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The Sisters
by Vicki

Chapter 2

A Day as a Girl 

On Saturday I started to get ready. I knew I had to shave my legs and underarms for Laura. I had never shaved my own legs, just Laura’s. It felt strange to be doing this, but I kind of liked it. I finished up with my underarms. After I finished bathing I ran my hands over my smooth legs. It was a feeling I had never had before. After I came out of the bathroom Laura had an outfit lined up for me. She held out a lovely pale blue bra and matching panty with her hooks.

“Put these on and don’t forget to fix yourself up with one of my feminine pads. We don’t want any boy bulge down there.”

Next came a very short denim skirt and a white tank top. I also slipped into a pair of sandals.

“You need some makeup and jewelry. Maybe we can comb you hair in a more feminine way. You really need a wig and I sure would be nice if your ears were pierced. I don’t have any clip on earrings.”

I was a little shocked at how far Laura wanted to take this, but I went along. I watched her do her own makeup with her hooks. I couldn’t begin to imagine how hard it must be for her to do things without hands. She could really use her two hooks skillfully, but I could see that it was so much harder than it would be with fingers. She coached me into putting on some foundation, eye liner, shadow, mascara, blush, and lipstick. She held a brush in one of her hooks and fixed my hair into a little bang. She selected a nice necklace, ring, and a bracelet for me to put on.

“We are getting there. You need some polish on your nails. I wish I had fingernails instead of these damn hooks, but at least I can polish my toenails. Here, this is a nice red,” Laura said as she grabbed the bottle with her hook.

I carefully applied the polish to both my fingernails and my toenails. I liked my red toenails showing with my sandals. The last step was putting on a little spray perfume. I would have to take a shower to get rid of the scent before our mother got home. I looked in the mirror and a boyish girl’s image reflected back.

Laura gave me some instructions in managing a skirt. The cardinal rule was to never allow my knees to part when I sat down or got up. She explained how I was to sit down with my knees together and then slide one leg over the other to cross my legs. Uncrossing and getting up was done in the reverse.

“I know you guys are always hoping for a peek at a girl’s panties if she lets her legs part,” Laura said laughing.

I had a wonderful day. I loved the feeling of having smooth shaved legs while wearing a skirt. I got used to the feeling of my bra band and the straps. The straps slipped down once in a while and Laura said to just use my thumbs to push them back up. We fixed ourselves some lunch and watched some TV together. We even sat on the bed and looked through some fashion magazines my mother subscribed to.

“I think you like being a girl,” Laura said.

“I don’t know. I am a guy and I shouldn’t be having these feelings,” I said.

“Is it the clothes or something more?” Laura asked.

“I think so. I know there are men who like to cross dress, but when I have these clothes on I think of myself as a girl. I want to know what it’s like to be a girl.”

“Everyone knows that some people are transgendered. That’s the T in LGBT,” Laura said. “Maybe you are transgendered.”

“How can I know?”

“Well there are doctors who can tell, but I have an idea. Suppose you were able to go out in public as a girl and do girls things like shop for girl’s stuff? If you felt comfortable and felt that the true you was female in a male body, you would know,” Laura said.

“But I can’t do that. I couldn’t get away with it. I have short hair and no boobs. People would know I had stuffing in my bra.”

“That’s easy to fix. You can buy silicone breast forms like the ones women use who have had their breasts removed due to cancer. There are tons of online sites to buy wigs from real cheap to expensive human hair ones. If I explained how to pluck you eyebrows like mine you would be a knockout as a girl. I wish I could do yours, but mom has to pluck mine. I will never be able to do that with my hooks. Maybe you can convince mom to let you get your ears pierced. Lots of guys are doing that these days considering sports figures and show business types. You can tell her that it is the latest thing at school. We are out of school for the summer in a few weeks so you wouldn’t have to worry about having pierced ears in school. In the fall they will be healed and you don’t have to wear earrings full time. You can wear studs at night to keep the holes open,” Laura went on.

We talked about this for the next couple of hours and we both agreed that this was the only way that I could determine if I really was transgendered or if wearing female clothes was just for a turn on, a fetish. I knew I wasn’t a macho male, and I knew I wasn’t gay since I liked girls a lot. Maybe that was because I wanted to be one. I didn’t know.


Laura and I discovered many web sites with information for the transgendered. There were web sites for cross dressers. They stocked larger size women’s clothing. Fortunately I was the same size as my twin sister. We were both only five six. One of the first things we did was to investigate breast forms. The good ones were not cheap. They would be worth it since they provided the same weight and flexibility of a real breast. From reviews we read we knew that with the high quality forms it was impossible to detect them even if someone felt the wearer’s breasts. They had the same feel of real breasts. Both Laura and I were excited by the anticipation that I could have breasts with the same weight and appearances as hers. She was a 34 B and since her bra bands fit me we ordered forms in that size. We both had credit cards in our names. All we needed to do was to make sure our mother did not look at the statement too carefully. We would also have to intercept the package when it came.

With the issue of my breasts out of the way we moved on to the issue of hair. Laura’s had long straight hair with a full bang that came down to just above her eyebrows. She had light brown hair that was almost blond. We studied about the different wig construction. Human hair was way too expensive. We wanted to get the best hairpiece we could for under $250. There was a construction that had a monofilament cap. This made it look like the hair was growing from the scalp on top where any part would be. We searched every site and style and found one that was almost a perfect match for Laura’s hair and color. It was just within our budget. We ordered it.

“With bouncing weighted breasts and long hair you will look fantastic,” Laura said. “I can’t wait to take you out. Let’s start to shape your brows.”

Laura suggested that we pluck only a little each day so my new and thinner brows would not be noticed as the change would be gradual. She showed me how to do it. It sure hurt and I wondered how girls put up with doing this continually. At the end of two weeks I would have brows identical to Laura’s thin and feminine brows. I was still worried that someone would notice. Fortunately my brows were light color and without eyebrow pencil to darken and highlight them I figured I would get away with it. She also suggested that I let my nails grow and make sure that I did not get a haircut. It had been three months and I was due.

“Why shouldn’t I get a haircut?” I asked.

“Well suppose you really are transgendered. The sooner your hair grows out the sooner you can stop wearing a wig.” This made sense to me so I agreed.

The breast forms were the first to arrive. That night Laura and I went into her bedroom. I took off my shirt as Laura selected a nice bra for me. She held it in her right hook and I took it, fastened the band in back and put my arms through the straps. We unpacked the forms. They were really incredible. I inserted one form into my right bra cup and then the other in the left cup. I fussed with them to position them. The bra cups were full enough to cover the forms.

“You will probably have to buy some new bras with full coverage cups. I only have a couple. With the forms demi cups won’t work very well,” Laura explained.

The thought of buying my own bras got me really excited. Could I do this dressed as a girl? I would find out. I tried on several of Laura’ tops and I was amazed. It was impossible to tell I didn’t have real breasts. They bounced and moved like the real thing.

“Wow!” was all Laura could say.

A couple of days later the wig arrived. It was beautiful. Once again we camped out in Laura’s room that night. I quickly got into a bra and my forms along with a cute sleeveless top. Laura had hid the forms for me and hoped mom would not find them. Since Laura was good at managing her clothes in her bureau and closet with her hooks our mother would have no reason to dig down into Laura’s personal stuff. We unpacked the wig. It was beautiful and looked just like Laura’s hair. I was so excited as I put it on for the first time. Laura grabbed a comb in her hook and started to comb the wig into place.

“Oh Dan, it looks so perfect. We really do look like twins. With some makeup no one will ever know you are not a girl,” Laura said with obvious excitement.

With my new breasts, plucked eyebrows, and long hair I was on the way to transformation into a girl. I looked at Laura’s two pairs of earrings in her double pierces and really had a strong desire to have my own ears pierced. I would need to confront my mother on that. I really wanted double pierces, but I disn;t think I could pull it off. I did though. The urge to be feminine was too strong.

My First Day Out 

The weekend was coming up and it was the last week of school. Laura wanted to have me spend Saturday as a girl again with my new breasts and hair. I was as excited as she was. It was then that she dropped a bomb on me.

“Dan. I told Beth about what we are doing.” Bethany was Laura’s best friend.

“You did what?” I yelled.

“Don’t worry. She will not tell anyone. She got really excited about what we are doing. She wants to come over and help me transform you. It would help to have someone else’s opinion. She may spot something that we might not. We want you to be as perfect a female as possible.”

Reluctantly I agreed. Beth would come over on Saturday morning for our experiment in feminizing me. The next day Laura and I spoke to our mother about my ear piercing.

“All the guys are doing it mom. Dan wants to fit in,” Laura said.

Surprisingly mom didn’t put up any fight.

“Okay. If Laura thinks you should do it I am fine with it.”

We had a permission form from the store filled out for her to sign. Later we changed Daniel to Danielle by just adding the letters. Laura convinced me that I would have my ears pierced as a girl, not a boy.

“It will be so much more thrilling to do it as a girl,” she insisted. I wasn’t sure at all. Could I actually pass as a girl?

On Saturday morning after my mother went to work I bathed Laura, shaved her legs, and got her into her hooks and clothing. I then shaved my own legs and underarms and my face twice. I had only a very light beard and I hoped I could cover it with foundation. When I came out wearing a robe Beth had arrived. I had Beth close her eyes while I got into my panties with a feminine pad in the crotch to keep my male parts modest. With that done the two girls helped me into my bra and forms.

“His boobs look so real,” Beth said.

They helped me dress in a nice short khaki skirt and white tank top. Next came my makeup. Beth insisted on doing it. The girls wanted it to be perfect and I was not yet expert and it was difficult for Laura to do it with her hooks. With foundation, blush, full eye makeup and finally lipstick I had a very feminine face. The dark eyebrow pencil and eyeliner made my eye stand out. Both girls gasped as I put my wig on and they fussed with it.

Next they applied polish to my toenails and fingernails which were getting longer and were now at an acceptable feminine length. When my toes dried I slipped on sandals with back straps and a two inch heels. Some jewelry finished off my look.

“All we need are those ears pierced,” Laura said.

“I know she is a boy, but I can’t tell,” Beth said. “Have you taught her how to manage her legs when wearing a skirt as short as that one?”

“We did practice,” Laura said. “She knows.”

They were referring to me as a she I couldn’t help noticing. The two girls had me demonstrate sitting sown and standing up. They added a little more instruction by having me walk round. The two inch heels actually helped me walk in a more feminine manner.

”Let’s go to the mall and get her ears pierced,” Beth said.

We were in walking distance of a large indoor mall. The walk gave me the chance to practice walking in the low heels. I was actually happy that there were three of us. Laura always got a lot of stares when people saw her two hooks or her complete prosthetic arms if she wore short sleeves or a sleeveless top. I was kind of happy that she wore a long sleeve tee shirt today. Her hooks would still get noticed, but since there were three of use maybe less so than normal. To get me to be less self-conscious the girls took me right into the lingerie department of a department store. Normally I would feel conspicuous as a boy. I looked like a girl now and no one seemed to be looking at me in a funny way. The girls looked over some bras and drew me into the conversation.

“This bra would be great for you Danielle,” Laura said. “Next time we are here you will have to try on some bras.”

I was starting to feel more like a girl out shopping. I was even ready for my ear piercing. We went into the jewelry store and I handed over the permission form. Next I sat on a high chair and the female salesperson marked my ear lobes with a tiny dot from a marker. I remembered to keep my knees pressed together. I looked down at my shaved legs below the hem of my very short skirt. I liked what I saw.

“Is that okay dear?” she asked.

“Yes,” I replied in as feminine a voice as I could.

She used the piercing gun to pierce my right ear. There was a very short burst of pain and then it didn’t hurt. She did the other one. She held up the mirror and I had two small gold studs in my ears.

“Would you like a double pierce? We have a special. The second pair is 50% off.”

Before I knew it I said yes. We left the store and I now had four studs in my newly pierced ears.

“Danielle, how are you going to explain this to mom?” Laura asked.

“I don’t know. If she asks I will just say it’s cool. What is done is done.”

After we left the jewelry store the two girls headed for the ladies room. I did have to pee, but I had never been in a ladies room before. “I can’t go in there,” I said.

“Well you can’t very well go in the men’s room looking every inch a girl,” Laura said. “Just relax and remember to sit down when you pee.”

We went in and I headed for an empty stall. It felt a little funny to raise my skirt, drop my panties and sit to pee. It was a nice feminine feeling though. The three of us wound up at the large mirror and checked out makeup. I touched up my lipstick and brushed on some powder. No one gave me a second look. I ran a comb through my long hair and felt so happy. I really thought I could never be detected as a boy wearing girl’s clothes.

Next we headed for the food court and went up to a McDonalds and order burgers. Beth and I carried the trays to a table. I cut up Laura’s burger. She couldn’t hold a burger with her hooks without crushing it. She always ate with a fork or spoon held in her hook. I always felt bad for my sister. She would never have real arms again and probably have to use hooks for the rest of her life. I noted that people couldn’t help but stare at her as she ate. She was used to it though and didn’t care. As we sat I crossed my legs. The feeling of my bare thighs against one another was another feminine feeling I liked. I wondered what it would be like to wear pantyhose.

After we finished eating we shopped some more. I loved looking over the skirts and tops in the junior department. I could never do this as a boy, but dressed as a girl I stopped being self-conscious. I was just another teenage girl. I found a skirt that really appealed to me. The two girls insisted that I try it on. Since I had been in a ladies room I wasn’t nervous going into the women’s fitting room. The skirt fit perfectly. It was in Laura’s size and her size was my size as well. Laura had set me up with one of her shoulder bags and a wallet. Laura bought a top and the three of us went to pay. Laura was expert at using her hooks to get her wallet and pay. The clerk was understanding when it took Laura a little longer than a normal person to get her money out.

“You do that so well dear,” she said. “It can’t be easy.”

Laura thanked her and then I paid for my skirt. The clerk never blinked an eye and I knew she never had any doubts that I was a girl.

When we got back home we chatted for a while and Beth said she had better get going. We said goodbye and it was just the two of us.

“So how did it feel to be a girl?” Laura asked.

“Just wonderful, I like feeling feminine. I really like the feeling of wearing a skirt. I especially like the feel of my bra and the weight and bounce of my breast forms. Wearing makeup and having long hair makes me feel so feminine. You are so lucky to be a girl. I wish I was one. I just don’t want to take these clothes off and go back to wearing drab boy’s clothes.”

“Mom will be home soon so you better change. That makeup goes too. I have some eye makeup remover pads and polish remover. Maybe you can leave your toenails painted,” Laura said. 

What will Danielle's mother say when she sees Danielle's four gold studs in her double pierced ears? What is next for Danielle? Find out in the next chapter.

Chapter 3



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