The College Girls

Part 4

by Vicki


            The next day we were to start classes. After we got dressed, put on our makeup, and of course our hooks, we went to the cafeteria to have some breakfast. This would be an interesting day. We spotted Melanie and Beth. After we went through the line and got our foods we carried our trays to their table.

            “Hi guys,” Melanie said. “Its Kellie and Sandy,” Melanie said for Beth’s benefit. “All set for classes today?”

            “We sure are,” Kellie said. How about you guys?”

            “Yes,” Beth said.

            We started to eat. Naturally Kellie and I used our hooks. I watched as Beth ate. She had to feel her food since she couldn’t see where things were on her plate. I wondered what it would be like to be totally blind as she was. Beth’s white cane and Melanie’s forearm crutches were on the floor beside them. We chatted about what our classes would be like. I was used to eating with my hooks now and I really didn’t give it much thought. It was becoming quite natural, just like it was for Kellie. I noticed a few other students watching us.

            After we finished, Melanie struggled a little to get standing in her braces and getting a hold of her crutches. Beth got up and held her cane. We all headed back to our rooms. Melanie and Beth walked with us. They went a bit slower than us since Melanie had to swing her paralyzed legs as she crutched. I was amazed at how well Beth got around with her cane. She knew the way and cleared her path by swinging her cane from side to side. I still had trouble knowing what it was like for her to live in a totally dark world and having to feel everything. I knew there were some arm amputees who were blind. They could never use hooks since it was essential to be able to see to use hooks. Without a sense of touch hooks were pretty much useless. Such a handicap would be quite devastating. Life must be very difficult for them and I am sure they needed constant help for just about everything.

            When we got back to our room we got our backpacks, checked our makeup, and headed for our first class. I had practiced managing a notebook, opening and closing my books to the right pages, and writing. I knew I would be slow and no where near as proficient as Kellie was. It would be interesting. Of course I would be going all day wearing my hooks. Since I had given up using my hands, it didn’t matter. This was permanent now, or at least while in school and unless I stopped wearing my arm stumps. I knew that I wouldn’t cheat since it wouldn’t be fair to Kellie. She had no hands that she could ever use.

            We got to our first class just on time and took our seats. It was a history class. I got out my notebook and a pen. With a bit of difficulty I got my pen into position using my right hook. The instructor started to write on the board and I tried my best to keep up taking notes. My handwriting was really bad and it was a task to write using my hook. I knew I would get better with more practice. I hoped I could keep up. I was still getting used to being stared at.

            “Is it hard to write without hands?” the girls next to me said during a brief break.

            “Well it’s not easy,” I replied. “My name is Sandy and this is my roommate Kellie,” I said.

            “I’m Ellen. Glad to meet you. You guys are alike I see.”

            “Yeah, no hands, just our hooks.”

            “I’m sorry about that,” Ellen said.

            “Yeah well, we are used to it now.”

            “Have you two needed those hooks for long?” Ellen asked.

            “I am a recent amputee, but Kellie has been this way quite a bit longer.”

            “Was she born that way?”

            “No, we both had hands once. They’re gone forever now.”

            “Can’t you use artificial hands that look real?” Ellen asked.

            “Yes, but for someone missing both hands they are no where near as functional. Hooks work best. We can do more things with them than the myoelectric hands. Of course they look better, but being able to do things is more important than looks. I might get a pair when I get enough money so I can wear them when I want to be less noticeable and don’t need the functionality,” I explained.

            “I see. What about boys?” Does having hooks make a difference?”

            “Of course, but there are some guys who don’t seem to mind and I think there are actually some who find them kind of sexy,” I said.

            “No, really?”

            “Yup. Very strange, but its true.”

            The class got going again and I continued to take notes. After the class the instructor came over to us.

            “I want to let you girls know that I am aware of your handicaps and if I can help make thing easier for you please let me know,” he said.

            “Well maybe we might need some extra time for exams. Writing is very difficult,” Kellie said.

            “Of course. Don’t worry. I will make sure you are not placed at a disadvantage,” he said.

            “Thank you so much,” I said.

            As the day wore on we noticed that a guy who was in several of our classes kept staring at us. Kellie was getting pissed off. After the final class she went up to the guy.

            “Hey, why are you staring at us? Do you like to watch handicapped girls?”

            “Well I uh … please don’t be offended, but I find you too incredibly sexy,” he said.

            “Oh how’s that?” Kellie asked.

            “Well uh, I guess it’s because of those,” he said pointing to our hooks.

            “You mean because we need these instead of hands?”

            “I guess so,” he said.

            “Why?” Kellie pressed.

            “I don’t quite know how to admit this, but I find them really sexy. I guess you think I am some kind of weirdo.”

            “Well maybe,” I said. “So what’s so sexy about being armless and needing hooks? Do you know how hard it is with these,” Kellie said holding up her hooks.

            “I guess it’s hard,” he said. “My name’s Brian. I guess you two hate people like me and I don’t blame you, but I can’t help the way they make me feel.”

            “We don’t hate you Brian. Maybe I understand more than you think,” I said.

            “You do?”

            “Maybe,” I said. “We will have to use hooks for the rest of our lives. We will never have hands again and doing things with hooks isn’t as easy as you might think. Everything is hard for us, eating, dressing, going to the bathroom, putting on our makeup, everything.”

            “I am really sorry. I know I shouldn’t find it exciting to watch you, but I do. I think you two are the sexiest girls I have ever seen. I will try not to watch you again. I know you think I am a creep and you have every right to feel that way,” Brian explained.

            “Maybe not,” Kellie said. “How would you like to get a better idea of how hard it is for us. Maybe you should offer to have dinner with us. Then you could see how we eat with our hooks. We could show you how really hard some things are. We can’t even hold a glass. We can never eat a hamburger like you do. We have to eat everything with a knife and fork. So many things are impossible for us. We will never do somey things you can do without even thinking about it.”

            “You mean you wouldn’t mind?”

            “If it helps you understand, then its okay,” Kellie said.

            “Okay, if you are sure,” Brian said.

            We agreed to meet for dinner in the cafeteria a little later. After he was gone we considered this encounter.

            “God but that guy was really turned on by us,” Kellie said.

            “Yeah, he really finds watching us struggle with our hooks a turn on. Well I guess we know that happens with some guys,” Kellie said.

            “Well if I get turned on by you I suppose I shouldn’t be offended by a guy getting turned on,” I said. “What do you think he would think if he knew I had hands?”

            “Oh God, that would be interesting,” Kellie said. “For all practical purposes you no longer have hands Sandy. You are living this way now.”

            “I know,” I replied.

            We met Brian at dinner. We showed him how our hooks worked and he watched as we ate our meals with our hooks. He offered to help us but we insisted that he watch us struggle to do the hard things.

            “It’s really hard isn’t it?” he asked.

            “Yes it is. It’s always hard. It never gets easier. It’s always the same. Everything is hard for us. We have to constantly plan on our every move with our hooks. We need to position our hooks just right to pick things up. We need to figure out ways to do things we can’t easily do. Sometimes was just can’t do something and need to ask for help. We don’t like to do that, but some times we just don’t have a choice,” Kellie explained.

            “So do you still find us using our hooks sexy?” I asked.

            “Yes. Explaining things to me hasn’t changed my feelings. Seeing you do things is really exciting to me.”

            “Would you like to be like us?” I asked.

            “I know this isn’t the right thing to say, but I really would like to have hooks too. I am sure you could never understand someone like me who would want to have no hands,” Brian said.

            “You might be surprised,” I said. I didn’t want to give away anything more.

            “Could I get together with you two again some time?” Brian asked.

            “Sure,” Kellie said. “You are very strange, but I guess maybe you appreciate us more than some people do. I guess it’s something that we turn you on,” Kellie said.

            “I would really like to do things with you two. I could watch you use your hooks all the time if you didn’t get too offended. I have never met any girls that turned me on as much as you two do.”

            “I guess we should feel flattered,” I said.

            “Do you think I could see your prosthesis some time?” Brian asked. “I would really like to see how it works.”

            “What about right now?” Kellie said.


            “Yes, come on up to our room,” Kellie said.

            We went to our room and Kellie told Brian to help her off with her sweater, She was then standing there with just her bra and prosthesis on. I couldn’t do this, of course, without revealing my secret.

            “Oh God, I think I am going to faint. Seeing a girl in just her bra is  something, but  your prosthesis is incredible,” Brian said.

            “Kellie explained how her harness worked and how her control cables were used to open and close her hooks. She then slipped out of her hooks and stood there in just her stump socks.

            “Okay Brian, if you want a look at all I have for arms just pull off my stumps socks.”

            Brian did that revealing Kellies two beautiful short and smooth stumps.

            “So what do you think of my stumps Brian?” Kellie asked.

            “They are so beautiful and smooth,” Brian said.

            “Well I can’t do much with them. I can pick up big things and I use them to bathe, but I am pretty helpless without my hooks.”

            “I think you are incredibly beautiful. There is something about you stumps that is just so sexy. I didn’t realize they were so short. You only have a little left below your elbows.”

            “Its enough. At least I have elbows. If I didn’t have them things would be much harder for me,” Kellie explained. Do you think I have nice breasts?”

            “You have to be kidding. Of course I do. You are amazing.”

            I think Kellie was getting really turned on now.

            “Unhook my bra and you can see for yourself,” Kellie said.

            Brian unhooked Kellie’s bra and removed it revealing her naked breasts.

            “I think I have to sit down. I don’t think I have ever been turned on this much by a girl,” Brian said.

            “Well this is my body and I am happy you like it. I am sure most guys couldn’t stand the look of my stumps in spite of my breasts.”

            “They are fools,” Brian said. “You are sexier because of what you are missing as well as what you are not missing,” he said.

            Brian helped Kellie back into her bra, stump socks, hooks and her sweater. Brian finally seemed to regain his composure. I knew Kellie was enjoying turning on this guy. She was certainly turning me on. I knew that we would have sex later, girl sex, but sex nevertheless. We liked each other but we still liked boys. I wondered of Kellie would pursue this guy. I felt a little jealous. It was at that point that I wished I was a real arm amputee. I could never reveal the stumps I didn’t have. I envied Kellie so much. She didn’t have to pretend and she could exploit her body in ways I couldn’t. If only there was a way I could become just like her.

            Our first day of classes was certainly more interesting than we ever anticipated. What would the semester be like? Time would tell.

            “So how did you like having to do everything in class with your hooks?” Kellie asked.

            “It was fun, but really hard. I write so slow and it takes so much effort to handle books and things. I guess I will get used to it eventually, and even get better at it,” I said.

            “Oh you will Sandy. It takes lots of time. It will never be easy, but just easier,” Kellie said.

            “It’s hard for people to have any idea just how hard it is with hooks. They take their hands for granted. Hands are so much more functional than our hooks,” Kellie said.

            “Absolutely, but I like using my hooks. I like being really different,” I replied.

            Later that evening, Melanie came to our room. She was in her nightie but still wearing her braces. We sat around and talked. I couldn’t help but look at Melanie’s braces as they were fully exposed by her short nightie. We didn’t tell her about Brian.

            We let Brian watch us as much as he wanted in the ensuing days. He always wanted to help us and we let him. He was totally hooked on us if you will pardon the pun. He even convinced his roommate Kevin to go out on a few dates with us. I didn’t think Kevin felt the same as Brian did about our hooks, but I think he liked going out with us. Brian continued to confide with us about the way he felt. I knew that Brian was very much like me. He wanted to experience what it was like to use hooks. I wished I could take the chance and tell him I felt the same way and that I really had hands. It would be neat if he could try my hooks. I didn’t dare do that. It was just too risky.

            One day Brian came to our room and he seemed quite excited.

            “What’s up Brian?” I asked.

            “Well I hope you guys don’t get offended, but I was surfing the web and I came on this web site. You will never guess what I found.”

            “Do tell,” Kellie said.

            “Well there is this web site that sells leg braces like Melanie has. They also sell hooks that can be worn over your real hands so you can pretend,” Brian explained.

            “No kidding,” Kellie said. “I can’t believe you can actually do that.” Of course she knew only too well.

            “If I got a pair of hooks I could be just like you two,” Brian said.

            “I guess so,” I said. “Are you going to do it? You couldn’t just wear them around school.”

            “No, but I could use them when we were together. Maybe we could go someplace where no one knew us and I could wear them with you too. You could show me how to do things.”

            “Are they expensive?” I asked. I knew they would be.

            “About $3,500 for a pair. I have this savings account and I could get the money. My parents would kill me though, but I really want them. Would you guys help me learn to use them?”

            “Sure,” Kellie said. “It would be kind of neat going out with a guy with hooks.” We all laughed.

            About a month later Brian got his pair of hooks. They were quite similar to mine. He couldn’t wait to try them on. He brought them to our room in a large gym bag. We then coached him in putting them on. He had to adjust the harness. We told him exactly what to do since we knew well exactly how we liked our harnesses adjusted and the proper length for our control cables.

            It took him a while to get used to opening and closing his hooks but he did okay. He had a sweater with extra long sleeves and we helped him into it. He looked pretty good with his two hooks showing below the sleeves. I wished he could just walk out with us, but he couldn’t take the chance. For the next couple of weeks he came to our room and practiced with our help. He was getting pretty good. I thought he could get along in public if we were with him to help if he got stuck doing something. About a week later we decided to take Brian shopping wearing his hooks. We drove to a mall a couple of towns away where the likelihood of meeting anyone was small.

            “I can’t believe this. Here I am with the two most beautiful girls in the world and I have hooks just like them,” Brian said. “I am just so totally turned on.”

            We took Brian into the lingerie department and shopped for some bras. He was embarrassed for sure when we asked him to hold a couple of bras. I knew he liked holding them with his hooks. He was certainly feeling just the same as I normally did. He even did pretty well eating lunch. The fact that three people, each using two hooks, was a strange sight attracted a lot of attention. By the end of the day Brian was exhausted from his first full time hook outing. I knew he wouldn’t want to take his hooks off. We had to do that in the car. There was no problem since he had a tee shirt on underneath. We just parked in a slightly out of the way spot. It was a little different with me since all I had on under my top was a bra.

            “So how did you like wearing hooks?” I asked on the way back.

            “It was a little scary knowing that once in the mall I had no choice but to use my hooks. I did have a bit of a problem in the men’s room. It took me a long time to get my zipper down and peeing with my hooks was a little strange. It must be easier for you two since you are wearing skirts,” Brian said.

            “It’s still a little difficult,” Kellie said. “A lot of things are hard for girls, like putting on makeup and combing our hair. Guys don’t have those problems. It has to be easir in general for a guy with hooks.”

            “Well I will never know,” Brian said laughing.

            Kellie and I looked at each other and I think we had the same idea at the same time. Later on we talked about it.

            “Brian has a pretty feminine face and not much of a beard. He is slim and not too tall. I bet he would make a good looking girl,” Kellie said,

            “So you want to make him a girl?” I asked.

            “It would be so much fun. Do you think he would go for it?” I asked.

            “Maybe,” Kellie said.

            Well one thing led to another and we got Brian to agree to cross dress as a girl and use his hooks as a girl. We had to buy him some clothing in his size including a bra and panties. We bought him a nice brunette wig and even a pair of breast forms. It was our project. We even convinced him to shave his legs and we plucked his eyebrows. He didn’t have pierced ears so he would have to go without earrings, but a lot of girls did now and then.

            We transformed him into a girl. We did his makeup and got him into a short skirt, long sleeve top, did his makeup, and fixed his hair. After his transformation he looked in the mirror taking in his two hooks.

            “I really look like a girl. Do you think anyone will figure out I am a male?” Brian asked.

            “Not if you learn to act like a girl. You need to walk like we do and move your body the way we do. You can do it. Your face is pretty feminine and I don’t think anyone will detect your beard with the makeup we used,” I said.

            “I really like the feeling of having shaved legs. I don’t think I ever want to have hairy legs again.”

            “Its all part of being a girl,” I said.

            With his plucked eyebrows and eye makeup he was really passable. I really wished he had pierced ears. On the following weekend we went to yet another out of town mall. This time Brian went as Briana. We had to watch closely and make sure Briana acted like a girl. He looked cute in his short skirt, just like any girl our age. We knew he liked not only his hooks, but appearing as a girl. We even took him into the ladies room with us. That was an interesting experience for all three of us. We weren’t sure if he could manage his panties, but he did. We passed a store selling earrings and other jewelry. The ear piercing station was prominently visible.  Kellie and I looked at each other. We knew what was coming.

            “Hey Briana, we think you should get your ears pierced,” Kellie said.

            “Uh, but I am a guy,” he stammered.

            “Oh really?” I said. “You look like a girl to me with that short skirt, full breasts and makeup. Besides, lots of guys get their ears pierced these days. Except for the fact that girls wear some earring styles that guys don’t wear there’s no difference.”

            We really insisted and Briana accompanied us into the shop. The sales girl then proceeded to mark Briana’s ears for the piercing. She then inserted a gold stud into the gun and before we knew it Briana had her left ear pierced. She followed up with her right ear. Briana walked out of the shop looking more like a girl now that she had her two gold studs in place.

            “God but I feel like a girl now,” Briana said.

            “Well as far as we are concerned you are a girl now. You are starting to act like one and you certainly look like one. You have hooks too, don’t forget that,” Kellie said.

            “How could I. I have to use them for everything. I guess I really know what its like being a girl with hooks now.”

            “So you really like being an armless girl?” I asked.

            “Are you kidding? This is just so great.”

            “Well I guess now that you are a girl we don’t turn you on any more,” I said.

            “You are kidding. Of course you guys do. Its just strange being turned on by girls when I am kind of one of them.”

            “Well we will let you in on a little secret Briana, Kellie and I have a thing for each other. We like guys, of course, but we also turn each other on,” Kellie said.

            “Do you have sex with each other?”

            “Yes,” I said.

            “Interesting, but considering that I am pretending to be an armless girl with hooks nothing seems really strange now.” We all laughed.

            This time Briana didn’t feel so out of place shopping for bras. In fact, she got really excited with the styles and bought two new bras and matching panties.

            “I wish I had breasts like you,” she said.

            “Maybe some day,” I said.

            The three of us did a lot of things with our six hooks. Briana just couldn’t get enough of being a girl with hooks. She felt just like we did. I wished she could wear her hooks full time like we did and always be a girl. She would have to be content to do it with us in our room or during our outings away from school. Briana’s pierces eventually healed and she could remove her gold studs and started to wear really feminine earrings. One day we all had our ears pierced a second time. We left the mall each wearing a new pair of gold studs above our existing earrings. We all felt really sexy, especially with our hooks.

            One day Brian asked, “Do you guys ever wear pantyhose?”

            “Not any more. We can’t get them on with our hooks. We run them and they are impossible to get down to pee,” Kellie explained.

            “Gee I would really like to know what it’s like wearing them.”

            “Well that’s one of the things no longer possible when you have hooks,” I said.

            “What if you wore stockings and a garter belt?” Briana asked.

            “How would we get them on?” Kellie asked.

            “What if you slipped something over the tips of your hooks?”

            “Well maybe,” Kellie said.

            It was then that Brian had the idea that maybe we could come up with something. We eventually tried using some pieces of large surgical tubing Brian found in a lab. Kellie and I already had a small piece of tubing at the base of the stationary part of our hooks that made grasping things easier. Our prosthetist had fitting our hooks with the tubing. This tubing was a little larger and we could slip it over both halves of our split hooks. We thought it might work. The three of us had a lot of fun shopping for garter belts and suitable stockings. Later on in our room we experimented. We helped each other hook our garter belts in back. With the tubing we could get the stockings up. Fastening the garters was another problem. We found we couldn’t fasten our own garters, but we could help each other. The ones in the back were impossible on our own. We finally did it. It was a real task with our hooks. The three of us were now wearing stockings.

            “I love the feeling when I cross my legs,” Briana said.

            “I didn’t realize how much I missed the feeling,” Kellie said.

            The three of us girls were really excited. If we didn’t wear skirts that were too short we could have nice nylon covered legs and enjoy the feeling of our shaved and nylon covered legs. Briana was a genius and now very much one of the girls, and one with hooks as well.

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