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Our Hook Adventure
Chapter 9
Full Time

By Vicki

The three of us got together and agreed to accept Brian's offer. We also vowed that we would go full time as soon as we were able to quit our current jobs. Jean and I would never use our hands again and Lisa would never walk without her braces on. Of course she could use her wheelchair at any time.

Jean and I asked Bill to construct some special stump sockets for us to wear when we did not have our hooks on. He fabricated sockets that had a rounded stump end. These were lined with waterproof skin like rubber on both the inside and outside. We could wear these in the bath as well as to bed. With them on it would be just like having only stumps. We would not need stump socks. When we removed our hooks at night we could put the stump sockets on to sleep, and keep them on in the morning while we bathed. We would never be able to use our hands to dress or do anything. Lisa did not need anything special although she purchased some things to help her in the bathroom such  as a transfer board to get in and out of her wheelchair.

Not being able use our hands at any time created some additional handicaps for us. We tried shaving our legs with our hooks. We could do this with difficulty although we just couldn't reach our underarms. We agreed that it would be easier if we shaved each other's legs and underarms. That worked really well. We figured out how to bathe with just our stump sockets on. We were beginning to realize just how difficult it was not having hands. Hooks were fine for many things but there would be things we could never do without help. There were even things that we couldn't do even with the other's help.

The day came when we agreed to start our new full time lives. We would not use our hands and Lisa would not walk. All three of use were very excited. We had a week to adjust until we started to work for Brian. Jean and I explored our recently revealed attraction for each other. We each loved how we looked wearing our hooks. We felt so sexy.

Brian was almost finished with the renovations to the new AidStop and we started to help in setting up the store. It was so nice to not have to live any part of our lives without our hooks or stumps. Lisa loved the fact that she would not walk unaided. We used our hooks to help set up the store. Lisa used her wheelchair in the store so she could use her hands more easily. We loved being at the mall and roaming around during our breaks. Everyone who worked there started to get used to seeing two girls who just had hooks and no hands. Lisa either crutched around or used her wheelchair. Of course we aided Brenda when she needed help although she was learning the mall and could walk around with her cane by herself. At home we never even thought about using our hands. During the brief periods we had our stump sockets off we never cheated. Lisa had to clip our fingernails once a week for us since we absolutely couldn't do that with our hooks.

The store was wonderful. We had literally every assistive aid possible. We stocked Foley catheters and other types of catheters as well. Jean and I especially liked the display of terminal devices and other supplies for arm amputees such as rubber bands and stump socks. We had supplies for lower limb amputees as well. Brenda became familiar with the display of aids for the visually handicapped as well. She spent most of her time manning the phone since she couldn't do a lot in setting up.

Lisa became our expert in wheelchairs, crutches and the various braces we stocked. Naturally she handled the catheter section too. She would serve customers in that area and Jean and I would help amputees. We all loved living and working as handicapped women.

The store finally opened and we had the opportunity to help customers. Most just wanted things like sports braces or walkers for the elderly. We were thrilled when a hook user finally came in. No one ever suspected that we were not real arm amputees. Soon after we opened a teenage girl came in with her mother. Her mother explained that she was a recent double above the elbow arm amputee. She had regular AE hooks. We could tell that she was very self conscious about her new hooks. Her mother was so happy that we made the girl feel at ease since we each had our own pair of hooks. The girl was just not used to being so handicapped and she hated the fact that she would be like that for the rest of her life. Her name was Lynn.

"I just can't get used to these things," she said kind of sobbing. "I hate my hooks. Everyone can see them unless I wear long sleeves and pull them down to cover my hooks. I can't do things very well."

"They are really not so bad," Jean said.

"But you to have elbows. You can do things I can't."

"Yes, but we can't do a lot of things either," I said. "Hey, would you like to get something to eat with us on our break? I asked.

"Well if it's okay with my mom," she replied.

Her mother agreed and said she had some shopping to do and we would meet her in an hour. We went to the food court with Lynn and ordered some burgers. We always had a knife and fork in our purses to eat with. Lynn didn't. We had to cut up her food for her and she was barely able to eat with a plastic fork. We watched as she struggled to get the food to her mouth. She had articulating wrists and we gave her some hints about tilting her hooks to make things easier.

"Tell your mom to always have a real metal knife and fork for you. It is so much easier than plastic," Jean said.

"I still hate how hard it is to eat with these," Lynn said referring to the pair of hooks she wore.

"It gets much easier with time and eventually you will get along fine," I explained.

We returned to the store and met her mother.

"Lynn needs some stump socks," she said.

"Sure. We can show her what we have," Jean said.

We showed Lynn several styles and asked if she wanted to try a pair on. She agreed. We went to a private fitting area and helped her remove her top. She had on a sleeveless top that made it a bit easier to get it off.

"I like long sleeves, but they are too hot sometimes. I don't like people to see my arms," Lynn said.

"We know honey," I said. "Eventually you won't care as much."

We than helper her take her hooks off and then her stump socks. She was wearing a nice bra and the look of her two lovely naked little stumps was something else. I wondered if Jean was as turned on as I was. We helped Lynn into a pair of new stump socks that fit her very well. We helped her on with her hooks.

"These are really comfortable," she said. I want to wear them."

We helped Lynn  put her top back on and went back out to her mother. She paid for the new stump socks and took her old ones.

"Thank you so much for spending time with Lynn. This is the first time she has met someone with two hooks like she has. You girls seem to be totally adjusted to being amputees," she said gratefully.

That night Jean and I reflected on our encounter with Lynn.

"Do think it would be cool to be an above the elbow amputee?" Jean asked.

"Harder for sure, but if I ever had my arms amputated I would have to consider that option," I said.

"Lynn did look good in her AE prosthesis, especially wearing a sleeveless top. I liked the way she locked and unlocked her elbows. I do feel bad for her since she hates being armless, not like us," I added. "I don't know about you, but I really got turned on when I saw her stumps. I would love to know how it feels to wiggle them and not have anything below."

"I felt the same way," Jean said. That night I dreamed about being just like Lynn.

The weeks went on and we really enjoyed being full time hook users. We even had some devotees lurk around. The few pretenders we had seemed more interested in braces than hooks. One guy we discovered wanted braces made for his wife. She had agreed that if it turned her husband on she would get a pair. She spent a lot of time speaking to Lisa and agreed to HKAFOs. A few weeks later, after Bill had set her up, she came in walking with crutches. She now wanted a wheelchair.

"My husband is so sexy if I have my braces on. I guess all this is worth it. Sex has never been better. He wants me in a wheelchair now," she explained.

Lisa showed her some wheelchairs and she decided on a really expensive Quickie. We knew she was hiding some desire that her husband had uncovered.

Bill did set up one guy with bilateral hooks. We never revealed that we were pretenders. We figured that the illusion was better for him. He came in wearing his hooks and said that we were the most beautiful girls he had ever met.

"I bet it's our hooks," Jean said.

"You two look so great with your hooks," he said. "Oh gosh I am really sorry. For me it's a turn on, but you two have to use hooks for real."

If he only knew. Most customers just had minor disabilities and needed walkers or crutches. Brenda was always happy to help the visually impaired. It was sad to see a little girl who was totally blind come in to get a new talking watch, She used her cane so naturally and seemed not to have the least problem not being able to see. She got so excited listening to the watches tell the time. We chatted with her mother.

"It all started two years ago when Kim came down with the disease. Six months later she had to use a cane to get around except at home." she explained. "Six months ago she lost the last bit of light perception. She told me she is much happier now that she knows things can't get any worse. Having a little bit of sight was difficult since she tried to make things out and couldn't. She is amazing and has accepted that she will never see again. I can't believe how well she is doing.

The days turned into weeks and the three of us loved working at AidStop. We were now completely accustomed to living full time wearing our hooks and never using our hands. Lisa had not taken even one step without braces. She told us she was not sure she could actually walk unaided anymore. She suspected her leg muscles were atrophying and that if she tried to stand unaided she couldn't.

Our hands were no better off. Since we had them curled up just about 24 hours a day we found that we couldn't open them without considerable pain. Eventually we couldn't open them at all. Perhaps it was time to consider taking up Brian on his offer to pay for surgery and become real arm amputees. The only question was at what level to have our amputations. All three of us knew that we wanted our disabilities to be real and permanent. We loved living the way we were. Jean and I we totally committed to each other at this point and Lisa had a new boyfriend. He was not disabled and we suspected he was a devotee.

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