Diane Gets Hooked




            I had been dating Dan for almost two years. We were getting pretty serious. It was purely by accident that I discovered his “little secret.” Maybe I should rephrase that to “big secret.” Little did I know that his well hid “hobby” would have a profound effect on my life.

            It all began when I needed to get some computer related work done. Unfortunately my system was out for a badly needed memory upgrade. Of course, Dan offered to let me use his system. I went to his apartment and we had a quick dinner. He then set me up on his system. I was working for a while when quite by accident I got into the wrong folder. I would have immediately found what I was looking for except I was puzzled over some of the file names. They all appeared to be image files. What in the world were files named hooks35.jpg, girlhook2.jpg, and dae3.jpg? I became curious. Dan was off watching sports on TV and I knew he was fully occupied and not likely to see me snooping around.

            I clicked on one of the files and a picture came up in an image editor. It showed a girl in her 20’s who had no arms. She had artificial arms with two metal hooks. It looked to me like her arms ended just below her shoulders as her elbows looked mechanical. She was smiling and holding a spoon she was about to put in her mouth. All I could think of was the poor girl having to live her life with such a devastating handicap. I couldn’t imagine trying to go through life using metal hooks for hands. I clicked on another file. Another picture of a woman with two hooks for hands appeared. There were other pictures of young women showing just arm stumps. One poor girl didn’t even have arm stumps. Her shoulders were perfectly smooth. She was using her feet to turn the page of a book. I had absolutely no idea why Dan was interested in these pictures.

            I snooped around some more and found a directory with stories in it. They were all about woman with no arms. Most were centered on the use of prosthetic hooks. I now knew the term for artificial arms. I couldn’t resist reading these stories. I wanted to try to understand Dan’s interest. I searched around some more and found more pictures and stories. These were about woman who had to wear braces on their legs to walk. I remember seeing a show on TV about the Polio epidemic and I remember pictures of young girls in short full dresses wearing these heavy braces and using crutches. Some were “poster girls.” I knew there were still people who had to wear braces even though Polio was gone.

            After spending an hour or so looking at Dan’s files and stories, I wasn’t getting my work done. I couldn’t concentrate. Did Dan’s interest have some legitimate purpose? Somehow I didn’t think so. The material was very strange, especially the stories. I had the creepy feeling this was some type of perversion, like obsessive interest in adult sex sites on the Internet. I didn’t know how to approach this. I really loved Dan, but I was afraid of what this meant. A while later I decided to wrap up what I was supposed to get done and confront Dan. I couldn’t let this ride. I joined Dan at the TV about the time the game ended.

            “Did you get your work done Diane?” he asked.

            “Not all of it. I got diverted.”


            “Well I stumbled on some files.” Dan immediately got very nervous.

            “Uh, what kind of files?” he managed to ask.

            “Well  there were pictures of women who had no arms, only prosthetic hooks. I found others of girls wearing braces on their legs.”

            “God Diane, I never meant for anyone to see those files.”

            “Dan, why do you have those files?”

            “It’s a long story,” Dan said.

            “Well you better explain or perhaps I should consider ending our relationship.”

            “Okay, I will try to explain, but you have to try to understand.”

            For the next hour Dan explained to me what a devotee was. He explained that he was very aroused by handicapped women, especially ones who used prosthetic hooks. I couldn’t really understand this. I couldn’t imagine how anyone would be aroused by someone who was handicapped. Dan explained that there were people, both men and women, around the world who felt the same way. He explained that they meant no disrespect for the disabled, and in fact admired them very much. He even said that there were devotees who sought out a disabled person to marry.

            The more Dan explained things to me the more I started to understand. I knew that most people have some sort of sexual fetish. Bondage and things like that were practiced by lots of otherwise straitlaced people. Eventually I started to feel that this was not the worst hang up Dan could have. He finally wanted to show me some of his favorite pictures and explain them to me.

            Dan told me he was most excited over women who required prosthetic hooks. He said he felt the sight of a girl struggling to do things with just hooks drove him wild. He said that women with bilateral hooks were the sexiest women alive. I didn’t quite know how to take this in. Dan pleaded with me not to leave him and to try to understand. I said I would.

            Over the next few weeks Dan spent  bit more time explaining his devotee interest. He told me he had numerous friends that shared this interest. The one thing I hadn’t figured out was how I could fit into all this. Somehow looking at these pictures didn’t do anything for me. I resigned myself to the fact that if I were to marry Dan that I would just have to let him do his thing.

            Several months later a pivotal event took place. Dan and I were in a local restaurant having a casual dinner. To my complete surprise, a couple were being shown to a table opposite ours. The girl was about my age, late 20’s. The incredible thing was that she had two prosthetic hooks showing from the sleeves of her long sleeve sweater. She also happened to be very attractive. What a tragic handicap for someone so young and beautiful. However, the guy she was with was really hot. It was pretty obvious he was her husband. I heard him refer to the woman as his wife when speaking to the waitress. What was amazing was seeing her using her hooks. Of course there were some problems she had, but it was almost like she had real hands. She moved her hooks so effortlessly. I wondered if she was born that way.

            Dan was in a state of complete shock. He couldn’t take his eyes off the woman. I just knew he was turned on as hell. For some reason I got a little turned on myself just seeing the way this woman affected Dan. Partway through dinner I saw the woman get up from the table. I had the feeling she was going to the ladies room. I told Dan that I had to go to the ladies room. I really didn’t. I wanted to follow the woman.

            I went into the ladies room and entered a stall. I heard the other woman in the stall opposite mine. I figured it took a bit more effort to get her skirt and panties down to urinate with only hooks. For some reason I lingered longer than I needed. I finally decided to leave the stall. As I left, the most extraordinary event took place. Apparently the woman did not latch the door to the stall securely. As I came out the door to her stall opened a few inches allowing me a quick look in. To my amazement I saw that the woman had her sweater pulled up and one arm out of the sleeve. Instead of an arm prosthesis she had a completely normal arm and hand. She was holding her prosthesis in her hand. Her other arm still had a hook. She noticed that I had discovered her secret. I realized that she would probably panic and I felt bad. But what was going on? Why would she pretend to be an amputee? I had to find out. I silently waited for her by the wash basins. I opened the restroom door and let it close to make her think I had left. A moment or two later she came out and almost had a heart attack when she saw me. She was speechless.

            “Please, I need to talk to you desperately,” I said. She just looked at me. “Please, it is about your hooks. I know you don’t need at least one of them and I suspect that you don’t need any at all. I have to speak to you. It is really very very important to me. If I give you me telephone number will you please call me? My name is Diane.”

            “My name is Cindy. I am so embarrassed. I don’t know what you must think.”

            “I think it is fantastic. Please call, I need your help.”

            I gave her my number and hoped she would call. She took it with her hook and put it in her purse. We both went back to our tables at the same time. Dan was still in a state of near overload. I have never seen him so turned on. We finished up dinner and I knew exactly what was on his mind. I wasn’t disappointed. We had the most fantastic sex ever. I knew he was thinking of Cindy and her hooks.

            The next day I hoped and prayed Cindy would call. I was surprised that she called a few minutes after I got in to work. I had given her my work as well as home number. I explained that my boyfriend was into the devotee thing and that women with hooks drove him wild. I explained that I just had to know how and why she was pretending to be an amputee. I knew immediately that Cindy was relieved when she knew I was aware of the devotee community. She offered to have lunch with me. We agreed on a quiet little restaurant nearby.

            When I arrived, Cindy was waiting. I had no idea if she would be wearing her hooks. She was. After we were showed to our table we quickly looked over the menu. Of course Cindy was expert with her hooks. We ordered a few minutes later.

            “Well Diane, I guess you want some sort of explanation as to why in the world I would pretend to have no hands and use hooks?”

            “Well actually I have an idea. I think it has something to do with your husband. Is he a devotee?”

            “Oh yeah. You can say that. Big time. It started out that way, but now its quite different. At first I wanted to please him, to turn him on big time. But after I started using my hooks I really got into it myself. It quickly became a turn on to me as well. Now I wear my hooks most of the time. I even work wearing them. No one knows at work. It might be hard to understand, but I feel much sexier in my hooks.”

            Although I am not attracted to women, somehow Cindy’s whole appearance was arousing. I knw know it was a sense on envy on my part.

            “But how did you get your hooks?” I asked.

            “Oh that was the easy part. My husband’s brother is a prosthetist. He

made them for me. They are genuine in every respect except that my sockets are longer to accommodate my curled up hands.”

            For the next hour Cindy and I talked about the whole devotee and pretender thing. I asked Cindy if there was any chance I could have hooks made for me. She said she didn’t see why not, her brother in law was a great guy who understood the devotee thing quite well even though he wasn’t one. Cindy suggested I come over after dinner that evening and meet her husband.

            For the rest of the afternoon I was in was a sort of haze world. This was almost too much to take in. Was I actually considering getting hooks? The thought drove a little shiver of delight up my spine. I was sure Dan would go wild when he saw me in hooks. I planned on surprising him.

            That night I showed up at Cindy’s house at the time we agreed. Cindy was wearing a pair of jeans and a tee shirt. Her hooks were on over her tee shirt. This was the first chance I had gotten to really see a real arm prosthesis up close. Of course I had seen pictures and Dan had explained how they worked. Cindy explained the configuration and how her hooks worked. Her sockets were fastened to triceps cuffs by one and a half inch straps. The cuffs were held up by one inch straps that went over each shoulder and met in a metal ring at the small of her back. She had standard Dorrance style hooks with neoprene linings. The control cables were first anchored to a special mounting plate on the sockets and then to a clever anchor at the back of the triceps cuffs. Just above the anchor, the cables were attached to hangers and then to one inch straps that met at the same metal ring. Shoulder movement opened and closed her hooks. Cindy demonstrated for me.

            A few minutes later Cindy’s husband Bill came into the living room. She introduced me.

            “Hi Diane,” Bill said. “I understand your husband is also a hook devotee.”

            “I am certain of that,” I replied.

            “Well Cindy and I can help you in any way we can,” Bill said warmly.

            Cindy then showed me how she could take of her hooks and put them back on. She could shrug them off like a child might shrug off a coat. Putting her hooks on was similar to donning a coat. She put one arm through the right cuff and then her left arm through the left cuff and both arms into the sockets. She then shrugged her shoulders to get the straps over them. The whole operation took about 30 seconds. She said getting into a long sleeve top after putting her hooks on was a lot harder.

            Cindy explained that she had articulating wrists. Not only could she rotate her hooks, but she could tilt them to 30 and 50 degrees. This wasn’t done by control cables though. She had to use one hook to manipulate the other. There was a little button to control the tilt of her hook. Cindy also wore stump socks that ran from her hands to her armpits. These prevented any chafing from the socket, cable, or triceps cuff.

            I knew at this point that I had to have hooks. Never mind Dan, for some reason I got excited thinking about wearing them. Cindy offered to let me try hers, but I declined. I wanted to savor that experience when I had my own. Bill called his brother and he agreed to make the prosthetics. He told Bill to take some measurements of my arms so he could make an appropriate socket. There was no need to make a mold as the diameter would need to accommodate my curled up hand and the socket would be cylindrical. The price was high, but Cindy’s brother in law explained that the components were expensive and he needed to justify some of his labor. However the price for me was far below what regular patients were charged. In those cases the insurance companies normally paid out.

            I spent several hours with Cindy and Bill. Cindy explained that she gradually started wearing her hooks more and more. Eventually she decided to change jobs and get a new one where no one knew her. She wanted to wear hooks to work. She did confess that she still bathes without hooks.

            “It takes too much time to shave my legs with my hooks. I have done it of course, but I am usually in a hurry in the morning. I cheat too in that I usually use my hands for my makeup, except when I have lots of time. It’s really a time thing and not that I want to cheat. On weekends I always do absolutely everything wearing my hooks.”

            “That’s amazing,” I said.

            “Of course I am almost never out in public without hooks,” Cindy said. “There is a pretty good chance someone I know will see me. Of course Bill and I always shop with me in my hooks. I only go without hooks once in a while out of town. At home I pretty much live in my hooks full time. I don’t like using my hands. My hooks are more natural for me if you can believe that.”

            Seeing how effortlessly Cindy did most things with her hooks I didn’t doubt it.

            It was a week before my hooks were ready. Cindy’s brother in law met us at her house. I was so excited. I thought I would orgasm when I finally had them on and the cables were adjusted and I could open and close my hooks. I was just wearing my bra so Cindy’s brother in law could make the adjustments. I felt a little naked. Finally Cindy helped me on with my long sleeve sweater. I had worn one with extra long sleeves to help cover the extra length due to my curled up hands. Cindy said that almost no one noticed the extra length of her arms. I looked in her full length mirror and loved my image. There I was, no hands, just two shiny hooks. I  thought I looked awesome.

            “Just like me now Diane,” Cindy said.

            For the next week I got together with Cindy almost every day so she could train me. I struggled to do even simple things, but eventually I got the hang of it and finally it all started to click. I got to know most of the tricks and how to tilt and rotate my hooks into the right position to do certain tasks. One of the toughest things I had to learn was to get my pants and panties off to urinate. Wearing a skirt wasn’t much easier. Cindy showed my how she did it.

            “Pantyhose are a pain though,” she said. “Of course I love wearing them. Putting them on with hooks is really hard. I either put them on without hooks or my husband helps me. Sometimes I wear a garter belt and stockings with my panties over the garters. Then I don’t need to deal with them once they are on. If I am careful I can pull pantyhose down to pee and then get them back up without running them. It takes practice though.”

            “Are there things you can’t do?” I asked.

            “Are you kidding? How long a list do you want? For example, just try putting on pierced earrings with butterfly clip backs. I have yet to master that although I have tried for hours. The list is really long. Eventually you discover clever ways to do most things. For example, putting on foundation. I learned to use a cosmetic sponge. I can do just about as good a job with my makeup as I can using my hands now.”

            Cindy and I went shopping a few times. It was really pretty exciting to be shopping in the lingerie department wearing hooks. Cindy and I checked out some new bras and panties. I loved to use my hooks to pick up the little hangers with the bras and panties and hold them up to see better. There was something really erotic about the look of my shiny hooks holding a fancy lace panty or bra. I thought of Dan and knew he would just flip out if he saw me doing this.

The final lesson was when I went out with Cindy to dinner. We went to a restaurant out of town. Cindy went without hooks so we wouldn’t look too conspicuous. Two bilateral arm amps would have been a bit much. I managed to get through the dinner quite well. I was surprised. I really enjoyed the feeling of my new disability. Even the trip to the ladies room worked out. However, I had a not totally unexpected surprise when I realized I had my period. I knew it was coming but this was a day early. I didn’t have a pad or tampon with me.  Fortunately there was a machine that had pads. I was able to get a coin out of my purse to put into the dispenser. I had a little trouble turning the lever, but I finally got it. I went back into the stall and placed the pad into my panty crotch pretty easily. That little problem was solved. I did pretty well. I had worn a pair of jeans with a snap front. I also put a small ring, from a key ring, on the zipper. That way I could easily use my hook to work the zipper. I didn’t have pantyhose on, fortunately. I usually wear pantyhose, even under pants, but I had worn socks to be safe.

I was just about ready for the big surprise. One little detail remained. I wanted something really sexy to wear and my slightly longer arms presented a problem. One of my hobbies was sewing. To prepare for my knockout dinner with Dan, I made a gorgeous black dress. I made the long sleeves exactly the right length to cover my sockets. Only my two hooks would show. It was cut low in front to show off my ample 34C breasts. I made sure it was high enough in the back to cover my harness completely. It was very short and I planned to wear some nice off black stockings and a garter belt . I hoped the dress would cover the garters. I didn’t want to chance running my nylons if I had to go to the bathroom so I didn’t wear pantyhose. After trying the dress on wearing my hooks I knew Dan would go wild. I bought a nice little matching hand bag too. I practiced getting the bags strap over my shoulder, opening and closing the bag, and retrieving articles from within. By now I had become very proficient in applying makeup and combing my hair. I had to develop some tricks though. So my hair brush wouldn’t slip as much, I covered it in adhesive tape. I did the same thing for lipsticks. The smooth surfaces of these items slipped in my hooks quite a bit less if they were covered with a material that was not perfectly  smooth. I knew I could drive to the restaurant and manage my car keys. I was all set for our surprise dinner.

The day finally came for the big surprise. I found a restaurant that was very elegant, but one Dan and I didn’t frequent. That way neither of us would be known. I told Dan I would meet him after work, and if I was a bit late to get a table and I would find him. I made sure I was late and checked that his car was parked in the lot. I wanted him sitting at a table. The weather was warm and I didn’t need a coat. I locked the car and put my keys in my purse as I had practiced. I then walked to the restaurant. To say I was a little nervous was an understatement. I was petrified. I had no trouble opening the door, as I could pull on the large handle. I didn’t have to turn a knob. I wasn’t sure I could have done that. I walked in and the host immediately spotted me. He took in my long legs, short dress, and most of all, my two gleaming hooks.

            “May I help you ma’am?” he asked.

            I explained that I was expected and that a gentleman would probably be waiting.

            “Oh yes ma’am, he is over in the corner,” he replied while pointing.

            I made my grand entrance at that moment. Dan was watching for me and could see me come in. As I walked to the table I could feel the stares from the other diners. I know that they probably had never seen a beautiful woman in a short black dress wearing bilateral prosthetic hooks. Dan’s eyes almost popped out of his head. He was taking in my fabulous look. I sat down and didn’t say a word. I rested my hooks on the edge of the table rather than in my lap so Dan would get a full view. He was completely speechless. All I heard was a slight moan.

            “Uh …. Diane?”

            “Dan, what’s the matter?” I teased.

            “The ah, ah hooks?” he managed to get out.

            “Oh these?” I said as I held my two hooks up to eye level. “Well how else would I eat if I didn’t have my hooks?”

            At this point the poor boy was about ready to crack.

            “But how?” was all he could say.

            “How what?”

            “How could you have hooks? You have hands.”

            “Don’t worry about those useless things, hooks are much better,” I further teased.

            After he somewhat regained his composure I started to explain.

            “Remember the woman we saw with the two hooks a month or so ago? Well she was not actually missing anything. She was a pretender. I discovered that in the ladies room when I went in after her. Her name is Cindy. She helped me get fitted with my hooks.”

            I explained everything to Dan. We ordered dinner and he could barely eat he was so excited seeing me eat with real hooks. After dinner he took me to a movie. I know he enjoyed showing off his arm amp girlfriend. Later we went to is place. I had been wearing my hooks for hours now and I just loved them. I was looking forward to what I knew would be a fun evening of sex play.

            Dan wanted to see my whole prosthesis and so he helped me off with my dress. When he got the full view I know he was about to explode. There I was in a sexy black bra, matching panties and garter belt holding up my black stockings. Even without my hooks I knew I was a knockout.

            I used my hooks to undress Dan very slowly. I finally pulled down his underpants and admired his enormous erection. I fondled him gently with my hooks. I did not want to take my hooks off. I wanted to have sex wearing my hooks.

            “Okay big boy, my bra stays on since its under my harness,  but I want you to help me off with my panties,” I said. My panties were over my garter belt so I could pee more easily.

            I kept my stockings and garter belt on as I loved the feeling of the nylon on my legs when I had sex. Dan loved it too. I reached down to my pussy with my hooks and masturbated myself slightly. Dan just took it all in. It wasn’t long until we flopped on the bed and Dan entered me. We had glorious sex for the next couple of hours. Dan loved the feel of my hooks.

            This was the start of my fantastic life as a hook pretender with Dan.


To be continued.