Not by Choice

by Vicki


††††††††††† My husband Dick and I have enjoyed bondage games since we met. I am his total submissive. Until now our bondage activities have been pretty standard. I enjoy being placed in various types of bondage and it certainly increases our sexual pleasure. I have spent hours in an arm binder and even more radical forms of confinement. One of my husband's favorite forms of play is to place me in some form of bondage that allows me to go out in public. Of course we have to be discrete about this. I have been placed in a long leg fiberglass cast for several weeks and forced to crutch my way around that way. We have found that simulating various physical handicaps is the easiest to get away with in public. Dick likes it when I am in this type of bondage full time with no chance to "escape." My latest, and certainly most extreme public bondage, started one evening after dinner.

††††††††††† "I have a surprise for you Laura. A really unique new form of bondage that we can enjoy both in private and in public," Dick said.

††††††††††† I had no idea what he had in mind, but I was eager to find out. He then brought out a large box and opened it. I was stunned with what I saw. He removed a pair of prosthetic hooks and an elaborate harness. It was the real thing. I could see the metal hooks were fully functional.

††††††††††† "But I can't possibly wear those things, I have arms and hands," I said. A slight fear overtook me. I couldnít imagine what it would be like not to have hands and needing to use those horrible hook things.

††††††††††† "Of course you can," Dick replied. "These are specially designed to conceal your real hands. They are fully functional and you will be just as handicapped as someone who really needs them."

††††††††††† I was now really starting to get nervous. The thought of wearing the hideous hooks was scary. Maybe it would be fun to try them for a short period, but I couldnít fathom how it would be possible to actually live without hands.

††††††††††† "Do you want to try them on?" Dick asked.

††††††††††† "Well I am not really excited about the prospect, but I guess I have no choice," I replied.

††††††††††† Before Dick made me try them on he explained how there was a control cable that was used to open and close each of the hooks. This cable was attached to what he told me was the socket and then to a special cuff that would be located at my upper arm. The cables, along with the two straps that held the prosthesis on, met at a large metal ring that would be positioned between my shoulder blades just below my neck.† The sockets were attached to the triceps cuffs, that's what he called them, by two flexible straps. He also explained that the two hooks were screwed into special wrists that allowed the hooks to be tilted by pushing a little button.

††††††††††† "Bilateral arm amps need articulating wrists in order to do things. Needing two hooks will make you much more handicapped than having only one."

††††††††††† I didn't doubt that one bit. Even one hook would be hard enough to deal with. I would soon find out just how difficult it would be to do some things using the hooks. Dick then told me to take off my sweater. I did this and just stood there in my bra. He then took two long white objects that looked like stockings. He explained that these were stump socks and were required to prevent chaffing when my arms were inside the sockets. They had closed ends.

††††††††††† "Okay Laura, make a fist with your right hand with your thumb inside your curled up fingers," Dick said.

††††††††††† He then slipped the stump sock over my fist and pulled the sock up to just below my armpit. It fit very snugly and held my curled up hand tightly closed. He repeated the operation with my other arm. There I was with just the two stump socks on. I shuddered at what would come next. Dick helped me slip my right arm through the triceps cuff and then into the socket. It fit very tightly and I had to really push to get my arm all the way down to the hook end. He pulled the cuff up as high as it would go. The other arm followed with the harness fitting over my shoulders. For the next few minutes Dick adjusted the straps and the two control cables to the proper length.

††††††††††† "Okay Laura, now move your right shoulder forward a little to put tension on the control cable."

††††††††††† To my amazement the hook actually opened. I repeated this with my left arm. He then made a few more adjustments of the straps and cables. Finally he helped me into my sweater. Fortunately the sleeves were long enough to just cover the sockets. I knew my arms were now a little longer than normal.

††††††††††† "Come on into the bedroom and you can see how you look in the full length mirror," Dick coaxed.

††††††††††† I was shocked when I first saw myself. Instead of hands all I saw were the two shiny metal hooks hanging were my hands should have been. I had never seen anyone with two hooks. I did see a man with one hook at one time. I remember thinking how terrible it would be to need one. Now here I was with not one, but two prosthetic hooks. The thought of appearing in public looking like this was appalling.† Dick then showed me some pictures of women with two hooks that he had printed from the internet.

††††††††††† "Donít they look great? Now you look like them, but more beautiful."

††††††††††† I knew the pictures I saw were of young women who really needed their hooks and would spend the rest of their lives using them. I knew one girl had no arms below her elbows. I could see that her hooks were special in that she had an artificial elbow on each side. I wondered how she could raise and lower her arms without elbows. I cringed at the thought of being so handicapped for the rest of my life. I was happy that this was just a bondage game and I would only be playing at being an arm amputee for fun. I wasn't sure how much fun it would be for me, but I knew Dick was getting pretty aroused. I was way off in my expectations of the extent of this play.

††††††††††† For the next hour Dick had me practice opening and closing my hooks and picking things up. He showed me how to press the little buttons on my wrists to tilt my hooks to different positions. He also explained that I could use one hook to rotate the other hook to different positions. He said I would need to do this to accomplish certain tasks.

††††††††††† After a while he poured a couple of glasses of wine. I found that I could actually hold the wine glass by the stem. My hooks bowed out a little that left an opening that would hold the stem without the glass slipping if the glass itself was balanced by the two halves of the hook. I managed to drink without spilling. After a couple of glasses of wine I was starting to feel a little more relaxed and almost started to enjoy my new bondage.

††††††††††† Later on I knew Dick was longing for sex, and so was I. I expected that he would let me out of the hooks, but I was wrong. He insisted that I undress him using my hooks. I really couldn't do it without his help. I couldn't work his zipper or unbutton his shirt. I was able to help pull his shirt off and pants down. He was fully erect and I was starting to get very aroused at the sight of his manhood. He helped me take off my sweater and skirt. He insisted that I pull my panties down with my hooks. Still, the hooks didnít come off.

††††††††††† "Play with me with those wonderful hooks," Dick demanded.

††††††††††† I tried my best to please him but I was reluctant to try to open my hooks and grab any part of him. I suspected that I would hurt him if I grabbed what I knew he wanted me to grab. He settled for me just stroking him with the cold metal. Finally we made love. It was different doing this confined to wearing my hooks and unable to use my hands. Eventually Dick helped me out of my hooks and stump socks and I washed up and changed into my nightgown and we fell asleep.

††††††††††† The next morning we got up and took turns using the bathroom. I got dressed and put on my makeup. We then sat down for a light breakfast.

††††††††††† "So how did you like using your hooks?" Dick asked.

††††††††††† "Well it was certainly a different type of bondage. I guess it could be fun once in a while," I replied.

††††††††††† "Hmmm, so you wouldnít want to use your hooks all the time?"

††††††††††† "God no. I couldnít imagine having to do things with them."

††††††††††† "Would you do it for me?"

††††††††††† "You're kidding I hope."

††††††††††† "Well actually no. I would love you to live as an arm amputee full time," Dick said.

††††††††††† "I hope you are not serious. I know I am your sub, but this is a bit much to ask."

††††††††††† "You mean you wouldn't do it for me? I would go nuts if you used your hooks all the time."

††††††††††† "You are nuts."

††††††††††† "How about giving it a try? Pretty please. I will worship you if you do," Dick pleaded. I knew I would give in if he continued to use his charm on me.

††††††††††† I eventually gave in and agreed to try wearing the hooks for the day. I figured it wouldn't be that bad just for a day. I could watch TV and read. I really wouldnít have to do much. After breakfast Dick had me remove my sweater and he helped me into my hooks for the second time. Before he helped me back into my sweater he took a small gold chain and slipped it around my neck. He then looped it through my harness ring and fastened it in place with a tiny lock.

††††††††††† "What's that for?" I asked.

††††††††††† "That's to make sure you can't take your hooks off until I let you," he said. "Bondage is only bondage if the sub can't get out without help. This way I will know you are wearing your hooks all the time I am at work."

††††††††††† I didn't anticipate this. I would be forced to wear my hooks the entire day whether I wanted to or not. Before Dick went off to work he gave me a book.

††††††††††† "This is a handbook for bilateral arm amputees using hooks. You can read it and it explains how to do things you will need to do with your hooks."

††††††††††† I grasped the book with my right hook and wondered if I could turn the pages with my hooks. Dick hastily went off for work leaving me there in my hooks. I was glad I wore a short skirt and no pantyhose. I knew one of my first obstacles would be getting my panties down to pee. I figured I could manage that. Doing other things was another matter. I just sat down and contemplated what it would be like to be wearing the hooks for an entire day.

††††††††††† A little while later I got bored and started to read the handbook. I found that with quite an effort I could manage to open the book and turn the pages. I started reading from the beginning. The book explained about the limitations of both upper and lower arm amputees and the more extensive difficulties that the bilateral faced. After reading about upper amputees I was really glad that I was a below elbow amputee.† I kind of startled myself when I considered that for a moment I regarded myself as an actual amputee. I found myself fascinated at what I read. Some of the tricks were so interesting that I found myself trying them out. I knew I was as handicapped as the amputees in the book. I managed to even pour myself a glass of juice. I couldnít hold the glass except by the rim. I got a straw and struggled to remove the wrapper. Setting the glass on the table I sipped the juice as I read further. This occupied me for the next two hours.

††††††††††† I was startled by the ringing of the door bell. It then struck me that my friend Jen was meeting me to go out to the mall for a day of shopping. What would I do? She knew I was into bondage and she engaged in light bondage once in a while as well. I reluctantly went to the door. It was then that I realized I couldn't turn the knob. My hook kept slipping.

††††††††††† "Jen, is that you?"

††††††††††† "Who else?" she replied.

††††††††††† "The door is unlocked. I can't open it so just let yourself in," I explained.

††††††††††† Jen came in and immediately saw my two hooks.

††††††††††† "What on earth? You have no hands. You have hooks," she exclaimed in a sort of shock.

††††††††††† "Dick's new bondage," I replied.

††††††††††† "You're kidding?"

††††††††††† "Does it look like it?"

††††††††††† "Well I guess not. Those things look real. Are they?"

††††††††††† "I am afraid so. They are fully functional and I am as handicapped as a real arm amputee."

††††††††††† "But two of them?"

††††††††††† "Yeah, you know Dick. He goes all the way."

††††††††††† "Hey, we are supposed to go shopping and out to lunch. Take those things off and let's go. Play your bondage games another time," Jen insisted.

††††††††††† "I can't."

††††††††††† "What do you mean you can't?"

††††††††††† "Well they are locked on until Dick lets me out of them," I told her.

††††††††††† "No way. That's horrible."

††††††††††† "Well I guess we will have to postpone our shopping today," I said apologetically.

††††††††††† "Not on your life. We're going shopping hooks or no hooks," Jen insisted.

††††††††††† "But Jen!"

††††††††††† "No but Jen. You promised we would go today. It might be a little different, but so what? Can you eat with those things?"

††††††††††† "I have no idea. I haven't had time to practice," I said.

††††††††††† "Well I will help. Maybe you can hold a spoon or something and scoop up the food."

††††††††††† "That will be humiliating. Besides, I can't try on clothes with these things," I protested.

††††††††††† "Donít worry, I can undress and dress you. Can you use the ladies room by yourself?"

††††††††††† "I think so. Maybe you will have to help with my panties."

††††††††††† "Uck. I hope you donít have your period. I refuse to change your tampon."

††††††††††† "Donít worry, it ended last week," I said laughing.

††††††††††† With a lot of dread of what was to come I fetched my bag. The first problem I had was trying to get it up onto my shoulder. The thought of going out without my bag was not even a consideration. I had so many things in there I would not want to be without. The thought never crossed my mind that I probably wouldnít be able to comb my hair or touch up my makeup so those items wouldnít be needed.

††††††††††† "Try putting it over your head and slipping your arm through. It won' slip off that way," Jen suggested.

††††††††††† I did that and felt a little better. We headed for Jen's car and I got in the passenger seat. There I was actually out in public wearing two prosthetic hooks. I was not looking forward to people seeing me.

††††††††††† "We can't do this," I suddenly said. "People know us at the mall.

††††††††††† "So we go over to the Smithville mall. No one knows us there. It's bigger anyway and only a half hour further."

††††††††††† "Well okay. That's a good idea. I don't want anyone I know to see me this way."

††††††††††† "You look normal. Except maybe for those metal things hanging from your sleeves," Jen said teasing.

††††††††††† "Yeah, they are really not very obvious," I said sarcastically.

††††††††††† "It will be interesting to see people's reactions though," Jen said.

††††††††††† "I can't wait," I replied with dread.

††††††††††† We finally arrived at the mall. The time had come for me to appear in public wearing my hooks. We left the car and walked towards the mall. Jen held the door for me even though I knew I could open it with my hooks. I felt as if every eye was on me as we walked through the door. I followed Jen as she headed for the ladies room. I had to pee too and I was not looking forward to trying this for the first time. We went into adjacent stalls. I immediately knew I would be in trouble. Even though my skirt was short I had trouble pulling it up high enough to access my panties. With a struggle I managed to use the little nubs on my hooks where the cables attached to pull them down. I relieved myself. I was able to get hold of the toilet paper to wipe myself. Then came the challenge. I tried to pull the panties up, but found I kept pinching myself with my hooks as I tried to grab them. I finally got the front up, but couldn't get the back up high enough. My skirt kept dropping down in the way. I finally gave up and as quietly as I could asked Jen to come into my stall. She suspected I was having trouble since I was taking so long. I unlocked the door and she slipped in.

††††††††††† "Having trouble are we?" she asked.

††††††††††† "Ah maybe a little. I can't get the back of my panties up."

††††††††††† Jen easily used her hands to pull my panties up to the proper height and then smoothed my skirt.

††††††††††† "There. All set hon," she said.

††††††††††† "Thanks Jen. You are a life saver. I have to practice this at home. I have to learn to do it myself."

††††††††††† We went out into the lounge area where Jen wanted to touch up her makeup. I knew I wanted to do the same, but knew I couldnít. Not yet. I would need to practice at home. I didnít want people to see me struggle. I got a strange look from a woman already at the mirror. She instantly took in my two hooks. Jen thoughtfully used her comb to touch up my hair.

††††††††††† "If I open your lipstick for you do you think you could use your hook to put it on?"

††††††††††† By now we were alone and I nodded. Jen opened my bag and found my lipstick. She took the cap off and held it for me to grab with my hook. I knew enough to push the button and tilt my hook to the first position. I carefully grabbed the lipstick with my right hook and when I was sure it wouldn't slip I ran it over my lips.

††††††††††† "Wow! Just like a pro. Want to try to get the cap on?" Jen asked.

††††††††††† I nodded yes and then used my left hook to slowly turn the lipstick back into the tube. Jen held out the cap and I grabbed it with my left hook and managed to get it onto the lipstick tube. I then dropped it in my purse. It was then that I knew I could learn to do it entirely myself with a lot of practice.

††††††††††† We spent the next hour roaming around the stores. Jen helped me try on a few things. We went into a free changing room. I wanted to try on a new long sleeve top. I knew I couldn't get my sweater off by myself. Jen helped by pulling it up over my head. She was a little shocked when she got her first look at my full prosthesis and harness.

††††††††††† "Now that's quite impressive. I see now how the cables work. I guess you really feel like an arm amputee when you are wearing your hooks," Jen said.

††††††††††† "Well I pretty much am not aware that I have hands now. After the first couple of hours like this my hands kind of cease to exist. I can't move my fingers very much and I imagine real stumps donít feel too different."

††††††††††† She then helped me try on a new skirt. I had yet to learn to master buttons and zippers. I had read in the handbook that most double arm amputees use Velcro closures or snaps and some have small rings attached to their zippers. When we went up to pay I realized that I had no idea how I would get out my money. Jen did not offer to help. When I finally asked she astounded me with her reply right in front of the clerk, a young girl of around eighteen.

††††††††††† "Now Laura, you know you have to start doing things for yourself." I was stunned at the position she had put me in.

††††††††††† "She just had her arms amputated a few months ago and she needs to start to become independent," Jen said to the girl.

††††††††††† "It's okay, take you time. No one else is in line and I can wait as long as you want," the girl said.

††††††††††† I had no choice but to rummage around my bag for my wallet. Without a sense of touch it was hard to know when I had gotten my hook around the wallet. I finally got it out and tried to get the bills out. I took too many out and had to use my hooks to try to sort through them to get the right amount. I finally got them in my right hook and handed them to the girl. She offered to put the change in my wallet and I was so relieved.

††††††††††† "You did that very well," the girl said. I can't begin to imagine how difficult it must be without having hands," she went on.

††††††††††† We thanked her and started on our way. I was able to hold my purchases by putting my hook through the handles of the plastic bag. I could carry it quite easily. Jen then insisted that we get some lunch. I was very apprehensive to say the least. We entered a chain restaurant and were seated by the hostess. As soon as the waitress came to our table she saw my two hooks resting in my lap. I knew she was thinking about how I would eat my meal. She handed out the menus. I used my hooks to open it and see what I wanted. I opted for a club sandwich. It came with French fries. I also ordered a large diet Coke. The waitress thanked us and took our menus. I still had no idea how I would eat the club sandwich.

††††††††††† We chatted girl stuff while we waited for our food. I momentarily forgot that I was confined to two prosthetic hooks. Our meals finally came and I just stared at the sandwich. The Coke was no problem as it had a straw. I worked it a little closer to me with my right hook and took a sip.

††††††††††† "Jen, I don't think I can eat this with my hooks," I said.

††††††††††† "Can you hold a fork?"

††††††††††† "Maybe," I replied.

††††††††††† Jen then cut up my sandwich in to little pieces for me. Meanwhile I managed to get a hold of the fork with my right hook. I tilted my hook to an appropriate position so I could get it more easily to my mouth. I carefully speared a small piece of the sandwich and raised my hook to my mouth. I was surprised that I could eat quite easily. The fries were no problem although Jen had to put the ketchup on for me. There was no way I could get the cap off. After a few minutes I realized that eating the cut up sandwich wasn't hard at all. I planned on practicing using a knife at home.

††††††††††† I was even able to hold a cup of coffee. I remembered reading in the handbook about the special way the hook needed to be inserted into the handle on the mug so it wouldn't slip. The method was not the obvious way. I needed to open my hook and insert it from the near side with the hooks facing down. I could then slip my hook up to the top of the handle and balance the mug. I didnít spill. I was actually starting to feel a little more confident and a lot less self conscious. Maybe with time I could go out and really not pay any attention to my hooks and just use them in a sort of natural way. Maybe. With practice that was.

††††††††††† We finally headed back to my home. By now I was not nearly as self conscious as I was earlier. I was still very aware that I had hooks instead of hands, but I had proven that I was somewhat functional.

††††††††††† "This was quite an interesting day," Jen said. "I think you did great. You were very convincing. With more practice I bet you will be able to do pretty much anything you want."

††††††††††† "I guess so, but it is still a pretty tough handicap. Every time I use my hooks I realize how handicapped I really am. I still can't get used to the stares and the comments. I think I have heard enough comments like 'That poor girl. Can you imagine living with those hook things instead of hands?' I did like it when I got some compliments about how well I was doing with them."

††††††††††† Shortly after Jen left, Dick came home.

††††††††††† "Well how was your day?" he asked.

††††††††††† "You wonít believe this, but Jen and I spent the whole day shopping."

††††††††††† "You mean you went out?"

††††††††††† "Sure. We even went out to eat. I did it all using my hooks."

††††††††††† "Wow, I never expected that," Dick said.

††††††††††† "Yeah well, I am anxious to take them off now," I said.

††††††††††† "Not until we go to bed. That's the rule," Dick replied.

††††††††††† "God Dick, you are cruel."

††††††††††† "But I love the way you look hon. You are so incredible in those hooks."

††††††††††† Dick popped a pizza in the oven and we ate it while I told him about my day. He helped me by cutting it up into small pieces.

††††††††††† "I am impressed Laura. You really are doing well holding that fork. Can you hold a knife?"

††††††††††† "I donít know," I replied.

††††††††††† I struggled a bit and finally managed to get a knife into my left hook and the fork in my right. I carefully tried cutting a small piece of the pizza. After a few tries I managed to do it. I was quite pleased at my accomplishments.

††††††††††† We spent the rest of the evening watching TV and finally decided to have sex. For some reason I was really turned on. Maybe more so as I used my hooks to please Dick. Finally we were exhausted and Dick unlocked my security chain and helped me out of my hooks. After sixteen hours with my hands curled up in my sockets it was a bit painful to open my hands. I fell asleep quickly that night.

††††††††††† I didnít know what to expect the next morning. Would Dick require me to wear my hooks for a second day in a row. It didnít take long for me to find out. Right after my bath Dick was ready to help me into my hooks. This time he didnít let me completely dress or put on my makeup. I was able to put on my panties and bra before he once again put on a clean pair of stump socks and my two hooks. He insisted that I try to dress myself. I was able to put on my shoes and a skirt. He had to button the skirt for me, but I managed to pull up the zipper. I tried desperately for fifteen minutes to get into my new long sleeve top before I gave up. It was just too hard for me. Dick finally helped me.

††††††††††† "What about my makeup?" I asked.

††††††††††† "Well you have lots of time today. Why donít you try yourself," Dick said.

††††††††††† I really wasn't sure I could do it, but I had no choice at this point. Dick was about to run out to work. I was trapped in my hooks once again. I couldnít take them off. I could either go without makeup or try. I decided to try.

††††††††††† My first problem was foundation. Without hands I couldn't smooth it on. I got the cap off the tube without much difficulty. It was then that I remembered that I had some cosmetic sponges. I held one in my right hook as I squeezed a little foundation on. I did this by placing the tube on the edge of the table and pushing lightly with my left hook as I held the sponge in my right hook. It worked. I then ran it over my face smoothing things out.

††††††††††† My eye makeup was more difficult. I started with eye liner. I used both hooks to turn the pencil shaped liner to extend it. I carefully used one hook to hold my eye brow up and carefully ran the liner over my upper and lower lids. I also applied some to my brows. Not bad I thought. Next I struggled with the little eye shadow container to get it open. I grabbed the application brush with my right hook and applied first the darker shade below and the lighter shade above. I finished with mascara. It was tricky to unscrew the tube and hold the brush just right. My lipstick wasn't too difficult as I had done it the day before. I finished with a little blush using a small brush. I held that pretty well with my right hook.

††††††††††† I sat back and looked at myself. My makeup was almost as good as it usually was even though it took me almost an hour. My hair was next.† I had to try every brush and comb I owned before I found one I could hold. It was hard to get behind my head. I kept dropping the comb. I finally got my hair looking reasonable. I had fairly short blonde hair and that made it easier. I knew that long hair would be harder to manage with hooks.

††††††††††† I realized I had no earrings on. I knew I would never get studs on. I didnít think I could manage the butterfly clips in back. I settled for earrings with ear wires. I had to play with my articulating wrists and rotate my hooks in order to get the wire in just the right position to insert into my pierce. Of course I didn't need rings or bracelets, but I did wish I could wear a watch. I later read that some arm amputees have a watch mounted on one of their sockets. That was a good idea. I tried for twenty minutes to put on a necklace. †No matter what I did I couldn't work the catch with my hooks. Oh well, so much for that. I went over to the full length mirror and took a look. Except for the two hooks hanging from my sleeves I looked just like I normally would. Could I get used to living this way? Maybe. It was certainly a unique type of full time bondage. Was I starting to enjoy it a little? I really didnít know.

††††††††††† I spent the remainder of the day reading the handbook and trying all the tricks. I practiced and practiced doing things with my hooks. I even made myself a sandwich for lunch and ate it with my hooks. I was getting better at using a knife to cut my food. Little by little I started to feel more comfortable with my two hooks. Things got easier and easier. There were still things I couldnít do and I would have to figure out ways to do them eventually.

††††††††††† Dick arrived from work with a surprise. He opened a package and took out an absolutely stunning black dress. It was very short and had long sleeves. It was cut high in back to cover my harness, but low in front to emphasize my breasts. He told me he had reservations at one of the best restaurants in town. He helped me change into the dress. The long sleeves just covered my prosthesis except for my hooks. I touched up my makeup as Dick watched in awe.

††††††††††† "God you're good at that. You are a quick study."

††††††††††† I was quit proud. We then drove to the restaurant. I actually was much less conscious of my hooks as we entered the restaurant. Even eating was now a little easier. I started to feel more natural using my hooks. I was getting a little tipsy from the several glasses of wine we had and I all but forgot that I was using two hooks instead of hands. After dinner we went to see a new movie. After we got home I realized that I was finding living with hooks a turn on. The stares I got were now a little exciting instead of disconcerting. I was proud that I was becoming more and more functional.

††††††††††† All that was a year ago. I never did stop using my hooks. I wear them from the time I get up until I go to bed. Dick equipped my car with a driving ring so I am quite independent. I now do all the grocery shopping myself and prepare meals. Dick still needs to help me now and then. I donít think I would ever want to use my hands. I love my hooks. I like the way I look in them. I have no desire to hide them. I like people to see them and I like people to see how well I use them. They are my hands now and I love using them. If I had the opportunity to have my real hands amputated I would do it without hesitation. Of course that is only a dream, but dreams do come true. Meanwhile, I love living my life with my special bondage.