Deal of a Lifetime




Chapter Two

Moving In


            It took me the better part of a week to get ready to move in with Mike and accept his deal to become a real double above the elbow amputee woman. I quit my job which was not an issue with me since it wasn’t very good anyway. I gave away most of my junk or just threw it out. That included all my male clothing. I did most of this in my male persona using my hands. When the last of my male clothing was gone I had to become Kate full time. Of course this meant using my hooks. At this point I could do what I needed without my hands. I wasn’t too excited about giving away all my jeans and women’s slacks, but I had promised to only wear short skirts or dresses. I guess I could get used to that as I did like the feel my shaved and pantyhose covered legs.

            The day came to actually complete the move. Mike came to my apartment to help move the last of my feminine items. Of course I was wearing my hooks and I did have on a skirt.

            “My lovely Kate, did you realize that when you got into your hooks this morning that you would never be using your hands again?” Mike asked playfully.

            “Oh God, I never thought of that. That’s part of our deal. I guess I will just have to accept it until I have my amputations. After that I won’t have any choice at all,” I said. The thought was exciting and I was feeling quite turned on.

            We got to Mike’s house and were greeted by Mary. She then escorted me to my new room. It was wonderfully feminine. The private bathroom had been equipped with fixtures designed for the handicapped. It even had a bidet. I knew that this would come in handy for hygiene after my amputations. Of course Mary would be there to help. I knew that once my arms were amputated above my elbows that I would need some help for the rest of my life. We spent the rest of the day unpacking my stuff.

            I was now committed to my new life, but I had yet to know what the timetable would be for my complete transformation into an armless woman. How long would it be until my arms were amputated? When would my sex reassignment surgery take place? How fast did Mike want to turn me into his dream girl? Part of that question was answered after dinner that night.

            “Kate, how would you like to go out with Mary tomorrow and have a shopping spree along with a makeover?” Mike asked.

            “Wow! That would be great. What kind of a makeover?”

            “I have a friend who owns a very high end salon. You can have your hair restyled and then a cosmetician can completely redo your makeup techniques and provide all the high quality makeup you will need. I already spoke to her and explained that you use prosthetic hooks to apply your makeup. She agreed to help you manage any new methods you will need and will be very understanding about your hooks. After that you can buy some new and sexy outfits. Mary will help you try things on.”

            “Mike, this is a dream come true. I have always wanted a complete makeover,” I exclaimed.

            “The day after tomorrow I want you to meet both your new doctor and your future prosthetist. We can discuss the schedule and the order of the steps to modify your body to that of a complete woman and a double arm amputee. Obviously we both want this to be as soon as possible so you can start living as the woman you have always wanted to be and I will have the wife I have always wanted.”

            “I forgot about being your wife,” I said.

            “Well after your complete transformation we will have a fabulous wedding and all the world will meet my beautiful wife with her two lovely hooks.”

            After a wonderful dinner and relaxing evening starting my new life it was finally time to go to bed. I was exhausted. However, Mike had a surprise for me.

            “Since you have agreed to never use your hands again I had your prosthetist help us out,” Mike said.

            Wow, I already had my own prosthetist. Mike then opened a large box and removed two flesh colored items.

            “These are special sockets that I had made for you. They will allow you to insert your hands just as you do with with the sockets of your current hooks. The difference is that they have rounded ends and no hooks of course. They are covered with a rubberized flesh like material. There is a special locking mechanism that prevents removal except with a special key that Mary will keep. There is an internal clamp around your wrist. After you remove your hooks Mary will fit you with your new stumps for the night, while you bathe in the morning, and up until the point you decide to get into your hooks. You can use your stumps any way you like. Of course they will not be hands and will not allow you to do the things you can do with your hooks. You will start to experience what it will be like with stumps. Naturally your real stumps will be just short little stumps a few inches below your shoulders and very much less useful,” Mike explained.

            I knew then that I really would never use my hands again for anything.

            When I finally went to my bedroom Mary went with me. She helped me undress to the point where she helped me off with my hooks. She then had me insert my hands into the new stumps after helping me put on a pair of short stump socks.  She then inserted a special key device and locked them on. I couldn’t remove them even if I wanted to. She then helped me out of my stockings and garter belt. I felt a bit strange with my male anatomy exposed. That was quickly solved when she helped me into a pair of beautiful panties that were part of my nightgown. She helped me out of my bra and breast forms and then helped me into a special sleep bra that included built in soft forms. This was topped off with a short baby doll style nightie. There I was with my new stumps and for the first time I felt like a real amputee without her hooks and having no hands. After Mary removed my makeup and helped me wash up I was ready for bed. I slipped between the covers and quickly fell asleep.

            When I woke up the next morning the first thing I realized was that I couldn’t use my hands and that I had to pee. I went into the bathroom and used my stumps to pull down my panties. I sat down and urinated. I always sat down on the toilet since I felt more feminine that way. I tried to pull my panties up with my stumps but I couldn’t do it. It was then that I heard Mary come in. I was happy she would be there to help even though I felt embarrassed about my privates showing.

            “Are you ready for your bath?” Mary asked.

            “Yes,” I replied.

            “I need to shave your legs and then you can try using your stumps to bathe. Mike wants me to shave your legs every day. He loves smooth legs and never wants even a trace of stubble,” Mary explained.

            Mary applied feminine shaving cream and shaved my legs for me. I was a bit surprised when she also shaved my genital area completely. I was so smooth down there now. After that she let me try to bathe myself with my stumps, a wash cloth, and liquid soap. I even managed to wash my hair using my stumps by rubbing the shampoo in. The levers on the shower made it easy to control the water flow. Mary helped me dry off and I was ready for dressing. Mary got a beautiful new bra and panty set out of the bureau. She helped me into the panties and then got a fresh Kotex pad.

            “Mike told me you liked to wear a pad to hide your maleness and to absorb any fluids should you get aroused enough to release any. You will have to tell me how to help you fix your privates,” Mary said. I was embarrassed but compiled with her request.

            I explained how I liked to fold my penis tightly between my legs and push everything up into my body. If the panties were tight enough the pad would hold things in place and I would have a relatively feminine profile down there. Mary then put on my pantyhose which I could never do by myself. They were control top and further aided in concealing my maleness. After she helped me into my bra and breast forms I was ready for my hooks, skirt, shoes and top. I selected a nice short black skirt and white long sleeve top. Mary removed my stumps and then washed my hands. I was forbidden to do this myself. She used a cloth to do this to minimize any use I might make of my hands. Then came my two stump socks and finally my hooks. Of course I would be wearing my hooks until I went to bed that night. I felt so incredible knowing I was living now as a permanent arm amputee.

            Mary helped me comb my hair and apply my makeup. I did most of this with my hooks. She did have to help me put on two pairs of earrings. I wore two small loops in my upper pierces and two larger loops in each of my lower pierces. She fastened a nice necklace around my neck with a small pendant hanging down between my breasts. I felt I looked spectacular after finally putting on my shoes which were, of course, relatively high heel pumps.

            After breakfast Mary drove me to the salon. I was introduced to Tony, the stylist. I held out my right hook and he gently shook it.

            “Well Kate, I think I can do wonders for your hair and give you a style you can manage with your hooks. Maybe I can help find a brush you can hold with your hooks more easily than any you have now,” Tony said.

            For the next two hours Tony worked on my hair, including a shampoo, cut, and style. After he was done I thought I looked much more feminine. I loved sitting in the styling chair with my hooks in my lap as he worked on me.

            “Voila,” he said when he was finished. “You are gorgeous. Now let’s see about a brush.”

            For the next few minutes I tried a number of brushes. I practiced using them which included tilting my hooks into different positions until I found one that worked very well. I wondered how well I would do when I became an above the elbow amputee and had elbow joints I would have to lock and unlock. I knew I would be much more constrained in what I could do.

            “How long have you needed hooks? Tony asked.

            “About a year now,” I replied actually telling the truth. It had been about a year since I first started wearing my hooks.

            “It must be hard to accept needing them for the rest of your life,” Tony said.

            “At first it was. I am used to it now and it no longer bothers me as much. Of course I can’t do everything I used to do when I had hands, but I get by,” I replied.

            “Good for you Kate,” he said. “You are a beautiful woman and there is something just a little sexy about your hooks.”

            I felt so good knowing I was accepted as a woman even now. I loved how I looked with my hooks and knew I wanted to be that way forever, which, of course, I would soon be. I knew a woman with two hooks was a turn on for some guys.

            My final task was to work with Helen, the cosmetician on my makeup. She was very understanding. She evaluated me and worked up a completely new look with the best makeup available.

            “I understand you like to do your own makeup using your hooks,” Helen said.

            “Yes, it’s a little tricky, but I can hold things with my hooks if I develop the proper tricks,” I said.

            She was very patient as she coached me in using my hooks to apply my new makeup. She had me use cosmetic sponges which I had to use in place of my hands. I struggled a bit holding the small brushes I need to use to apply my makeup.

            “Not bad,” Helen said after we were finished. “I am sure you will get better with the techniques I showed you, especially with your eyes. That’s hard for most women even with hands. You do an incredible job having only hooks.  It must be so difficult doing things without hands. I can’t even imagine how hard.”

            “Yes, there are some things I will never be able to do, but I can do most things I need to do. I have to practice a lot, but eventually I find a way to do almost anything I want,” I explained.

            After we said goodbye to Tony and Helen we stopped off for a quick lunch. I was used to eating with my hooks and Mary helped me when I need it. She seemed to enjoy being out with me. We then went to the local mall where she helped my shop for anything I wanted. I started by selecting a number of new skirts. Mary helped me in the fitting rooms as I had some difficulty getting skirts on and off. She took out a tape measure and made sure that every skirt was at least five inches above my knees as Mike required. I also bought two lovely dresses with long sleeves. Of course they were short too. I never would have been able to try them on without Mary. I just couldn’t get things over my head with my hooks. I probably never would, especially when I was an above the elbow amputee.

            I should mention that Mary had to help me in the ladies room a couple of times. There was no way I could get my pantyhose down with my hooks without destroying them. I would most likely always need help in the bathroom. I no longer felt embarrassed when Mary “fixed me up.” She even made sure I always had a fresh pad on.

            I most enjoyed shopping for new bras and panties. I just couldn’t wait to get my breast implants so I could dump the silicone breast forms I now wore to give me lifelike breasts under my bra. I felt so sexy shopping for lingerie. Finally we headed back to the house.

            When we got there I was going crazy because I was so turned on and I wanted some sexual relief. I asked Mary for my massager. She set me up and left me alone to satisfy myself. I turned the massager on and held it between my legs and used it to achieve an incredible orgasm. I knew I was going to need a new pad. Usually when I satisfied myself I would take off my hooks as the urge to wear them was no longer there. Of course it returned a little while later. I couldn’t do that now. I knew my hooks would not come off, period. I called Mary and she pulled down my pantyhose and panties, cleaned me up and put a new pad in my panties. After she got me all set I felt nice and feminine again. I no longer had any desire to remove my hooks. That had passed.

            I spent some time using my hooks to look over all the nice clothes I had purchased. I knew Mike would love how I looked in them. Mike finally arrived and we had a wonderful dinner that Mary had prepared. It was so nice relaxing and drinking a glass of wine using my hooks. Mike spent some time with me, kissing and touching me all over. He loved my smooth pantyhose covered legs. Of course his hand always found its way between my legs. My sexual side had reawakened. I had had a perfect day and it didn’t take long for me to fall asleep that night wearing my stumps. It had now been two days since I used my hands. I knew then that I could live without them.

            The next day Mike drove us to the doctor’s office where I was to meet Dr. Lee and the prosthetist who’s name was Stan. I felt very self conscious in the waiting room sitting there with my hooks in my lap, my legs crossed displaying my pantyhose covered legs and lots of thigh. Finally we were shown in.

            “Mike, she is really gorgeous already,” Dr. Lee said. “Imagine what she will be like after her surgeries. She looks good with hooks.”

            “Do you want to examine her doctor?” Mike asked.

            “Yes, assuming you agree to the first step I would propose.”

            “Of course,” Mike replied.

            “I suggest that the order we proceed is to start Kate on her intensive female hormone therapy and augment her breasts immediately. I would then suggest she be amputated as soon as her breasts heal. During the recovery period after her amputations the hormones will take hold and then she will be ready for her sex reassignment surgery,” Dr. Lee explained. “Of course she will have her permanent hooks by then.”

            “So you want her to get her breasts right away?” Mike asked.

            “Yes. We can do that within the next couple of days. I want to give her C cup breasts. When the hormones do their job she will enlarge to a D cup and maybe a little larger. Is that okay with you Kate?” Dr. Lee asked.

            “A D cup? Wow, I never dreamed of having such full breasts,” I replied.

            “Well you will and they will feel just like natural breasts. They will have the weight and sensitivity of normal breasts. Of course any woman who has undergone breast augmentation surgery knows this,” Dr. Lee clarified.

            “How soon would you amputate her arms doctor?” Mike asked.

            “We could do that in less than a couple of weeks. It might be another couple of months for her stumps to heal enough to be fitted with her initial sockets. We might have to fit her with a second set of sockets if her stump size shrinks. Do you agree Stan?” Dr. Lee asked the prosthetist.

            “It all depends on how fast the swelling and sensitivity goes down. I would guess that she will be using her new pair of hooks in less than three months from today.”

            I couldn’t believe this. In three months I would have my new hooks and new breasts. I was also sure the hormones would be feminizing me even more and by then I would be ready for my final surgery. I almost couldn’t wait.

            Before we left, the doctor helped me remove my sweater and my hooks. I kept on my stump socks with their closed ends. I kept my hands curled up so I wouldn’t accidentally use them. He removed my bra and forms and then carefully measured and examined my breasts.

            “We can do her breasts tomorrow if you want Mike,” Dr. Lee said.

            “Wonderful. Is that okay with you Kate?”

            “Yes. That would be fantastic,” I eagerly replied.

            “How short do you want her stumps to be?” Dr. Lee asked.

            “I would like them as short as possible as long as she can be fitted with her above elbow prosthetics,” Mike said. “I guess Stan can make that decision.”

            “She only needs a few inches,” Stan said. “About here,” he said indicating a point slightly above the midpoint between my elbows and shoulders. God but they would be short.

            “Her stumps will be pretty useless for anything except to provide shoulder movement for her hooks,” Stan said.

            “Could she get by without any stumps at all?” Mike asked.

            “Well she could be disarticulated at the shoulders,” Stan said. “However, without shoulder joints she will be extremely handicapped and even with hooks she will not be able to do very much,” Stan explained.

            “I just though I would ask, Mike said. “I want her to be able to use her hooks to eat and do things like put on her makeup. She won’t have to use them for dressing as she will always have help,” Mike said.

            “Then I strongly suggest short above the elbow stumps,” Stan agreed.

            I was certainly happy that I would not be a double shoulder disarticulated amputee. I wanted good functionality with my hooks even though I knew that being a double above the elbow arm amputee would be quite debilitating. I loved the idea of having functional hooks as I knew I enjoyed using my hooks. I could barely wait for not only my breasts, but also my amputations. I wanted real stumps very badly. Of course getting real breasts was a very exciting thought as well. The next day would be very exciting.


To be continued.