Deal of a Lifetime




Chapter Five
The Job

            My day would begin when I awoke. I usually had to pee and without my hooks I couldn’t do this myself. I would need to get Mary to help me. She would help me remove my panties and then wipe me after I relieved myself. After that it was bath time. She would then remove my nightgown and my night bra. I always loved the way I looked naked in the full length mirror. I loved the feminine contours of my body, the now totally female area between my legs, my full breasts bouncing as I moved, and best of all the look of my two very short arm stumps.

            Mary would start by shaving my legs and privates. Mike insisted that my legs be shaved every day. He loved the totally smooth feel of my nylon covered legs. One thing I especially liked was when I held up my little stumps so Mary could shave my underarms. Next came my bath. There was nothing I could do myself, of course. After Mary dried me off she got a fresh pair of panties, placed a new pad in the crotch and pulled them on me. Next came a matching bra to give me the necessary support my full breasts always needed. I normally wore my pantyhose over my panties with an intact crotch panel. If I was going out and wasn’t sure that I would have help in the ladies room I wore my pantyhose underneath my panties with the cutout crotch panel as I explained earlier. I didn’t mind the need for help going to the bathroom as I was used to Mary helping me and I didn’t feel self conscious.

            I loved the way I looked in just my bra. My cleavage was generous and I liked demi cups so that some of my breasts showed. To me a bra was the most feminine item of women’s clothing. It was uniquely female. A girl could wear jeans and a tee shirt and be dressed like a guy would except that under her tee was her bra. I always liked the way you could usually see the lines of a bra underneath a light weight top. The bra band and straps always compressed a girl’s skin enough to reveal her bra. Of course there was nothing nicer than full breasts. I knew I now had a great figure and my breasts were perfect. I liked the feel of their weight, a constant reminder of my femininity.

            The most exciting part was getting into my hooks. Mary slipped clean stump socks over my two stumps and I then slipped my stumps into the sockets. The thrill was always there as I knew I would be in my hooks until I went to bed that night. The first few moments when I used my control cables to raise and lower my hooks was always enjoyable. Mary then helped me into my usual short skirt and a top. I liked to do my own makeup. I was getting better but it always took me some time. Of course Mary had to help me put on the two pairs of earrings I always wore in my double pierces and any chains or necklaces I wanted to wear for the day. I didn’t have to worry about rings or bracelets as I had no arms or fingers for them, just my two lovely hooks.

            While I loved my life as an armless and hooked woman I was getting a bit bored staying at home. Of course I loved going out with Mike to dinner and shows. It was at these times that I could show off my feminine body and, of course, my two hooks. The last time I was at the mall I noticed a help wanted sign outside Lingerie Love, a store that sold every imaginable item of feminine under things. When Mike got home I asked if he would object to me trying to get a job there.

            “Well Kate, you do realize that you are a very handicapped young woman. Do you think you could handle a job?” he asked.

            “Yes. There are things I will never be able to do being armless, even with my hooks, but I think I could function well enough to be a sales girl. I love lingerie and I would love to help people find the perfect bra or panties. I love being out in public where everyone can see my hooks”

            “You are something Kate. Most amputees like to hide their handicap and you seem to want to flaunt it,” Mike replied.

            “I do. I love the way people react to my hooks.”

            “Well I have no objections and I am sure it would make you happy and that is all I want,” Mike said.

            The next day I went into Lingerie Love.

            “Can I help you,” the sales girl said.

            “I am interested in a job here,” I stated.

            “Really?” the girl said as she took in the fact that I had no hands.

            “Yes. I would really like to work here. I love lingerie and I am fairly familiar with the major brands and styles,” I said.

            “Well let me get the manager,” she said.

            A couple of minutes later the manager came over.

            “Hi, I am Peg,” she said as she held out her hand. It was then she realized I had two hooks. I held out my right hook and she grasped it nervously for a moment.

            “I know you can’t help but see that I have a slight handicap, but I am sure it wouldn’t matter. I know I could do the job quite well. I can do almost  everything with my hooks that a normal person can with her hands.”

            “I see,” Peg said. “Can I ask you a personal question?”

            “Sure, fire away,” I replied.

            “I know you don’t have hands, but where do your real arms end?” Peg asked.

            “Both of my arms end only a few inches below my shoulders,” I explained. “I don’t have elbows, of course. My prosthesis has elbow joints that I control with a cable. I can lock them into various positions and then open and close my hooks to grasp things. I can also tilt my hooks with special articulating wrists. Of course my hooks aren’t quite as good as real hands, but they are quite functional,” I said.

            “I am so sorry,” Peg said.

            “Oh don’t be. I am quite used to being like this and I have accepted that I will be this way for the rest of my life. I just want to lead as normal  a life as I can now since my amputations.”

            “I see,” Peg said. “Can you do things like handle money?”

            “I have a little trouble with coins, but I can use a computer terminal with no difficulty. I wouldn’t have any problems handling sales items, placing things on hangers and such,” I told her with confidence I wasn’t sure I had.

            “That’s wonderful. Are you completely self sufficient?” she asked.

            “Well no, not really. I need help dressing and bathing. Someone needs to help me into my bra and putting on tops. I am pretty good with skirts and slacks. It’s just on top I have trouble. But that wouldn’t affect anything I can foresee here. I can help others with no problems.”

            “Let’s see how you can handle the register, putting things in bags etcetera.”

            For the next few minutes I pretended to be helping a customer. I did a pretty good job at the register. I was a bit slow with coins as I had to slide them to the edge of the counter and then pick them up one at a time with my hook. Bills were easier although I did have a little trouble separating them. Getting bras and panties off the hangers and putting them into bags was easy for me.

            “I am truly amazed at how well you can do things with those hooks,” Peg said. “How familiar are you with lingerie?” she asked.

            “I am kind of a lingerie nut,” I said. I am always tuned into the latest styles of bras and panties. It wouldn’t take me long to learn your stock,” I said.

            “Well okay Kate, let’s give it a try and see how you make out,” Peg said. “Can you start tomorrow?”

            “Yes, absolutely,” I replied.

            The next day I showed up at the store and begin by working with one of the sales staff to familiarize myself with the various brands and styles. I especially loved the bra section and lusted after some of the lovely and sexy lace styles. The store had special sections for teens and full busted women. The section I was least familiar with was the section that handled shape wear. The most I got into was wearing control top pantyhose. In this section were the more traditional firm control panties, some were long leg and others went up quite high on the waist. I was happy I had a figure that didn’t need this type of support. I remembered that in past years the panty girdle and even open girdles were worn by most women. They had garters and women wore stockings instead of pantyhose. There was even a section with more sexy lingerie such as garter belts. I was given instruction on ringing things up on the register and handling returns. By the afternoon I was ready to help customers.

            My first customer was an older woman who wanted help with a full figure bra. I showed her the proper section and showed her a few styles she might like. She was a 40 DD. A big woman for sure. I know she couldn’t help seeing my hooks as I picked up bras and held them out for her to inspect. She never said anything about my handicap. She purchased two bras and I rung up her sale without incident. She paid with a credit card and I avoided handling money. I could slide her card through the scanner quite easily.

            After my first sale I was elated. I had a real job and I was functioning with my hooks. It was a wonderful feeling. I did wonder what went on in people’s minds as they watched me do things with my hooks. A young girl and her mother came into the store next.

            “I think my daughter should start wearing a bra,” her mother said. “Under her thinner tops you can see her nipples sticking out. I think she needs a little modesty now,” the woman said.

            “Okay, why don’t you come with me into the fitting room and I will see what I can do,” I said as I grabbed a tape measure. “Can you measure her for me. I have a little trouble doing that with these,” I said as I held up my hooks. The woman smiled understanding.

            I had the girl remove her top exposing her budding breasts. I instructed her mother to measure her right under her breasts.

            “I get 23 inches,” she said.

            “Her bra band would be a 28,” I said. “Now I want you to measure her just above her breasts and then right over her nipples.  Let me know what the difference is.”

            “It looks like three quarters of an inch,” she replied after making the measurements.

            “That’s almost an A cup,” I replied. “I think she could wear an A cup without difficulty especially if we get a style with more elastic cups. Wait here and I will select some styles I think would work.”

            I left them in the fitting room and returned with several suitable bras. “These have thin foam liners that will conceal her nipples and provide a little padding. She will have a nice figure wearing any one of these bras.”

            I helped her mother slip on one of the bras and adjust the straps. I know the girl was a little embarrassed as she had never worn a bra before.

            “How does it feel honey?” I asked her.

            “Kind of neat. I guess I will have to get used to the band. I can feel it in back.”

            “You will feel your bra even more when your breasts get heavier,” I said. “It’s all part of growing up as a woman. I am sure you will feel very feminine wearing a bra.”

            “Can I wear this one home?” the girl asked.

            “Sure honey, let me get a scissor to cut off the tag. Would you like to try on the matching panty?” I asked

            “Oh could I?” the girl asked.

            “I will be right back,” I said.

            Without any hesitation the young girl slipped out of her jeans and panties revealing her beautiful young womanhood. She pulled up the panties and admired the look. I had a little rush knowing that I too had the same feminine contours between my legs now. It was wonderful to see how female panties fit so smoothly over a woman’s vaginal area. I loved the completely smooth look down there. No ugly bulges to mar the panty lines. I knew I had to buy a bikini bathing suit to show of my femininity, my full breasts, and my two stumps. Of course I wouldn’t be wearing my hooks to go swimming. I really wanted people to see my exposed stumps and see that my arms ended just below my shoulders. I would be helpless that way, but I knew Mike would be there to help me.

            The girl tried on another bra before she left and wanted to buy both. Her mother cut the tag off and we went out to the counter. Her mother handed me several bills.

            “Would you mind handing them to me by denomination? It would be a big help to me.”

            “Of course dear,” the woman said. “It must be difficult handling money without hands,” she said.

            I put the bills in the register and got her change. I fumbled a little separating the bills, but the woman was quite patient. I only owed her a penny change and that was easy. I handed her the sales slip. I put the other bra in a bag and handed it to the woman.

            “Thank you so much for your help dear,” she said. “I do want to tell you that I am amazed at how well you do things with your hands,” she commented.

            “My hooks?”

            “Well I was afraid to call them that, but yes,” the woman replied. “Have you needed them for a long time?”

            “Not that long. I did have arms and hands at one time. Now my arms end just below my shoulders.”

            “I am so sorry. But you seem to manage. Thank you again and I hope you can help us next time my daughter needs a new bra. I will know who to ask for when I also buy my bras and panties. What is your name?” she asked.

            “Just ask for Kate.”

            They left and I knew her daughter was happy that she was now starting to develop a figure. I knew she would want to wear her bras all the time. Once a girl gets her first bra she won’t want to go without wearing one. I was very happy I was able to help. I was also happy that my hooks didn’t scare them away. They seemed to accept my hooks without a problem. Most people did although there were some who I knew were uncomfortable seeing me so handicapped.

            I loved to work in lingerie. To me there was nothing I enjoyed more than to be able to relate to other women in dealing with their intimate apparel. There was something so personal about bras and panties that only women can appreciate it. Of course guys love to see women in their underwear, but only woman can appreciate what it’s like to wear nice bras and panties. Of course we needed our bras. I personally could never see what the rage was at one time when women wanted to burn their bras. Why would they want to give up something so feminine and unique to women? Why would they want to give up something that men could never experience. I loved my lovely bras and panties. Of course I had the breasts that were necessary. Breast forms were no substitute for the real thing. I loved the way my breasts looked with a sexy bra holding them in place. Nothing could be more feminine.

            The days went by and I was happier than I could ever imagine. I was a woman. I worked every day with the most intimate of feminine clothing. Best of all, I was permanently and irrevocably armless. I could wear my hooks knowing that I absolutely needed them and always would. I would be married soon to a wonderful man who loved the fact that I was armless and beautiful. What more could I ask for? My life was indeed perfect. I never regretted my amputations and becoming a woman both physically and mentally. My past life was all but forgotten. I felt that I had been this way all my life. Perhaps if I had been born an armless woman I wouldn’t feel this way. I sometimes fantasized about what it would be like to have been born without arms and never to have experienced what it was like to have hands. It didn’t matter of course. I was who I was now.

To be continued.