Deal of a Lifetime




Chapter One


            For as long as I could remember I have been transgendered. I have also been an arm amputee wannabe. I had achieved some of my desires by a partial transformation into a handicapped woman. My ultimate goal was to undergo an sex reassignment surgery and become physically a woman. My limited funds prevented that goal at the time. However, I had become very good at my alternate life as a woman.

            It all started when I decided to let my hair grow and undergo electrolysis to remove my facial hair. After two years of electrolysis I had essentially no beard and could pass as a woman for as long a period of time as I wanted. I had an extensive wardrobe and lived almost all of my spare time as a woman. I found I had little difficulty doing this and was completely accepted as a female.

            At one point I started to fulfill the other part of my ultimate dream to be an arm amputee who used prosthetic hooks. I was able to purchase a pair of hooks on the internet. These were the real thing and when I wore them I appeared to be a woman who was a bilateral below the elbow amputee. My real hands were tightly curled up inside the two sockets and the only drawback was slightly longer than normal arms. I found that I was starting to wear my hooks almost all the time I was a female. It was then that I decided to always appear in public that way. I never went out without wearing my hooks. I became very proficient in using them. I had equipped my car with a driving ring and I was thus able to go anywhere and do anything I wanted both using my hooks and as a female.

            I went to restaurants, did my grocery shopping and bought all my clothes as an armless woman, or at least one without hands. All the clerks where I shopped knew that I needed to do things with my hooks and they were very helpful when I had any difficulty. I rarely was without my hooks even at home. I did all my cooking using my hooks and had learned all the tricks I needed. As my hair grew out I eventually was able to go out without any type of hairpiece. Except when I went to work I lived as a woman and always wearing my hooks. I felt that this was the way I wanted to be. I did every thing I could to feminize my appearance including wearing two pierced earrings in each ear.

            Of course my world was relatively private and none of my friends knew of my alternate life. What I did desire was some form of companionship. That need was fulfilled when I met Mike. It all started on the internet where I routinely conversed with a number of devotees and other pretenders. Mike eventually suggested that we meet. He assured me that his intentions were genuine and he confided that he was very attracted to me even though he knew I was not yet physically a woman. He told me he looked at my pictures and videos every day. He just loved a woman who needed two hooks and told me how he would like nothing better than to wine and dine me and enjoy how I appeared while using my hooks.

            I decided to take the chance and meet him for dinner. We selected a nice restaurant we both knew and met at the arranged time. I knew what he looked like from the pictures he had e-mailed me. He was about my age, perhaps a few years older, and very attractive. I had not considered that I was gay, but the idea of being with a man who appreciated my hooks and femininity was a very exciting thought.

            I was very nervous in anticipation of our meeting. I knew I passed very well and would have no problems getting by using my hooks. I wore a nice skirt,  high heels and a long sleeve sweater to cover my prosthesis. Only my two hooks showed beneath my sleeves. I knew I looked good as I stood in the lobby waiting for his arrival. Of course I couldn’t help but notice the looks I got as people caught sight of my two hooks where my hands should have been. Mike arrived right on time and introduced himself.

            “You are even more beautiful than your pictures Kate,” he said.

            “Thank you Mike. I appreciate that,” I replied.

            “God you look fantastic wearing your hooks. Let’s get a drink before dinner. Okay?”

            “That would be great,” I replied.

            We went into the bar area of the restaurant and sat at one of the small tables. I put my shoulder bag down beside me. A few minutes later the waitress came over to take our orders. Of course she took one look at my hooks and had the usual reaction. It was not common seeing a woman with no hands and only two prosthetic hooks. I ordered a glass of red wine and Mike had a Scotch on the rocks. A few minutes later our drinks arrived and I picked up my wine grasping the stem with my right hook.

            “You do that so naturally Kate.  It is hard to believe you are not quite what you appear,” Mike said referring to the secret we shared.

            We chatted about how fortunate it was that we could finally meet. I felt so sexy with my nylon covered legs crossed and my two hooks on display. I wondered if the men around us were staring at my legs or my hooks. Both would attract attention. Eventually we were shown to a dinner table. All through the meal Mike just watched me eat with my hooks. At one point he noticed I was having a little trouble cutting the steak I had ordered and he helped me by cutting it up for me. The knife held by my right hooks was slipping even though I held it the proper way with small lever, or finger, that attached to my control cable offering additional support as the knife handle passed between it and the pivot point of my split hook. I was so excited. I just loved being out in public eating with my hooks and especially being with someone who I knew was enjoying every moment watching the minor difficulties I had eating with my hooks.

            “I never thought I would meet a girl like you,” Mike said.

            “Well not quite a girl yet,” I reminded him.

            “For the moment, and to me you are a very beautiful woman with a very special facet that I just love.”

            “My hooks?”

            “Of course your hooks. You have no idea how much I love the look of your two hooks showing beneath your sleeves,” Mike said.

            I was just about the happiest girl imaginable. Here I was with a very handsome man, in public, and using my hooks and looking as feminine as I could.

            At one point I excused myself to go to the ladies room. I had not worn pantyhose but rather stockings and a garter belt. That way I could go to the bathroom without assistance. I always wore my panties over my garter belt so I could pull them down. After I relieved myself I went to the makeup mirror and fished around in my bag for my comb and lipstick. I used my hooks to comb my hair and touch up my lipstick. I noticed a couple of other women watching me.

            “That can’t be easy,” one of them said to me.

            “You get used to it,” I replied.

            “I don’t think I ever could,” she said. “I really admire you for getting along so well.”

            I was used to these sorts of comments. I knew that most women had no idea what it was like doing things with two hooks. I returned to the table and we finished up with coffee.

            “So, did you enjoy your meal?” Mike asked.

            “More than you can imagine,” I replied.

            “How about going to a movie?”

            I was enjoying our date so much that I couldn’t refuse. Mike offered to drive. We could go back to my car later. I agreed. I was stunned when I realized that Mike had a very expensive Mercedes. He was obviously well off. I didn’t realize just how well off at that point.

            When we were waiting in line at the theatre Mike reached out and grasped my left hook just as he would have held my hand. I started to tingle all over. I knew he liked the feel of the metal. Of course I couldn’t feel the warmth of his hand.

            After the show he drove me back to my car. Just before I got in he held both of my hooks and kissed me gently. I thought I would faint. I had never been kissed by a man and I never expected to enjoy it so much. I knew it was because I felt that I was totally a woman. At the last minute he told me he wanted to go out again as soon as possible and that he wanted to pick me up at my apartment. Although I was reluctant to ever reveal my true identity I did so eagerly for him.

            After I got home I knew I was sexually aroused to the point where I couldn’t stand it. The first thing I did was to get my magic wand massager, turned it on, and place it between my legs. The strong vibration instantlyt made me even more aroused. After a few minutes I had an incredible orgasm. Since I anticipated that I might do this if the evening went well, and wanted to avoid a mess, I had worn a Kotex pad to absorb the inevitable release of what I couldn’t avoid. That way I wouldn’t have to rush to the bathroom to clean up. Instead I just sat down there and enjoyed my sexual release. Eventually I got undressed and removed my hooks after having worn them for the better part of the entire day. What an evening. I couldn’t wait for the next time.

            For our next date I wore my very short black long sleeve dress and four inch heels. I used my favorite perfume and spent an extra amount of time using my hooks to apply my makeup. I almost never did anything with my hands anymore. I loved using my hooks as much as I could. I still used my hands to bathe and shave my legs. It was too difficult shaving my legs with my hooks. I also needed to put on my stockings using my hands as my hooks always poked holes in them and I could never fasten the stockings to the garters with my hooks.

            Mike arrived on time and we had another wonderful meal. Afterwards he took me to his home. Once again I was stunned by his now apparent financial means. We were greeted by his housekeeper, Mary, a woman in her sixties. She didn’t act the least bit startled by the fact that I had two shiny metal hooks in place of my hands. His home was immense and lavishly furnished.

            He got a couple of glasses of wine and we sat down. Once again I grasped the wine glass using my right hook. Mike sat next to me on the large leather couch and I heard soft music in the background. We chatted for a few minutes and then Mike put his arm around me and kissed me.

            “Kate, I think I am falling in love with you,” Mike said sheepishly.

            “But you know that I am not what I appear,” I reminded him.

            “For the moment,” he replied raising a question in my mind once again.

            At this point his hand wandered down to my nylon clad legs and he caressed them. Slowly his hand ran up between my legs until it was pressing gently on my pad. I knew he could not really feel my maleness beneath. It was just the bulk of my pad. Nevertheless he was turning me on big time and he didn’t seem to mind at all.

            “Not quite what I expected down there,” he said.

            “I am wearing a pad,” I explained.

            “That’s very nice. A feminine pad? You having your period?”

            “Yes,” I said.

            We both laughed.

            “Turns you on though, when I touch you, doesn’t it?” Mike asked.

            “You can’t imagine,” I replied.

            “Well you don’t have to worry. That kind of sex can wait until you have the right plumbing beneath your pad. Until then we can just pretend you are having your period.”

            I wished that I didn’t have to pretend. If only I was a woman down there I knew I would enjoy sex with Mike more than anything. I knew this wasn’t likely as I had no where near enough in savings for the proper surgery.

            The evening went on and Mike even convinced me to use my hooks to touch his manhood. I did the best I could as he pressed on my pad and gently rubbed his hand back and forth. I knew at some point he had an orgasm and I was very close. He excused himself and I knew why. Apparently my hooks had done their job. Even though neither of us had undressed we were able to satisfy each other. I guess my feminine appearance and two hooks were all that were needed to drive him over the edge.

            We dated for the next month almost every day that we could. On the weekends we went shopping and he bought me anything I wanted. He loved to shop for lingerie with me. He loved to watch as I held bras and panties with my hooks.

            “You are so feminine Kate,” Mike said. “Isn’t it time you became a complete woman? Don’t you want real breasts to fill those lovely bra cups? Don’t you want to also be a real arm amputee and need your hooks for real?”

            “Yes, I think so, but I don’t have the money for sex reassignment surgery and I don’t know how it would ever be possible for me to have my arms amputated unless I staged some kind of an accident. I don’t think I could ever do that.”

            “You don’t have to. I can arrange it all if you agree to an offer I am more than willing to make,” Mike explained.

            “What kind of an offer?”

            “If you agree to be my wife I will arrange and pay for everything?”

            “Everything? Are you implying that you could even arrange for my amputations?”

            “Absolutely. I have a doctor who will do anything for me including voluntary amputations.”

            This was almost too much for me to absorb.

            “I would have just a few requirements,” Mike said.

            “What would they be?” I asked.

            “You would have to agree to become a bilateral above the elbow amputee and agree to always wear skirts or dresses no longer than five inches above your knees along with pantyhose. I always want to be able to see your beautiful nylon covered legs. You have fabulous legs.”

            “What else?” I asked.

            “From the time you move in you must agree to never use your hands again and, of course, always be a woman.”

            “Mike, I would be so handicapped being an above the elbow amputee. There would be lots of things I couldn’t do. I would not be able to take care of myself. I could never get into or out of pantyhose to even go to the bathroom,” I said.

            “You would never have to. Mary will be your constant companion. She will bathe you, help you with your pantyhose to go to the bathroom, and do whatever you need done that you can’t do being a double above the elbow amputee. You will never have to work and you will have an unlimited budget to shop for the sexiest clothing you want. You will truly be able to enjoy both extreme femininity and being truly armless and using your hooks. You would have a wonderful life and someone who would adore you forever,” Mike explained very convincingly.

            “I don’t know Mike. This is all so much to consider.”

            “Please think it over. You will have a wonderful life. The life of your dreams.”

            It took me all of one day to consider before I agreed to start a new life as a real woman and, most importantly, one who was a real arm amputee and would need her two hooks for the rest of her life.


To be continued.