Deal of a Lifetime




Chapter Six
The Corset

                        One of the special services that Lingerie Love provided was a corsetiere. She was on call by the store to make custom corsets for our customers. I was totally unfamiliar with the use of Victorian style corsets. One day a woman came into the store for a fitting for a new corset as hers was fully closed and she wanted more reduction. I watched as she was fitted. I was amazed at how small her waist was. She had an incredible 20 inch waist measurement.

            The corsetiere, Barbara, explained that the wearing of corsets was called tight lacing. This required the woman to wear her corset essentially 24 hours a day. She could only remove her corset to bathe. If she went without her corset for any period of time she would gradually lose her reduction. This was because the corset displaced the body organs. They would settle back again without the constant confinement of her corset.

            “Usually a tight lacer has several corsets including one that is worn at night while sleeping,” Barbara explained. “Little by little the tight lacer can reduce her waist. When her corset becomes a little loose she can tighten it further. This requires dedication.”

            “Isn’t it uncomfortable?” I asked.

            “At first it is, but you get used to the feeling and after a few weeks it actually becomes uncomfortable to go without your corset. Most tight lacers enjoy the support their corsets provide.”

            After the new measurements were taken the woman’s corset was relaced. I watched as Barbara tightened the laces and checked the lacing with a tape measure.

            “You see how the gap is even over the full length of the corset?” Barbara asked? “This corset is almost fully closed and her new one will be four inches smaller giving her plenty of room for additional tightening. She wants to go down to 18 inches eventually.”

            The woman’s corset was an under bust style and she wore a regular bra. I noticed that the corset had six garters and she was wearing stockings. There was something alluring about the look.

            “Most women like to anchor their corset with garters and stockings,” Barbara explained. “A well laced corset really won’t creep up, but the pull of her stockings improves the fit at the bottom end.” I was really intrigued by all this.

            “Can a person lace their own corset?” I asked.

            “Oh yes. It takes some practice but it isn’t hard.”

            “For me it would be,” I replied. “I couldn’t do it. I can’t even put a bra on by myself,” I explained holding up my hooks as I giggled a little. “I always have help and I suppose a corset lacing would be pretty easy for someone else to do.”

            “Yes. It is quite easy,” Barbara said.

            I knew then that I wanted to be fitted. “Can you fit me?” I asked.

            “Of course dear, I can do you right after I finish with Mrs. Richards.”

            After the woman left Barbara helped me off with my top. It was then that she saw my prosthesis.

            “You have amazing arms dear,” she said.

            “Well they get the job done. Do I have to remove them?”

            “No. You can keep your bra on too,” Barbara replied. She did help me off with my skirt.

            Barbara took quite a number of measurements and then she asked about styles and color.

            “I would recommend a nice under bust. You can wear your regular bras that way. I should make you at least two, one for the day and one to sleep in. You will probably want at least one other in a different color. How about a black and a white?”

            “That would be great,” I said.

            “You know these are not cheap,” Barbara said.

            “Money is no issue,” I replied.

            “I will have them ready for you in a week.”

            “I can’t wait,” I said eagerly. I really couldn’t.

            About a week later my three new corsets arrived. I was so anxious to try one on. We went into the fitting room which had mirrors on three sides so I could see behind me were I was to be laced. Barbara helped me off with my top.

            “I think it would be better if I got out of my hooks,” I said. “Just hold on to the metal ring at the back and I will slip out of my sockets. Hold on tight as my prosthesis is a little heavy.”

            Barbara grasped the ring and I slipped out of my hooks. She laid them down carefully on the bench.

            “I didn’t realize you had such short little stumps,” Barbara said a little startled. “Would you mind if I saw what they look like?”

            “Not at all, just remove my two stump socks.”

            She did this and took in my two lovely rounded stumps.

            “They are so rounded and smooth,” Barbara exclaimed. “What do they feel like?”

            “Well pretty much as you would expect,” I said as I held them out. “At first it was a little strange not being able to feel my hands and arms, but I am used to it now. Sometimes it feels like I can wiggle my fingers, but of course I can’t.”

            “Well I can’t imagine what its like,” Barbara replied.

            She then slipped a tube like corset liner over my torso. The material was thin and stretchy. It fit tightly and covered me from my upper hips to a little over my bra. Just about where the corset would reside. She then wrapped my new white corset around me and fastened the five hooks at the busk in front. The laces were loose at this point. She then slowly and evenly tightened the laces. I could fee the pressure growing. She continued to tighten and I felt a little difficulty breathing.

            “You will quickly get used to the feeling and actually start to enjoy the feel. Welcome to tight lacing. Remember, you will be this way for almost 24 hours a day from now on. After a few weeks you will actually feel uncomfortable without being tight laced. You will be happy to be laced up each day after your bath.”

            “I hope so. This feels really tight now.”

            “Let’s wait for a half hour and by then your corset will feel loose and we can do the final lacing. It will feel tight, but in a few hours you will adapt. It takes a few days before you will start to feel natural being laced. Most women really enjoy the support. You need to stand straight and always sit straight. Try to sit in chairs with back support. You will find it is more comfortable,” Barbara explained.

            She then measured me and said that I was reduced to 23 inches from my usual waist measurement of 26 inches.

            “You will be down another inch in a week I predict, and probably down to a 20 inch waist in a few months,” Barbara said.

            Next she attached the six garters. I had already selected a pair of the longest stockings we had. I wanted them high so my garters or stocking tops wouldn’t show under my short skirts, even when I sat with my legs crossed.

            “I don’t imagine you can put stockings on with your hooks,” Barbara stated.

            “No. I would run them,” I replied. Someone always puts on my stockings or pantyhose for me.”

            Barbara then attached the six garters to my stocking tops and adjusted the length so that there was tension on the garter straps.

            “Will the garters come loose?” I asked. “I could never fasten a garter. That is well beyond what I can do with my hooks.”

            “They are very well made and should stay put if there is enough tension on them. If they come off then just have someone tighten the straps a little more. The most critical ones are the ones in front. When you sit the tension is less.”

            “I will try to remember that. They feel really nice though,” I said.

            I was very happy with the feel even though it was quite tight. I got back into my hooks and Barbara helped me on with my top. I always felt a little naked without my hooks. I went back to work. It was an hour before she finished with another customer and I could get my final lacing. Once again she helped me off with my top.

            “Does your corset feel loose now?” Barbara asked.

            “Actually it does.”

            “I am not surprised. This usually happens after it settles in and your body adapts.”

            She then tightened the laces a significant amount. This time I really felt as if I couldn’t breathe. She took a final measurement and it was another half inch less at the waist. Now I was 22 ½ inches. This was the size I would stay for a few days until it felt loose and then I would need to reduce by another ½ inch. If that was a bit too much I could go down ¼ inch instead.

            “Don’t go too fast. Be sure you are comfortable,” Barbara explained.

            By the end of the day I almost forgot I was tight laced. I no longer felt that I couldn’t breathe. I knew I would be tight laced virtually 24 hours a day and the thought really thrilled me. When I got home I just couldn’t wait to show Mike. He finally got home.

            “I have a surprise for you. Help me off with my sweater and skirt,” I said with lots of excitement.

            After I was undressed Mike just stood there with his mouth open and stared for a long time.

            “Wow! What a figure and what an incredible corset. I love the garters as well,” Mike exclaimed.

            “I am now into the world of tight lacing. I will be wearing a corset 24 hours a day now except when I bathe, of course. I have a special corset that I will wear to bed. I will always be tight laced. My waist will get smaller and smaller.”

            “Isn’t it so tight you can’t breathe?” Mike asked.

            “You have to be able to breathe. When you are laced tightly you have to take small breathes. After a while it seems natural. I am a little loose now. Can you tighten the laces a little? I think I can gdown another quarter inch.”

            I instructed Mike in how to tighten my o laces. He measured me and to my amazement I was down by a full half an inch. I was at 22 inches and it didn’t feel overly tight.

            “Next time tighten your own laces,” Mike said joking. He knew that was something I could never ever do. We both laughed.

            We had great sex that night. I kept both my hooks and my corset on. Mike unfastened my garters and pulled my panties down. He then refastened the six garters. That way he could feel my nylon covered legs. I loved having sex as a woman and having a man inside of me.

            Eventually it was time for bed. This time Mary unfastened my garters, removed my stockings, my corset and finally my bra. She washed me up and I then instructed her in lacing me up in my night corset. She helped me into a night bra and panties, with a fresh pad of course, slipped over a clean corset liner and finally my corset. This one had the garters removed since I wasn’t going to be wearing stockings. She laced me up to 23 inches, one inch less than I was. That way I could sleep a little better. I had a little trouble sleeping, but I was getting used to my corsets.

            The next morning my corset was removed by Mary. It felt strange to not to feel the constant pressure. She bathed me and got me dressed as usual with the exception of my day corset. It felt so wonderful to be laced tightly. The brief period I was bathing without my corset even felt a little uncomfortable.

            Mary managed to squeeze an additonal quarter inch down on my waist measurement. I was now down to 21 and ¾ inches. It felt tight but I knew my corset would feel looser as the day wore on. I was so happy when I finally got my hooks on for the day. I was tight laced and hooked. What could be better? I felt so incredibly sexy.

            I remained corseted 24/7 for several weeks. I easily got down to a 21 inch waist. That was 5 inches less than my original waist without my corset. I really wanted 16 inches, but I knew that would take a lot a lot of time. It would be so much fun on the way though. I got four more corsets including an over bust style. I was totally hooked on my corsets. Of course I was also hooked in another way too.

            It would be almost a year before I got down to 19 inches. I knew that I would eventually make it to my 16 inch goal. What amazed me was that I felt very uncomfortable during the brief periods I was not wearing my corset. I really needed the support. Sleeping was no longer a problem. I felt totally comfortable in my corsets. I also really liked wearing stockings and the feel of my six garters tugging on the stocking tops. There was something ever so sexy about the feeling and the look. Mike loved the look and I knew he would want me to always wear a corset.

            I had a spectacular figure. I liked the way the corset enhanced the appearance of my breasts. I looked forward to every time I was laced up. As the laces were tightened it always sent a thrill up my spine. The feeling was only matched with the feelings I got when I slipped on my two incredible hooks. Now I couldn’t imagine life without a corset or without my hooks. Using my hooks was something I knew I would always love. I never missed my arms or hands.

Chapter 7