The Prosthetist
Part One

By Vicki


Amy arrived home after work to find the large package she had been waiting for outside her front door. She opened the door and hauled the package inside. She just couldn’t wait to unpack it. She had been waiting for it for three weeks now. After locking the door she carried the package to her bedroom and placed it on the floor by her bed. She placed her purse on the dresser and started to open the package. She had to go into the kitchen to get a knife to cut the tape but quickly got it opened. She carefully removed the pair of prosthetic hooks it contained and laid them on the bed. Also in the package were a smaller package and a number of sheets of paper stapled together. Amy could not wait to try on her new hooks. Since she was not an arm amputee it might seem strange that she would want a pair of prosthetic hooks.

It all started about six months ago when she was visiting her sister in New York. They were having dinner at a fashionable restaurant. Shortly after they had started on their appetizers a couple was escorted to the adjacent table. What Amy immediately noticed was the woman. She was tall with long black hair, a very nice figure, and dressed in a mid thigh length long sleeve black dress. She was wearing black stockings and three inch pumps. Normally Amy would not look twice at another woman except to appraise her outfit or makeup, but she indeed did look twice at this woman. Instead of hands she had two prosthetic hooks. Amy had never seen anyone who had two hooks. She once saw a man with one hook. She thought how hard it must be needing two hooks. At least with one good hand you could do most things and use the hook as a helper. Two hooks would be so much harder.

Throughout the meal Amy marveled at how the woman used her hooks to eat her food and hold her glass of wine. She seemed perfectly at ease using her hooks. Using them appeared natural and it was as if the woman wasn’t the least bit self conscious about her disability.  Amy was totally engaged in watching this woman.

“Amy, are you paying attention?” her sister asked.

“Sure. I guess I am just a little tired from our busy day,” Amy replied.

While they were waiting for their coffee Amy saw the woman head for the ladies room. For some reason Amy excused herself and followed. Amy didn’t understand it but she was somehow sexually aroused by this woman. It had to have been those hooks. Amy couldn’t stop imagining what it would be like to have hooks instead of hands. Amy entered the ladies room just after the woman had entered a stall. Amy did the same. When she was finished she exited the stall and washed her hands at the sinks. She wondered if the woman would wash her hooks. She and the woman were the only women in the ladies room. The woman came next to her and did indeed run some water over her hooks. She even dried them with a paper towel she pulled from the dispenser.

“Excuse me,” the woman said coming beside Amy. “Could I ask you to do me a favor? It’s rather personal so I can understand it if you decline.”

“How can I help you?” Amy asked.

“Well I wonder if you could fasten a garter for me. I wear stockings instead of pantyhose because I can’t get pantyhose up and down with my hooks. My husband puts my stockings on me and attaches them to my garter belt. Unfortunately one of the rear garters has come undone. There is no way I could ever reattach it.”

“It wouldn’t be a problem for me,” Amy replied.

The woman used her hooks to hike up her dress. Amy could see the garter hanging down the back of her leg and she reattached it.

“How’s that?” Amy asked.

“Great. I really want to thank you. The damn thing has been bothering me for the last couple of hours and I didn’t know how I would get it reattached. My husband can’t very well go in the ladies room with me and we couldn’t find a private spot.”

“I am really glad I could help,” Amy said. “Can I ask you how long you have been using hooks?”

“Pretty much all my life. I was born without hands. My arms just ended a little below my elbows. I got my hooks at a really early age. Of course they were infant sized.”

“I am so sorry,” Amy said.

“Oh don’t be. There are a lot worse handicaps and I can do almost everything with my hooks,” the woman said.

“Except fasten rear garters,” Amy said. They both laughed.

When Amy got back to her sister’s apartment that night she couldn’t stop thinking about how aroused she got watching the woman use her hooks. The next day Amy was due to fly home and for the entire flight she kept thinking about the woman and her hooks. She vowed that she would do an internet search and learn more about arm amputations and prosthetic hooks. She did just that over the next few weeks. She viewed videos of woman using hooks. She discovered that there was a whole community of what were known as devotees. Some were even pretenders. They wore leg braces and even hooks even though they were not disabled. Amy started to consider that it might be fun to try wearing a pair of hooks. Amy knew it was some kind of strange sexual kink though.

All that was weeks ago. After she found an online source of prosthetic hooks for non-amputees she was certain she would purchase them even considering the high price. She now had her own pair of hooks.

Amy quickly removed her blouse and skirt. She pulled off her pumps and pantyhose. All that remained was the black bra holding her D cup breasts tightly and the matching black bikini panties. She was rapidly getting more and more turned on. She rubbed her clit.

“God this is going to be one big turn on,” Amy thought. She wondered what it would be like to masturbate with her new hooks.

She read the instruction sheets that came with her new hooks. They explained how to adjust the straps that held the triceps cuff to the large ring that would be positioned between Amy’s shoulder blades. The cuff in turn was attached by two bands to the forearm socket. The control cables also needed adjustment depending on how Amy wanted her shoulder movement to open and close her hooks. Amy had done so much research that she knew pretty much everything she needed to know in advance.

Amy then pulled on the two stump socks she had included in her order. These went all the way up to her armpits. The moment she had waited for for weeks was about to arrive. She slipped her right curled up hand into the right socket. It fit very tightly which she expected and desired. She could not mover her hand at all. She worked to swing the left socket over her shoulders and slipped her left hand into the left socket. This was like putting on a coat. She pushed her hands all the way down by pressing the hooks on the bed. Finally she tried to open and close each hook. She did it easily and as she did so she could barely control her sexual excitement. She sat on the edge of the bed to compose herself.

Amy evaluated the fit and realized she would have to make some initial adjustments to the straps. She especially wanted to shorten the control cables so she did not have to mover her shoulders as far. She did this and tested her hooks again. When she was satisfied she though about how she would spend the evening. Tomorrow was Saturday and she planned to spend all weekend practicing with her new hooks. She decided on watching some TV and just sitting round playing with her hooks. Before she got back into her hooks for the evening she went into the kitchen and opened a bottle of wine and got out a wine glass. She set this up on the counter. She returned to the bedroom and slipped on a pair of slippers. She got her short length long sleeve robe and placed it on the bed. She kept her bra and panties on. After putting her hooks back on Amy managed to get her arms through the sleeves of her robe and tie it closed using her hooks. She walked over to the full length mirror and took a look at herself. Wow! She looked pretty cool with her hooks hanging down from the sleeves of her robe.

Amy headed for the kitchen where her first challenge awaited. She needed to pour her wine. She grabbed the neck of the bottle with her right hook and balanced the bottle with her left hook as she poured. She filled the glass half way without spilling a drop. Amy then opened her right hook and placed it around the stem of the glass. Carefully she tried to lift it and found that the glass nestled easily in her closed hook. She raised it to her mouth and took a sip.

“I am really doing this,” she thought. She remembered the woman in the restaurant holding her wine glass. She was doing it too.

Amy carried her glass to the living room and placed it on the coffee table. It took her a while to manage to operate the TV remote control. She spent the evening admiring her hooks and watching some of her favorite shows. She touched her clit with the cold metal of her right hook and just about had an orgasm. She had forgotten all about eating dinner. Fortunately she had a big lunch and wasn’t that hungry. When she just couldn’t stay awake she took her hooks off, removed her bra and panties and got into her pajamas and rapidly fell asleep. Her weekend would be busy with learning to function with her new hooks.

Amy woke up the next morning in anticipation of spending as much of the weekend as she could using her new hooks just like a real double arm amputee would. First she went into the bathroom and shaved her legs and underarms. She took a nice long shower, dried her hair and brushed her teeth. She went into her bedroom and took out a clean pair of panties and a bra. She slipped the panties on and then her bra. She wondered how amputees did this with only hooks. She would have to think about that, but for now she would dress using her hands. The bra held her full breasts tightly and gave her nice cleavage. She liked the feel of a good bra as it heightened the sexuality of having breasts.

Amy had anticipated what she would wear with her hooks. She knew it would have to be something easy for her to manage. She decided on jeans and a sweatshirt. She slipped on a pair of knee high nylons and a pair of loafers. She followed with her jeans. She had removed the button and replaced it with a snap fastener. She had also placed a small metal key ring through the zipper. She knew she would need something to grab with her hook to get the zipper up and down. The small tab would probably just slip in her hook. She couldn’t last the day without having to pee. Next came her stump socks and hooks. A thrill ran up her spine as she got them on and opened and closed her hooks.

Putting the sweatshirt on using her hooks proved to be a real challenge. This took her over 15 minutes of rigorous movement. She did not look forward to removing it and hoped she could get out of it by herself. That would be later that evening, she hoped. She still was not sure she could wear her hooks for the next 12 hours or so. Her hair was a mess from the ordeal of putting on the sweatshirt. She was glad she was wearing two pairs of gold studs in her double pierces. She was sure other earrings would have been pulled off by the sweatshirt going over her head. She was not at all sure she could put on earrings with her hooks, at least not yet. She had to try several of her combs and brushes before she could get one that she could hold with her hook. Amy was happy she had ordered articulating wrists. She needed to push the button on the wrist unit and tilt her hook so the brush would be in the right position. She kept dropping it but eventually managed to comb her hair to an acceptable state. Makeup would come later. Amy new putting on makeup would be a major challenge.

Now that she was dressed she sat down for a minute and rested her hands on her lap. She had real hooks and would be living as an arm amputee all day. She would have to do everything with her hooks. She was getting turned on again at the thought of what it would be like to actually be out in public where everyone would see her two hooks. She knew she needed lots of practice before she would dare go out of the house.

Just before she went to bed the night before, Amy had set up her coffee maker. It turned on automatically. She really wanted a cup of coffee and something to eat for breakfast. She headed for the kitchen and first got a mug from the cabinet. That was easy. What was harder was pouring the coffee. She carefully grasped the handle of the coffee pot. She had read about the proper technique. She had to grasp the handle with the tips of her hooks pointing down. She pushed the left tine of her open right hook all the way through the handle and carefully balanced the carafe and poured. She did it without making a mess. Amy had a little trouble tearing open the Equal packet. It kept slipping through her hooks. Finally she tore it with her teeth. The most difficult task was opening the container of half and half she kept in the refrigerator. Finally her coffee was ready. With care she grasped the handle of the mug in the same way as the carafe and sipped. Amy was so pleased that she was functioning without the use of her hands and only her two prosthetic hooks.

Amy had some muffins on the counter and wanted one with her coffee. She considered just holding the muffin with her hook. That was a disaster. The force of her hook just crushed through the muffin. A fork was her next option. It took a few tries before she got the fork positioned. Once again her web surfing had revealed the proper technique. The handle of the fork had to be positioned behind the thumb of her hook. The thumb was the lever arm that her control cable attached to. With the proper tilt she could easily break off pieces of the muffin and bring them to her mouth.

After another cup of coffee Amy tried putting on some makeup. She used a cosmetic sponge to apply some foundation. The hardest part was getting the top off the bottle. Powder was easy with a large brush she normally used. The same was true for a little blush. Lipstick was more challenging for Amy. It took her quite a while to get the cap off, twist it, and finally position in her hook using the proper tilt. She also had to rotate her hook. It wasn’t a great job, but adequate. Amy considered eye makeup and decided to leave that for another time.

Her first time going to the bathroom wearing her hooks wasn’t too bad, but she had to work at it. The little ring on the zipper of her jeans worked well as did the snap. Getting her rather tight jeans down proved a bit more difficult. Using the thumbs of her hooks she pushed down each side and wiggled around. Finally she got them down over her well shaped hips. Getting her panties down was easier as was pulling them up when she was finished peeing. She tilted her hooks as necessary to reach around each side to het them all the way up. Getting the jeans up was a lot harder. By using the belt loops she pulled like crazy with both hooks working them up. Since they were on the tight side fastening the snap and zipper presented a problem. Amy just couldn’t pull the front together. Her hook kept slipping. Little by little she got the zipper up. That made closing the snap fastener easier than doing that first. Doing the simple things that people with hands take for granted is far more challenging for someone with two hooks Amy now realized.

For the rest of the day Amy tried to do anything she could think of using her hooks. She made a list of the things she couldn’t yet do and the things she would need to figure out alternatives, such as some type of device or aid. She wrote the list down on a pad of paper after she learned how to hold a pen. Her penmanship wasn’t very good, but she could read it. The day passed quickly. She managed to fix herself a sandwich for lunch and heated a frozen dinner that night. Each task presented a new challenge. After watching some TV she felt exhausted. It had been over 12 hours since she got into her hooks. She had lived for an entire day as an arm amputee.

Getting out of her sweatshirt proved to be the challenge she thought it would be, but she did it. As she removed her arms from the sockets of her prosthesis she knew opening her hands would be a bit painful. She pulled down her stump socks with her mouth and slowly started to open each hand. She exercised them until they felt almost normal and performed her bedtime ritual. She fell asleep quickly.

On Sunday she did not immediately put on her hooks. She got dressed and fetched the small package that had been packed with her hooks. It was a driving ring to be attached to the steering wheel of her car. She read the instructions and headed into her garage. The mount for the ring was attached to the steering wheel using two bands that went around the wheel. These in turn were attached to the mount by two screws that could be fastened with an Allen wrench. The ring itself was inserted into a hole in the mount and held in place by a pin. She could remove the ring from the mount by pushing on the pin.

Amy went back in the house and got into her hooks. She put on her makeup and made something for breakfast. A little later she decided to go for a test drive. Amy had a remote garage door opener so she did not have to go outside. She hoped no one would see her hooks as she pulled out of the driveway. Getting the key in the ignition wasn’t doo hard although she dropped it a couple of times. The hardest part was the seat belt. That was a real pain. She had trouble holding on to the belt as it kept slipping. She worked the gear shift with both hooks and put her car into reverse. She grasped the driving ring with her right hook and slowly backed out. Shifting into forward gear she started down the street. It was a lot easier than she thought. She drove around the neighborhood for a while and headed back home. She was confident she could drive with her hooks.

Amy practiced every day after she got home from work. She drove her car a couple of times more with her hooks. She spent every waking hour using her hooks except when she was at work. She knew she was rapidly gaining the skills she would need to function in public and even live confined to her hooks.

The next weekend had finally come and Amy felt she was ready to go out in public. She felt comfortable driving with her driving ring. She had practiced around the neighborhood enough that she knew she could make it to the mall. She knew that once she left the house she would be totally committed to using her hooks. She could not easily remove them in public. If anything came up she would have to deal with it. She would have to take things slowly and not do anything she had not practiced at home.

Amy was concerned that someone would recognize her at the mall. To avoid this she had purchased a short dark brown wig to cover her long blond hair. She had pinned up her real hair and secured the dark wig. She felt that even it someone thought they recognized her, the fact that she would appear to be an arm amputee would dispel their suspicion. She had decided to wear a jean skirt, sandals, and a long sleeve sweater. Amy put her arm through the strap of her shoulder bag and hiked it up over her shoulder with her opposite hook. She headed for her car. She had practiced locking and unlocking, starting, and shifting. She was so turned on as she drove to the mall that she could barely stand it. She parked without trouble, grabbed her bag and locked the car using the keyless remote.

As Amy opened the door to enter the mall she sensed that people were staring at her. This was partially true, but the majority of the people were too busy in what they were doing to notice her. She walked through the mall casually as if she were window shopping. Her heart was racing, but it was gradually slowing. She entered a familiar department store and looked through the women’s clothing section. She used her hooks to hold things while she inspected them and checked the price. Finally her heart rate returned to normal and she started to feel more at ease wearing her hooks.

Amy decided to test herself. She headed for the intimate apparel department and looked through the bra section. She finally found one of her favorite styles, a nice push up underwire in her 34 D size. Using her hook to carry it she headed for the checkout counter. This would be the hard part. She placed the bra on the counter and took out her wallet from her purse. She had practiced all this for hours at home. The older sales woman immediately took in Amy’s two hooks.

“Cash or credit?” she asked.

“I have the cash, but it takes me a little time,” Amy replied.

“Take your time dear. It must be difficult with those,” she said referring to Amy’s hooks.

Amy got out the money with only a slight bit of difficulty due to the fact that she was nervous. The sales woman placed the change in the wallet pouch that Amy held open for her. Amy took the bills and put them in her wallet.

“Thank you and come again,” the woman said.

“That wasn’t too bad,” Amy thought.

Amy spent some time longer at the mall. She was starting to really feel the role and using her hooks became second nature. It was almost as if she were doing it all her life. She was becoming much less self conscious. She finally headed home completely satisfied. She knew she could function out in public as long as she was careful. She thought of all the things she would do in the future wearing her hooks. She would be living the role completely. While doing this she was always turned on. It was a continuous sexual adventure.

Over the next few weeks Amy continued to wear her hooks at all times except when she was at work. She even did her grocery shopping wearing her hooks. She developed tricks to do almost everything she wanted. She felt she could probably life wearing her hooks full time.

One day a few weeks later Amy was sitting at a table in the food court drinking a cup of coffee. As usual she held the paper cup by the rim using her right hook. She was completely at ease after weeks of practice using her hooks. She had eaten out a number of times and could use a knife and fork quite well. Since she was used to wearing her hooks for up to 16 hours at a time she wasn’t even all that conscious of them unless she needed to use them. They were her hands now, at least on the days she was confined to her hooks.

A man spotted her and came over to her table. Amy immediately was on the alert. She was always wondering when a devotee would approach her.

“I hope I am not being too forward, but I want to give you my card. I run a prosthetics and orthotics business here in town. My prices are very competitive since it is a one person business and I don’t have a lot of overhead. My name is Sam.”

Amy almost extended her hook to shake hands, but caught herself at the last minute. Instead, she opened her right hook to take his card. When he placed it in her hook she read it.

“Actually I am new in town and don’t have a prosthetist. If I need anything I will certainly give you a call,” Amy said knowing she probably wouldn’t dare considering she was a pretender.

“I hope you will. I provide services for non-amputees as well. Enjoy your day,” Sam said as he walked off.

Amy wondered what he meant by “non-amputee services.” Did he know she was a pretender? Her slightly longer than normal forearms and the fact that her sockets were a little too large by the wrist, might be enough of a hint to a professional such that he would know she was not a real amputee.

It was a week later that Amy had to decide if she should take up Sam’s offer. Somehow she managed to snap a control cable. There was no way she could fix it. The end attachment where the strap connected had come off the end of the cable. It had been crimped on with a special tool and a new one would be required even if Amy had the tool. She was devastated without her hooks. It was her left hook and so she could still do most things, but she really needed her left hook. Amy finally decided to call.

“I met you at the mall last week. You gave me your card,” Amy said after Sam picked up the line.

“Oh yes, I remember you, the bilateral hooks. How can I help you?” Sam asked.

“You said a strange thing to me as you left. You said you serviced non-amputees. What did you mean by that?” Amy asked.

“Well there are some people who use prosthetics or orthotics that don’t really need them. I wanted you to know that should it apply you would be welcome. I am not judgmental,” Sam explained.

“Do you think it applies to me?” Amy asked.

“Perhaps. Your forearm sockets are longer than what would be normal and the diameter is a bit larger than what I would expect. Of course there might be other explanations such as if you were a wrist disarticulate.”

“Well it’s not another explanation. I am not an amputee. I like using my two hooks,” Amy explained.

“I understand better than you think. So how can I help you?” Sam asked.

“I snapped my left control cable off at the fitting where the strap attaches.”

“You mean the hanger. That happens a lot. It’s a simple repair and costs little. I would be glad to do it. Can you come in today? I am free this afternoon.”

“Yes, it’s my left hook and I can still drive with my right. What time?” Amy asked.

“How about two? You know where I am located?” Sam asked.

“Yes, I will be there.”

“I am anxious to help you as best as I can,” Sam replied. “I don’t have a receptionist. Just come on in.”

When Sam hung up he was extremely pleased. He knew he was right. She was a pretender and a strikingly good looking woman. She really did look spectacular with hooks. To say he was turned on was an understatement. This would be an interesting afternoon. He hoped it would be for both of them.

End of part one.