The College Girls
Part 3

by Vicki


            I woke up early the next day in anticipation of my first day at school forced to use my hooks full time. My prosthetist had made me a pair of “stumps.” These were sockets that ended in rounded stumps with no hooks. They were lined with material similar to my stump socks and covered with a flesh colored latex. They went up my arms to just below my elbows. When I slipped them on they fit tightly and tight at the upper end so they were waterproof as long as I didn’t immerse them in water. The first thing I did was slip my arms into them. I had promised Kellie that I would never use my hands even for a moment. These “stumps” prevented me from flexing my wrists and for all practical purposes I had real stumps and was constrained to only doing things that Kellie could do with her real stumps.

            I had to pee and so I hopped out of bed and headed to the bathroom. I was wearing a short nightie with panties. I slipped my stumps under the waist band and pulled my panties down and sat on the toilet. After relieving myself I grabbed some toilet paper with my stumps and wiped myself. I heard Kellie getting up.

            “Hi Kel,” I said as I walked into the room.

            “All set for your first full day as a beautiful hooked girl?” she asked.

            “On pins and needles,” I replied.

            “This is going to be a challenge for you since you have never gone full time with your hooks. You won’t be able to cheat at all. I see you have your stumps on. Cool. We can hang around with just our stumps for a while until we get dressed and put our hooks on for the day.”

            “I am really starting to know how you feel now,” I said.

            We chatted about what we had to do for the day and then decided to take our baths. I could bathe with my stumps just like Kellie. We could hold wash clothes and use liquid soap to bathe with our stumps. My waterproof stumps worked very well for this. The one thing we both had trouble with using our stumps was shaving our legs. It was possible to do this with our stumps or our hooks, but either way it was hard to reach certain parts of our bodies, especially our underarms since we both liked to shave there even though Kellie was the only one likely to wear a sleeveless top.

            “Let’s shave each other, okay?” Kellie asked.

            “Sure. Sounds like fun,” I said laughing.

            Both of us removed our nighties and panties and looked at each others naked bodies. Both of us had very full breasts and we glanced at each others vaginas. We knew we were turning each other on. I slipped out of my “stumps” and quickly put on my stump socks and hooks. Kellie did the same. We went into the bathroom. Kellie got the shaving cream and a sponge to apply it. That was the only way we could do it. We both loved the Venus razor as it had a big handle and was easier to hold with our hooks. Kellie applied shaving cream to my legs as I sat on the toilet. She then turned on the water and adjusted the temperature. Our handicap equipped bathroom had levers for the controls rather than regular knobs so it was easy to work the faucets. Kellie then grasped the razor with her right hooks and started on my legs. It didn’t take long and then she did my underarms. My stump socks ended below my armpits so if she was careful she could get apply the shaving cream. After she was done I felt very feminine as I always did when my legs and underarms were very smooth.

            I then shaved Kellie’s legs and underarms. I wasn’t as proficient as she was, but I didn’t knick her. I felt really good knowing that I could use my hooks so well. I then slipped out of my hooks and got back into my stumps to take my bath. I even washed my hair. It was fun to rub the shampoo with my stumps. Kellie was there to remove the cap from the shampoo for me and put some onto my hair. She helped wash the shampoo out by using a plastic pitcher. When I was finished I dried my self holding the towel with my stumps. I then got back into my hooks and helped Kellie take her bath.

            After she finished we helped each other dry and comb our hair. Kellie had a small hair dryer we could hold with our hooks. It was so much easier to comb the others hair than doing it ourselves. It is very hard to reach back with our hooks. The comb our brush usually slipped out of our hooks since reaching back sometimes placed tension on our control cables and of course opened our hooks. I was thrilled to be living the life of a bilateral arm amputee almost for real. There I was with Kellie, both of us naked and wearing our hooks. I touched Kellie’s breasts with my hooks and she used one of her hooks to touch my clit. We were both so turned on we headed for a bed and fondled each other with our hooks for the next fifteen minutes. Finally we realized we had better get dressed.

            Dressing was always difficult for us, but by helping each other we could do it much easier. We could put on our panties okay, but it was much easier if we helped each other put our bras on. We needed to slip out of our hooks while the other fastened the bra strap in back. We could then slip our hooks back on. I decided to wear a nice short black skirt and long sleeve lightweight sweater. Kellie wore a similar short brown skirt and long sleeve top. We slipped into our sandals. Both of us had nail polish on our toenails. Without hands our toes were the only place we could enjoy the feminine look of nail polish. We loved to apply nail polish to our toenails.

            We helped each other put on our earrings. We always wore earrings with ear wires since studs were more difficult to get on. Kellie could put studs on me, but I was still too clumsy to put studs on her. Neither of us could handle chains or necklaces as it was impossible to work the clasps with our hooks. We could each apply our makeup using tricks like cosmetic sponges for foundation. I was now pretty good with my eye makeup. Of course it took us longer than it would for a girl with hands. When we finished we looked each other over and agreed we were knockouts with hooks. We knew that if it wasn’t for our hooks the guys would be drooling over us. We grabbed our bags and went across the hall to see if Melanie was there. She came to the door after we knocked. She was using her wheelchair.

            “Come on in guys, I just need to put my braces on.”

            We went in and sat down while Melanie got into her braces. She was wearing a knee length skirt and she just pulled it up and got into her braces. We watched as she fastened all the straps on her cuffs and knee pads. She finally straightened out her legs and got up using her crutches.

            “So let’s get some breakfast,” Melanie said.

            The three of us headed to the cafeteria. As we were walking there we met a girl walking with the aid of a white cane. We remembered that Melanie had said a girl named Beth was blind.

            “Hi Beth. I am with two new students, Sandy and Kellie,” Melanie said.

            Beth held out her hand. We didn’t quite know what to do. Kellie reached out with her right hook and Beth grasped it.

            “Oh my, you have a hook,” Beth exclaimed.

            “Actually I have two,” Kellie said. “My roommate Sandy has two hooks two. We’re double arm amputees.”

            “That must be tough,” Beth said.

            “Well being blind can’t be that easy either, I said.

            “Well it’s no picnic.”

            “How long have you been blind?” Kellie asked.

            “Just for a year now, but I gradually lost my sight over a period of two years prior to that. Now I am totally blind and I don’t have any light perception left. I still had some light perception until a few months ago, but now it’s completely dark for me. Actually I like it better this way. I was always trying to make things out when I could see a little even though any vision I had was useless. I still needed my cane. It was very frustrating. Now I don’t have the frustration of having a little useless vision. So how is it having no hands?”

            “It’s sometimes a little frustrating, but we do pretty well. Of course people stare a lot at our hooks and guys ignore us,” Kellie said.

            “Tell me about it,” Melanie said. “The minute they see my braces they run.”

            “Is there any chance you will see again,” I asked.

            “No, my blindness is now permanent. I will never see again. I guess it’s like you guys. You can’t get your arms back.”

            Beth was a very attractive blonde with a great figure. Beth was wearing a powder blue very short skirt and a matching sleeveless top. Her makeup was impeccable. I wondered to what extent she could put her own makeup on. I also noticed she was wearing pantyhose. Kellie and I loved pantyhose but we couldn’t put them on ourselves and so we rarely got to wear them. Beth was not wearing dark glasses and her eyes looked normal. If it weren’t for her cane I knew that guys would fall all over her. We watched as she tapped her cane in front of her. I couldn’t imagine what it must be like to be so beautiful and never be able to see yourself in the mirror.

            Melanie helped Beth make selections when we went through the line. Kellie and I had no trouble. A cafeteria worker carried both Beth’s tray and Melanie’s tray to a free table. Neither girl could manage. Beth couldn’t clear her path while carrying a tray and Melanie couldn’t carry her try and use her crutches. She needed both to walk. While Kellie and I ate with our hooks we watched Beth eat. She had to feel her food with her fingers, but she was very good at eating. The four of us chatted about what courses we were taking and of course boys. Kellie and I never mentioned that we were bi and in love with each other. Beth did tell us that there was a boy who had expressed interest in her and she hoped he would ask her out. Melanie had connected with a male para but I knew she really wanted an able bodied boyfriend. Just before we finished a girl in a wheelchair came over.

            “Hi, I’m Jennifer. Guess Melanie told you guys about me. She told me you two hookers were new,” she said laughing. “Oops, sorry. My sense of humor isn’t that great.”

            “Oh don’t worry. Guess we are hookers,” I said laughing as well. “With two hooks each I guess we qualify as hookers,” Kellie said.

            We all chatted for a few minutes before we left the cafeteria. Kellie and I had to buy books. We headed for the bookstore and said goodbye to the other girls. We found our books and managed to carry them to the counter. The clerk added up my purchases and I took out my credit card to pay. I carefully grasped the pen in my right hook and signed the slip. My handwriting wasn’t very good yet. The clerk compared the signature on my credit card with my signature on the slip. She hesitated for a moment.

            “I signed that before I needed my hooks, but it’s my signature. I will probably never be able to write as well. Is that a problem?” I explained.

            “Oh no, not at all. We have to check, but I understand. I didn’t realize that you once had hands. I am so sorry,” the clerk said.

            “Well now I have these’” I said holding up my hooks, “and I am stuck with them for the rest of my life so I don’t even think about hands any more.”

            “You do pretty well I see.”

            “For most things. Using hooks is still a pain,” I said.

            “I bet. Well good luck this semester.”

            Kellie and I took our new books and supplies back to our room. We both flopped on our beds.

            “You did great Sandy. You are a natural with those hooks. I pretty much forget that you don’t need them.”

            “Well I do now. Don’t forget that. I can’t undo my decision to use them.”

            “I hope you don’t lose your enthusiasm since you are stuck now,” Kellie said.

            “I know, I know.”

            We spent the rest of the day roaming around. We bumped into the two guys who helped us unpack our car and they offered to have a snack with us. I was getting the feeling that they had a thing for us in spite of our hooks.

            “You two are so cool,” Bill said.

            “You can say that again,” Wally said.

            “So you don’t mind the fact that we have no hands and need our hooks?” Kellie asked.

            “Nah. I think those hooks are pretty neat,” Bill said.

            “You guys are very strange,” I said.

            “People keep telling us that,” Wally said. “Don’t take this wrong, but there is something really sexy about watching you guys using your hooks.”

            “Oh yeah, you guys are VERY strange,” Kellie said laughing.

            We invited the guys to meet us for dinner that night and they did. The other handicapped girls saw us with the guys and didn’t intrude. I guess they figured we had struck gold by finding two guys interested in us. The guys were very helpful and even insisted in cutting up our food for us.

            “You don’t have to do this you know. Some handicapped girls get offended if someone helps them with something they can do themselves,” Kellie said.

            “Gosh, I never thought of that,” Bill said.

            “But we don’t mind,” I replied.

            “Oh cool. We like helping you,” Wally said with relief.

            We said good night to the guys and headed back to our room.

            “I think our hooks are a turn on for them,” Kellie said.

            “Could be. They certainly don’t seem to mind them.”

            “I have to get out of these,” Kellie said holding up her hooks. “How about you?”

            “Yeah, me too,” I replied.

            Wen we got to our room we helped each other take off our tops and hooks. I quickly slipped my “stumps” on. I knew I couldn’t expose my hands since Kellie was there in just her bra with her stumps exposed. The two of us spent most of the evening hanging around our room in our panties and bras with just our stumps. There wasn’t a lot we needed to do that required our hooks. We could do quite a few things with our stumps. I loved seeing Kellie in just her bra and panties. We both loved sexy underwear, especially bras. Bras were one of the things we really liked to shop for. There was nothing more feminine than wearing a nice bra. We were both very conscious of our breasts and were happy we had full breasts that took advantage of a good bra’s support.

            “So how does it feel to spend the whole day without using you hands?” Kellie asked.

            “So far so good. I am managing and I haven’t felt frustrated yet. I am just not sure how I will feel a few months from now. It is still a little scary knowing I will not be able to use my hands at all for months.”

            “You get used to it. I missed my hands a lot at first and little by little I forgot about having hands at one time. It’s the way I am now. You will probably feel that way to some extent although you will be reminded that you have hands every time you see them. What I can’t see can’t remind me,” Kellie said trying to let me know how she felt.

            Of course we spent some time making love with our stumps although we could please each other a bit more with our hooks. I liked having stumps. I understood a little better how Kellie felt when she wasn’t wearing her hooks. Our hooks were heavy and confining. I wished I had real stumps since my pretend stumps were somewhat uncomfortable.

            Finally we got ready for bed. It wasn’t until I got into bead that I slipped off my stumps. I tried to avoid using my hands when they were exposed. I tried never to use my fingers for anything and did things like move the sheet and blanket with my curled up hands. So far I hadn’t grasped anything with my fingers since I started to wear my hooks on our way to the school. I felt confident I would be able avoid using my fingers. I fell asleep quickly and dreamed of my second full day as an armless girl. Classes were to start and I knew that would be a very interesting experience and a significant challenge.


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