficult for me since I have two hooks. If I had one real hand and a single hook things would be much much easier for me. One thing I can’t do is put polish on my fingernails,” I said. It took the women a moment to get the joke. “I can and do put polish on my toenails. At least that gives me some satisfaction.”

            “Do you have a job?” a woman named Joyce asked.

            ‘”Not at the moment, but I am looking. Any ideas?”

            “Have you ever worked in a store?” Joyce asked.

            “Sure, before my accident,” I said.

            “I heard Victoria’s Secret is looking for sales people,” one of them said.

            “That’s interesting. I do like lingerie and things like that. It might be fun to sell it,” I  said. The idea of getting a job was on my mind. I had been putting it off because I didn’t know what to expect because of my hooks.

It was an enjoyable evening and everyone quickly got used to my hooks. Dan and I returned home and I thought about the job possibility at VS.


The Job


            The next morning after breakfast and the rather slow process I have getting dressed, I decided to seek out that job. I should mention that I do everything in hooks. From the time I get up until I go to bed I have my hooks on. There is no way I can cheat even for a moment using my hands. I am completely dependent on my hooks. I have adapted my wardrobe around my hooks. I avoid buttons and use Velcro. The only help Dan sometimes gives me is when I want to wear pantyhose. I ask him to put them on me. I can lower them to go to the bathroom, but getting them on from scratch is more effort than its worth and I am always running them. Dan loves this task as he smoothes the nylon over my legs and gazes at my hooks.

            I decided to wear something sexy. I picked a low cut long sleeve white top. It hid my harness and sockets quite nicely, but left my very ample cleavage in view. I wore beige pantyhose and a very short little black skirt and 2 1/2 inch pumps. I grabbed my bag and looped it over my shoulder with my hook and off I went. I have driving rings on my steering wheel and so driving is no problem. I arrived at the mall about 15 minutes later. Of course I always get some stares, but I suspected that not all of them this day were from my hooks. I am sure my legs and breasts were making a hit as well. One guy collided with a pole he was so preoccupied looking at me. I just had to laugh to myself.

            The Victoria's Secret was in the middle of the mall and only a short walk. I walked in and looked for a sales person. A girl around 19 spotted me. As soon as she saw my hooks she kind of froze up a bit.

            "May I help you," she said.

            "Yes, I understand you are hiring?"

            "Yes, we have a couple of full time positions open. Are you interested?" she asked.

            "Yes I am. Who can I speak to?"

            "The day manager. I'll get her for you," the girl offered.

            A minute or so later a woman in her mid thirties came over.

            "Hi, I'm Judy," she said extending her hand. She realized I had only hooks a moment too late. I just extended my right hook and she had no choice but to sort of shake it.

            "I understand you are looking for a position?" Judy asked.

            "Yes, full time."

            "Do you have experience in retailing?" she asked.

            I explained my past experience. It was certainly adequate. Judy hesitated in replying. I knew it must be my hooks.

            "I am sure my disability won't be a problem," I volunteered to get the conversation moving again. "Why don't I show you that I can do anything that would be required. I am very good with my prosthetics."

            Judy was reluctant to say anything, but I knew she wanted to know if I could really do the job. There were issues like handling money, stocking the store etc. For the next few minutes I demonstrated my proficiency with my hooks. I sorted through some bras and panties showing that I could move things around the racks. I took clothes off hangers and out them back on. I showed her than I could easily handle money. Bills were no problem, but change is always more difficult. I showed her that I could pick up coins quickly if they were on the counter. I used my right hook to slide the coin to the edge of the counter. I then open it and use one side of the split hook to continue to slide the coin over the edge while the other side snaps around the coin on the bottom side. I do all this with one hook and I am very fast. Getting coins out of the register was easy since they are in little bins. Judy watched in awe as I demonstrated all this.

            “Wow, you sure don’t seem the least bit handicapped,” Judy said. “I just can’t imagine how you can do what you do. I could never do it.

            “Oh sure you could,” I explained. “When you have no choice you learn very quickly. It’s that or be non-functional. In the beginning it’s very frustrating and you just about can’t stand it. However, after a while you can do things more easily and eventually they seem natural. You get used to the hooks. I know it’s hard to understand, but eventually they feel quite natural.”

            “Well you convinced me. I think you will do fine. Can you start tomorrow?”

            “You bet. I will be here,” I replied with enthusiasm.”

            When I got home I couldn’t wait to tell Dan. I was very excited knowing that I would be working full time in my hooks. I would be in constant contact with people. I loved to show off my prowess with my hooks.

            I started work the next day. At first the girls who worked there were a bit nervous around me. They were just not used to someone with prosthetic hooks. However, we quickly became friends and they eventually started to forget I had hooks instead of hands.

            Customers were always a lot of fun. Their reactions were quite varied. One older woman couldn’t contain herself and exclaimed, ”Oh my, you don’t have hands.” She then profusely apologized for her thoughtless outburst. I assured her I didn’t mind in the least. I even demonstrated how my hooks worked to make her feel more at ease.

            After a few weeks I even got to know some repeat customers. After their first encounter with me they seemed more at ease and actually seemed to want me to wait on them. I loved showing them the style bras or panties they were interested. Holding them up with my hook and showing them various features was a lot of fun.

            One day I went to lunch with Nancy, a girl in her mid twenties. We went to a fast food place in the mall. By now Nancy knew I could do things for myself and didn’t offer help unless she knew I really needed it.

            “Diane, I hope you don’t mind talking about your handicap, but I find you fascinating.”

            “No, not at all,” I replied.

            “Well, I just can’t imagine what it must be like not to have hands. I just can’t imagine having to do everything with those, uh, what do you call them?”

            “Hooks?” I replied.

            “Is it okay to call them that? I meant the other term.”

            “Oh, you mean prosthetics.”

            “Yes, that’s it.”

            “I don’t mind you calling them hooks. That’s what they really are. I have two hooks. They look like hooks, so calling them hooks makes sense. They are technically the part of the prosthesis referred to as the terminal device,” I explained.

            “So you don’t mind talking about them?”

            “No, really.”

            “Well I really want to know how you can open them. It looks like magic to me,” Nancy said.

            I laughed. “It’s far from magic. The control cable is activated by moving my shoulder slightly,” I explained. I showed her the control cable as far up as the anchor on my forearm. I described how the cable attached to a strap that ended at the ring at my upper back between my shoulders.

            “You know Diane, some guys are really interested in you,” Nancy informed me. “I have seen some guys coming in just to catch a glimpse of you. I think that’s really sick. I know you are really quite attractive and have gorgeous legs and a figure to die for, but I get the feeling that they are interested in your hooks. I just don’t understand that.”

            “Oh, they are probably devotees,” I replied.


            “Yeah, guys who get turned on by girls who are handicapped. I am sure some of them would die to go out with me because of my hooks.”

            “That’s really weird. I think they are creeps,” Nancy said.

            “Well, would it be better if they felt sorry for me?”

            “I see your point.”

            As time passed the girls I worked with learned more about my life in hooks and how I did things. They never suspected I was only a pretender.


The Amputations


            After three months of full time pretending I was starting to be really bothered by my real hands. They were hurting considerably and keeping them curled up all day was quite uncomfortable. I discussed this with Dan.

            “Dan, I really wish I was a real amputee. I know it would be so much more comfortable if I had real stumps. Isn’t there any way I could have amputations?”

            “Gee Diane, I have heard that no doctors in this country will do this.”

            “What about elsewhere?” I asked.

            “Well maybe somewhere in an Asian country where their standards aren’t like ours.”

            “Do you think we could find a doctor over there?”

            “Maybe. Perhaps we could check the web. I hear there are doctors doing sex changes. Maybe they might be into this too.”

            “Yes, but sex changes are legal and done in this country,” I protested.

            “Yes, but under more rigid guidelines, like living a year in the new role. Over there they do it right away I have heard.”

            Dan and I finally got a lead via e-mail from a sex change doctor. He knew of someone who he heard had performed such surgery. He gave us the name. It paid off. This doctor would amputate my arms at whatever level I wanted. Of course I wanted it to be below the elbow and few inches above my wrist. Dan and I were so excited.

            We planned the trip a month later. We would fly there and I would have immediate surgery. After a couple of days I would fly back home for further recovery and fitting of my new prosthetic sockets. The cover story would be that I was in a bus accident while touring the country.

            The day finally came for us to leave. I was very excited and nervous. I did not use my hooks for the trip. As I sat in the plane I realized that this was a permanent step and that I was using my real hands for the last time. I thought about this a lot and always came to the same conclusion. I wanted this more than anything.

            The doctor operated out of a small clinic with a modest operating room. He was all business. We discussed the exact level of the amputations, about three inches above the wrist. I was taken to my room and given a mild sedative. Surgery was scheduled for seven in the morning. Even with the sedative I didn’t sleep very well.

            I was awakened at six AM for surgical preparation. Before I knew it I was in the operating room. The last question I was asked was “are you sure?” I said yes and then I was put under general anesthesia.

            I woke up a few hours later. Dan was at my side in the recovery room. I couldn’t feel much. I was groggy. My stumps were bandaged and resting on top of the sheets. I knew my hands were gone forever. I was in a state of both shock and euphoria.

            Over the next two days I slowly got back on my feet. The pain was pretty bad. I knew I would have to endure it for a while. Of course someone had to help me with everything. I couldn’t use my stumps for anything yet, and of course no hooks. We flew back the next day.

            Upon arrival we went to the local hospital and explained the accident and emergency amputations. We were referred to a very good doctor to oversee my recovery. Dr. Land was very friendly and compassionate.

            “Diane, no amount of sympathy will change things. I know this is difficult, but not the end of the world. You will get along fine eventually. You have to concentrate on recovering and learning to do things with prosthetics.”

            “Prosthetics?” I asked naively.

            “Yes, artificial arms?”

            “You mean I can have hands again?”

            “Well Diane, there are prosthetic hands that actually work. However, they are more suitable for someone with only one amputation. They are not as functional as prosthetic hooks. Virtually all bilateral arm amputees prefer hooks.”

            “Oh God, you mean those metal hooks? I will have to have hooks for hands?” I said. I started to cry. This was a new type of pretending. I had to act like a young woman who had lost her hands would be expected to act.

            “Diane, please try not think about that at this time. With time things will fall into place,” Dr. Land patiently explained.

            Over the next month I waited for my stumps to shrink. My stumps were wrapped tightly and rewrapped four time a day. Hopefully the swelling would be reduced enough for my sockets to be fitted after four to six weeks. This was a really boring time. I was pretty much helpless.

            One day Dan took me into work to see my friends. I had told them I was having surgery. The reason I explained was that my original amputations were done at my wrists and I developed complications and was in a lot of pain. I had told them that both my arms would be re-amputated up higher. They felt very sorry for me and hoped I would recover quickly.

            I wore a sleeveless top, my usual short skirt with pantyhose. Both my stumps were bandaged. I loved the looks I got as a walked through the mall. Seeing hooks was quite different than seeing two bandaged arm stumps. The girls were very excited to see me. I proudly showed them my new stumps.

            “Of course I will have to be fitted with new prosthetics to fit my new stumps, but I will be back in a couple of weeks. I won’t have a learning curve of course. A new amp takes a long time to learn to use her hooks. I am lucky in that respect. I already have lots of experience.”

            “You can say that again,” said. “You are a marvel with those hooks. I am always forgetting you don’t have hands you are so good,” Liz said.

It was fun to see the people I worked with. I couldn’t wait to get back to work. I was also relieved that I would never ever be discovered as a pretender. How could I? I wasn’t one any longer. The thought that I could go swimming and to the beach baring my stumps was also exciting. I was also excited about wearing a sleeveless top with my hooks. I would never do that before. It was just too risky. Now with my real stumps I knew my prosthesis would leave no doubts. My sockets would be tapered to my wrists and be too small for hands to fit. The shorter socket length was also ideal.

The day finally came for me to visit the prosthetist. Of course he could not be told that I had hooks already. Fortunately insurance would pay for my prosthetics. He thought I was a new amputee and took time to explain about my prosthetics and the use of hook type terminal devices.

“Diane, I know you probably have an initial revulsion to the use of hooks for hands, but they really will give you a lot of functionality. Of course things will be quite a bit harder for you because you are a bilateral amputee. You are lucky that your amputations are below the elbow. Above elbow bilaterals have it really tough. Before you know it you will be doing things you never thought you would ever do again.

“Well, I don’t consider myself lucky in any way,” I replied sarcastically. Of course I really was lucky. I achieved what I wanted, to be a real arm amputee.

I went through the usual plaster molds for construction of my sockets. I was shown my new hooks,  Number 8X hooks. These were medium adult hooks with a rubber lining for better prehension. I had previously had the slightly larger number 5X hooks. The prosthetist told me he thought the smaller hooks would be more appropriate for my feminine body size and the line of work I was in. I could always switch. He said my prosthesis would be ready in about a week.

The day of the fitting came. I was really excited to know how perfectly molded sockets would fit over my stumps. I was helped off with my short sleeve sweater. He then unwrapped my stumps and fitted me with appropriate stump socks. Next came my new arms. The feeling was great. It was really comfortable. I knew I would be much happier now. They fit perfectly. The prosthetist then adjusted the straps and started to instruct me in the basics of opening and closing my hooks. I had to pretend this was the first time.

He spent about an hour helping me. This was boring. I wanted to get out of there. I was fully functional, but he didn’t know that. He referred me to a program I was to enroll in for training. Of course I had no intention of such a program as I could probably teach it.

“Diane, you are a natural,” the prosthetist said. “If I didn’t know better I would think you had been using prosthetics for years. I can’t believe how quickly you are catching on.” If he only knew. I had the urge to do something really hard to impress him, but I decided not to push things.

Dan and I went out to dinner where I could finally feed myself again. Of course it was easy for me, even easier with shorter sockets. And, I felt so comfortable with real stumps nestled in their sockets. My hooks now felt like they were truly my hands.

I was so excited with my new prosthetics. I was so much more comfortable without my annoying hands curled up inside my sockets. There were, of course, a few negatives. I never fully gave up using my hands for such things as bathing. Now I had to learn to use my stumps for that. I was truly an arm amputee now. Both Dan and I did love my knew body. Dan liked to play with my stumps. I loved them too, I could use them on Dan in very ingenious ways to please him.

Dan and I went to the pool at our apartment complex for the first time with me in my hooks. I put on my lovely bikini that showed off my legs and breasts. I covered my prosthetics with a beach jacket. Just my hooks showed below the sleeves. Of course my breasts were nicely revealed. Dan and I found a couple of lounge chairs and he got out some drinks from the cooler. Of course a few people could see me and saw my hooks.

Eventually it got really hot and I knew I would need to expose my prosthetics. Dan helped me off with my jacket. There I was with my full prosthetics showing. I wanted to gauge the reactions of the others at the pool. I did notice a few eyes popping. I stayed that way for a while finishing my drink. I then got up and Dan and I went to the edge of then pool and sat down with our legs in the water. It was so much fun to sit there with my hooks showing.

Finally I had Dan help me off with my prosthetics and stump socks. There I was with my lovely below elbow stumps showing. We went in the pool and splashed around. I didn’t know if I could swim with only stumps. It turned out that I could. Not very well, of course. I loved the feeling of being this way. I felt so sexy showing my stumps. After we got out of the pool Dan dried me off and I slipped my hooks back on. As I sat with Dan enjoying the lovely weather and glancing down at my shiny hooks I knew I had a perfect life. I was hooked for the rest of my life.


Part Three


            Part three is in the works. In this part Diane gets married. You will love the wedding. Follow her and Dan as they go to Disney World on their honeymoon and meet a couple where the girl is confined to a wheelchair or using her long leg braces. Their handicaps bring the two girls together. Finally, Diane helps a girlfriend to become a hook pretender for her boyfriend who turns out to be a devotee. Watch for part three. If you liked the story so far you will like part three too.



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