Deal of a Lifetime




Chapter Four

Kate Gets Her Hooks


            Time passed and I enjoyed my new feminine body, but I was getting tired of being almost totally helpless. Because I was required to wear pantyhose using my feet to grasp things was almost impossible. My stumps were healing nicely and the swelling was virtually gone. Dr. Lee felt it was time for me to get fitted for my above the elbow prosthesis. Obviously I was very anxious to get my permanent hooks.

            My first visit to my prosthetist was to be casted for the sockets that would fit tightly over my small stumps. This didn’t take long. During the visit Stan asked if I had any preference for my terminal devices. This was the proper term for the actual hooks themselves.

            “I think I want to start with standard 5X hooks,” These were regular hooks with a rubber like lining to help grasp things better. I had those hooks already on my below the elbow prosthesis. “What about articulating wrists?” I asked.

            “Oh yes. You will definitely need them. I can give you some very modern wrists that not only tilt but also rotate with releases that are mounted on the forearms. When you release the wrist you can rotate it using your main cable. The tilt function works like your old prosthesis with a release button at the wrist. How does that sound?” Stan asked.

            “That would be perfect. I know I will need the rotation now and of course the tilt. How will I lock and unlock my elbow joints?”

            “Well there is a second cable attached to the elbow. A sort of rowing motion locks and unlocks them. Of course you can’t open and close your hooks with your elbows unlocked as that is the way you raise and lower your forearms. The main cable serves a dual purpose.”

            “It seems like that is a lot of manipulation,” I replied.

            “Yes, but you get used to it and it becomes pretty automatic after a few months. Of course a DAE has no where near the dexterity of a DBE. I hope you realize things won’t be like they were with your old prosthesis,” Stan explained.

            “Yes, I know that. I think I will enjoy the added limitations. As long as I have my hooks I will be happy,” I said enthusiastically. “When will they be ready?”

            “Give me a week Kate. I should have them ready by then and you can come in for a fitting. I will need to make some preliminary adjustments of the cable lengths. You will probably want me to make further adjustments when you start using your hooks. Most of my bilaterals are very fussy about the adjustments on their cables. They want them just so. Personalized adjustments are very important, especially for above the elbow prosthetics.”

            I was so excited knowing that my new hooks would be permanent. I would need them for the rest of my life. I knew they would become part of me and that was what I wanted. I wanted all the world to know that I had no arms and would always need my hooks to function. I knew I would look great being that way.

            The week went by and I returned for my fitting. Finally I would have hooks again. Stan removed my sleeveless top. I couldn’t help but notice that he took in my breasts and my liberal cleavage all supported by a very sexy bra I got a Victoria’s Secret. I now loved showing off my new breasts. He then unwrapped my two stumps and then slipped on two stump socks. I was all set to slip into the sockets of my new prosthesis. First I slipped my right stump into the socket and with Stan’s help my left stump slipping the harness over my shoulders. Of course the cables and straps all met at the standard metal ring between my shoulders. I noticed that the two sockets went up very high. Of course this was necessary because of my very short stumps. I couldn’t believe the feeling. My stumps fit snugly and I knee that my prosthesis would feel wonderful.

            I could see my new wrist units and the mechanisms needed to rotate and tilt my hooks. I was so excited that I was now ready to try them out. I managed to raise and lower my forearms. I tried locking my elbows and then opening and closing my hooks. Eventually I learned to rotate my hooks as well as tilt them. I couldn’t believe how much more debilitated I was as an above the elbow amputee. I used to be able to position my hooks quite easily as I had a lot of rotational ability. Now I had to carefully think about the position to lock my elbows, tilt my hooks, and rotate them as needed. I would be doing things a lot more slowly and I knew that I was now very severely handicapped. My hooks would be very useful, but I knew I would not be able to do many of the things I did with my old hooks. I could move my elbows out and tilt my hooks a little, but it would be difficult to get them into position without the tilt and rotate features of my wrists. I couldn’t wait to start using them. I knew that I would wear my hooks from the time I got up until I went to bed. I never wanted to be without them.

            I looked in the mirror and saw my beautiful breasts held in place by a nice demi cup bra. My hooks were awesome. No one would ever doubt that I had no arms if my prosthesis was exposed. I knew I would want to go out wearing a sleeveless top to show them off. That would be incredible. I would love the attention they triggered. I was happier than I could ever imagine. I had two hooks that I really would need from that day on.

            “I know you are an experienced hook user Kate and so I am just going to let you play around with your new hooks. When you come back in a few days for some adjustments that I am sure you will want I can help you with any questions you may have. It will take you some time to learn to do some of the things I know you could do with your old hooks. Be patient, you will get better with time,” Stan said.

            I knew I was in for a learning curve and I knew at times I might be frustrated. There would be nothing I could do about this since my amputations were permanent and whatever limitations I had would also be permanent. As long as I had functional hooks I knew I would be very happy regardless of these limitations. I would enjoy my new life with a very significant handicap. After all, I was really armless now.

            After Stan helped me back into my top we went home. I was so proud of my new hooks as I walked out through the lobby. I hoped I got some stares as I wanted to show off my new prosthesis. When we got home Mike got us a couple of glasses of champagne to celebrate. With some difficulty I managed to hold the stem of the glass and drink it by myself. I knew Mike loved the way I looked in my new hooks and of course my new body.

            That night we made real love for the first time. Mike undressed me. I slipped out of my hooks long enough for him to remove my bra and let my full breasts out of their confinement. I slipped my hooks back on and touched my bare breasts with my cold hooks. What a feeling. I reached down and touched the pad between my legs. I had not been able to touch myself down there up to this point. I even managed to pull my panties down with my hooks exposing my now well healed vagina. I touched my clit with my hook and the thrill ran through me. I knew it was sensitive, of course, but the cold metal of my hook was a marvelous way to self stimulate. I would never be able to feel my body, but I could sure feel my hooks.

            Next I undressed Mike with my hooks. When his now fully erect penis was exposed I used my hooks to fondle him. We then engaged in an extended foreplay. I used my hooks as best as I could. I knew I would get better. Finally Mike entered me for the first time. I almost immediately exploded in a monumental orgasm at about the same time Mike did. My prosthetic arms were wrapped around him. We both collapsed in exhaustion from the most incredible sex either of us could imagine.

            “Oh God Kate, I love you so much. I love your vagina, your breasts and your wonderful hooks. You are truly my dream girl,” Mike said.

            “I love you too Mike and I certainly love the way I am now. I love being a woman and I love being armless and using my hooks. I couldn’t be happier,” I replied.

            Mike and I had started to sleep together a couple of weeks after my surgeries. When we finally recovered from our love making Mike helped me out of my hooks and stump socks. I was helpless again. He cleaned me up and carefully removed my makeup. I used the toilet and I was not embarrassed when he wiped me. I liked being helpless at times. He applied some night cream to my face. He then got the panties of my nightgown and placed a fresh pad in the crotch and pulled them up over my hips. I really didn’t need a pad any longer, but I liked to wear one as it made me feel more feminine and gave me a little security just in case. He then slipped a clean bra over my stumps and shoulders and fastened the hooks in back. I always wore a bra now as Dr. Lee had suggested. Finally Mike slipped the baby doll style nightgown over my head and into place.

            “God but you are beautiful Kate. My armless goddess.,” Mike exclaimed.

I felt so incredibly helpless and feminine. I wiggled my little stumps in glee and slipped into bed next to him and we kissed before we each fell asleep happier than we could imagine.

            Over the next couple of weeks I got used to using my new hooks. I learned to do more and more and now locking and unlocking my elbows became almost second nature. I went shopping with Mary and got my hair done. The staff in the salon suspected that something was a little different even though my prosthesis was covered by a long sleeve top. I knew they realized I couldn’t use my hooks as easily as before.

            “I know you are wondering. I recently had my arms re-amputated above the elbows. I am now a double above the elbow amputee. I had to have this done for some medical reasons,” I explained.

            They were quite sympathetic and tried to give me encouragement. I loved shopping using my new hooks. Now I could wear outfits with short sleeves or sleeveless without worrying about revealing that I was not a real amputee. There was no doubt now. 

            The first time I went out in a sleeveless top was very exciting. I got many more stares than I ever did with my prosthesis hidden under long sleeves. Going out to dinner with Mike was incredible. I could look down at my prosthetic arms and hooks. I loved the way my two elbow joints looked as well as the control cables and the levers that unlocked my rotating wrist units. I loved to carefully position my hooks just right to hold my fork. Mike had to cut up my meal for me as I found using a knife was too hard. I knew I might get good enough to do it eventually. Right now I was just happy to be able to lift food to my mouth holding a fork. I needed to keep my elbow locked and had to kind of bend over to get the fork to my mouth. I also had to eat from the side of the fork as it was too hard to reposition my hook while holding food. I still had trouble drinking. I needed to use a straw. Eventually I knew I might be able to hold a coffee mug. Things were much harder now and that added to the enjoyment I got using my hooks. I also liked the idea that people might be watching me struggle and thinking how horrible it would be if they had no arms and had to live like I did. Little did they know that I loved being this way.

            Mary came with us to help me in the ladies room. Of course I was wearing pantyhose and needed her help at all times to go to the bathroom. I could no longer comb my hair. I found it pretty much impossible to get a brush in position because of my locked elbows. I was able to do a little with my makeup. With a major effort I could get the cap off lipstick and use it. It was so much more difficult than before. I knew that I would never be able to do things as well as I did when I was a pretend below the elbow amputee. I would always need a caregiver to dress me and help me with so many other things. I didn’t regret this at all.

            The days went by and I became totally comfortable with my new body and my restricted life. Mike loved me and I loved him. Our social life expanded and he introduced me to many of his friends. No one ever suspected that I was ever a male and no one ever knew that I was a voluntary amputee. I even made a number of female friends through Mike and I started to enjoy feminine companionship. I frequently got together with a group of girls to go out to eat and shopping. Everyone accepted my hooks and no one ever objected to helping me out. I was a little hesitant to ask for help going to the bathroom.

            I knew I was really very much a female when one of the girls was helping me in the ladies room. She hiked up my skirt and pulled down my pantyhose and then my panties. I relieved myself and then she wiped me. I knew she could see my new vagina and that she had absolutely no suspicion that I wasn’t born that way.

            “Wow, you are totally shaved down there. You have no pubic hair,” she exclaimed.

            “Mike likes me perfectly smooth. He finds it very sexy. Of course Mary needs to shave my legs and down there. There are so many things I can’t do by myself,” I explained. She then pulled my panties up and made sure my pad was in place.

            “That time of the month I see. Getting ready I see. You don’t use tampons?”

            “Sometimes, but I like pads better.” I had tried tampons just to see what they felt like inside me. I was even able to insert one with my hooks. That was a nice feminine experience.

            “Not me. I don’t like the way a pad feels between my legs,” she said.

            It was nice be able to freely talk such intimate girl talk. Talking to guys about such things was not done. I felt really feminine now.

            “Kate, why don’t you have someone cut out the crotch panel of your pantyhose. If you position them just right you could pee through the opening. You could wear your panties over your pantyhose. Can you get your panties down with your hooks?” she explained.

            “Yes. It’s a little hard but I can do it. I like short skirts since they are easier to manage,” I replied.

            The idea worked. I could now go to the ladies room by myself. I could even comb my hair a little bit and touch up my makeup since I had spent a lot of time practicing.

            “You do so well with your hooks Kate. I just can’t imagine what it must be like to need two them.”

            “Sometimes I really wish I only needed one,” I replied lying. “It would be so easy if I had one real arm. It’s so much harder with two hooks.”

            “I guess so. I can’t even imagine needing one hook no less two. You are so amazing Kate. No wonder Mike loves you so much.”

            I felt so good hearing this last comment. What she would never know is that my hooks were a major part of Mike’s love for me. I was his dream girl in hooks.

            I loved to shop for bras. One day I was out shopping with one of my girlfriends, Beth, and we were having fun looking at bras.

            “Do you want to try this one on,” Beth asked. “I bet you would look great in it.”

            “Okay, but you will have to help me. Do you think you want to do it?”

            “Oh sure. I don’t mind.”

            We entered the fitting room. I was wearing a long sleeve sweater.

            “You will have to help me out of my sweater,” I said.

            Beth then pulled up my sweater and over my head. She had never seen my arms.

            “Oh Kate, I never had any idea what your arms looked like. They look so complicated with the cables and straps,” she said.

            “Just grab hold of the ring at my back and I will slip out of my prosthesis. Hold on tight it is heavy,” I cautioned her.

            “Your stumps are so small. I had no idea. Is it okay to call them stumps?”

            “Sure. That’s what they are.”

            “I have never seen stumps. Would it be okay If I saw what they looked like?”

            “Of course. Just remove my stump socks.”

            “They are so smooth and rounded. What do they feel like?”

            “Well I can wiggle them and that’s about all. They aren’t good for much. They feel pretty much like you can imagine. Just little stumps. Without my hooks I am pretty helpless.”

            “I can see that now,” Beth said. “Can you dress yourself?”

            “Not a chance. I can’t get anything over my head. I need help for that all the time,” I responded.

            She then unhooked my bra and removed it letting my full breasts out of their confinement. She then let me slip my stumps through the straps of the new bra and then she fastened the hooks in back and adjusted the fit.

            “I think you look great in this bra Kate. You have such lovely breasts.”

            “Yes, I think it looks good.” The fit was perfect and I knew I wanted it.

            Beth slipped my stump socks on over my stumps and then held my prosthesis so I could slip my stumps into the sockets. Finally she got me back into my sweater.

            “You can’t put your bras on by yourself either can you?”

            “No. Even if I could get the straps up over my shoulders I could never hook the band in back..”

            “It must be so humiliating not to be able to do things for yourself I imagine.”

            “Sometimes, but I am used to needing help. It’s not so bad. I have faced up to the fact that I can never be independent. I am happy that once I am dressed and have my hooks on I am fairly self sufficient for most of the things I need to do,” I explained.

            “Well I know you are. You never seem to have trouble shopping. You can hold things very well,” Beth said encouragingly.


            Lots of things were starting to happen. I was considering getting a job. Not that I needed one, but just to prove that I could do it with my hooks. We started to make our wedding plans as well. I knew that the next few months would be very exciting. I loved my new life now that I had my permanent hooks. It was wonderful knowing I would be an armless female for the rest of my life. I couldn’t imagine anything better.

To be continued.