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The Milwaukee Brace
By Vicki

Chapter 2

The Molding and Fitting

After I arrived at Dan’s shop I was a bit nervous since I had no idea what to expect.

“Kim, go into the bathroom and remove all your clothing including your bra and panties. Here is a length of stockinet. It is like a tube, but fits very tightly. Pull it up to your upper thighs and over your breasts,” Dan said handing me the length of stockinet.

I went into the bathroom sand removed everything. I stepped into the stockinet and pulled it up. It was very tight and quite revealing. Every slight contour of my body was visible. I then went into the shop. Dan led me to a bar hanging from the ceiling.

“I want you to stand straight and grab the bar. I will raise it to stretch your body. You will have to hold on all through the molding,” Dan explained.

I grabbed the bar with both hands an d Dan raised it until my feet were just about to come off the floor. I wasn’t looking forward to having to hold on like this for very long. Dan smoothed the stockinet and then wrapped me in some sort of clear plastic wrap like food wrap. He wrapped me from below my hips and up over my breasts. He then got the plaster bandages ready.

“Try not to move or let up on the bar Kim.”

He then wrapped me in plaster bandages all the way up to my lower breasts. After several layers he was finished. He smoothed the plaster and once again told me to remain perfectly straight and not to move. I felt the plaster get warm as it hardened. I was very uncomfortable and I could sense the plaster getting harder. When Dan felt the plaster was hard enough he let me let go of the bar. It seemed like forever. I was rigid from my breasts down to below my hips. I could barely walk as Dan led me to an examining table and helped me lay down. I did not like what came next. He used a cast saw to slit the cast from between my breasts down to below my crotch. He then used some kind of cast spreader to spread the cast. When it was wide enough he pulled it down and over my hips. I was out of it at last.

“You can get dressed now. There are some wash clothes in the bathroom that you can use to remove any plaster remnants from your legs and body. Come back out in your bra and panties,” Dan instructed.

When I came back out Dan spent a lot of time taking all sorts of body measurements. I knew why he measured my neck so carefully. That would be for the neck ring I knew was so critical for the Milwaukee brace.

“That does it. Get dressed and let’s go out to dinner,” Dan said.

At dinner Dan explained that he would use the cast to make a plaster replica of my body that would be a perfect match. He would then use thermoplastic material and vacuum forming to make the pelvic girdle that would fit from my upper buttocks to just below the bottom of my breasts. It would be shaped to allow for my legs in a bent position. The front would go down to just above my pubic area area and be just above my crotch when I was in a sitting position. It would be a bit higher when I stood. The back would be low, just above the level of a chair if I sat down. The pelvic girdle would prevent me from bending at the abdomen. The single front bar and the two bars at the back would keep me rigid from the neck down to my hips.

When I got home that night I couldn’t stop wondering what it would be like to wear a brace that restricted all movement from my hips to my neck. Could I actually wear a Milwaukee brace for 23 hours a day. I knew that young girls had little choice. They were forced to wear their braces for years once fitted, only removing them to bathe. I couldn’t imagine what life would be like never being able to bend your body above your hips. Little did I know that I would find out very soon  what it was like to wear a Milwaukee brace 23/7.

About a week later Dan called me at work.

“Hi Kim, your Milwaukee brace is ready. Do you want to come over after work so I can fit it?”

“Sure,” I replied eagerly.

“Can you stop off at home and bring a tight fitting tank top to wear under the brace? If you just wear your bra and panties it will be over some parts of your skin. The tank top or a camisole makes it more comfortable.”

“Sure. I will be over around six,” I replied.

“See you soon,” Dan said.

I stopped off at home and grabbed a white stretchy tank top. When I arrived Dan was all set for me.

“You need to take everything off except for your bra and panties. Oh, you can keep the pantyhose on too since I see you are wearing a pair. Put the tank top on,” Dan instructed.

Since we had become intimate I was not reluctant to take off my clothes in front of Dan. I removed the sleeveless top I had on and my skirt. I slipped the tank top on. It was low cut and tight. I did this and Dan brought over my brace. It was really neat. I saw the neck ring and the wide bar in front and the two narrower bars in back attached to the flesh colored pelvic girdle with three leather straps and buckles. Dan held the brace up and spread the pelvic part as I slipped both my arms inside the rear uprights and one on each side of the front upright. He then guided the pelvic girdle around my hips and waist. Next he tightened the straps fairly tightly. The pelvic part of the brace fit my body exactly, just like a glove. The final step was to close the neck ring at the rear and tighten the nut that held it together.

“It feels too tight,” I said.

“It needs to be, Actually I have it a bit looser than it should be and the throat mold is a far too low. I need to raise the neck ring. I am going to raise it one setting lower than it should be. After you get used to the brace I will raise it to the proper position. You will be able to rotate your head a bit less after I raise the neck ring and even less than that in the final position,” Dan explained.

All three bars had threaded holes running up and down. The bars were in two pieces, one at the top attached to the neck ring, and one at the bottom attached to the pelvic girdle. Dan removed the brace and raised all three uprights equally and tightened the screws. He then put the brace back on me and tightened the straps even tighter than before. The throat mold was now much higher and my head was less free to rotate. I could only bend it an inch or so in any direction, or at least it felt that way. I was totally rigid from the hips to my neck. I could not bend at all except at my hips.

“How does that feel Kim?”

“It is so constricting. How could anyone wear one of these for 23 hours a day?”

“You can get used to it, but it is never comfortable. I had a girl tell me that after a year she didn’t feel right unless she had her brace on. She said she was all loose when she bathed and she liked being supported by her brace. She was an exception though. You will need to get some clothing in larger sizes to fit over the brace. What you have with you now won’t fit well. Maybe your top, but the skirt won’t get around you. If you want to wear your brace at home you probably have a sweatshirt and some sweatpants with an elastic waist band that you can use.”

“Sure. I might even have some skirts with elastic waists. Hopefully they are large enough over the hips,” I said.

“So what are your plans for wearing your brace? Unless you wear it 23 hours a day for a couple of weeks you won’t know what life was like for your friend in school,” Dan said.

“Gosh Dan, I just don’t know. I don’t think I would be able to keep this thing on for more than a few minutes at a time. It is just really far more uncomfortable than I ever imagined. How do you suggest I get used to it?” I asked.

“Well most girls are put on a rigid schedule building up to full time wearing after just three weeks. Of course you are free to do whatever you want since you don’t actually need the brace. It’s just for fun. What you can do is put it on after work and keep it on for an hour the first day, two the next, etc. If you get it on by six or so you will have it on for four hours before you need to deal with wearing it to bed. Of course you could build up time during the day on weekends. I don’t suppose you want to wear it to work?”

“God no. I can’t imagine working in this thing.”

“Well if you go to bed in your brace you can try to sleep. You will have to be on your back or side. Sleeping is the hardest part. The first time you try you will most likely take the brace off after and hour or less. It usually takes a number of days before you can actually fall asleep with the brace on. If you do you might get through the night and an eight hour stint. When girls get through the night they can get back into their brace after bathing and get through the day. Their brace stays on all evening and night until the next morning. Some girls bathe before bed and then they don't take their brace off in the morning except for less than five minutes to change their underwear.”

“Well let me think about what I really want to do. I need to fool with it after all your effort to make it for me,” I said.

“Well maybe you might enjoy the challenge,” Dan suggested.

Dan instructed me on how to get in and out of the brace. I practiced several times. I was getting used to making the straps very tight. The brace felt somewhat more comfortable each time I put it back on. I finally removed it, kissed Dan goodnight and drove home.

In the next chapter Kim starts to wear her brace for extended periods of time.

Chapter 3


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