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Our Hook Adventure
Chapter 8
The Opportunity

By Vicki

Jean and I got a call from Bill. He said he had a friend that was a devotee and his wife was a pretender as well. They had known each other for several years.

"Brian is loaded," Bill said. "He got his wife into his devotee world by enticing her to wear long leg braces that I provided. I must say she was really great looking in her HKAFO's."

"Does she still wear her braces?" I asked.

"No, she is into something else now. When you meet you will be a bit surprised."

"Don't tell me, she has hooks like us."

"No. She never had the desire to use hooks. You will find out soon enough," Bill replied.

Bill continued on to explain that Brian wanted to start a business and that he was interested in hiring some disabled women, especially those who had bilateral hooks or leg braces. He thought of us and explained that we were pretenders. Brian had said that that was fine as long as we were full time pretenders.

"I knew you three wanted to go full time and I thought I would see if you wanted to check out this opportunity," Bill said.

Of course we did. After the three of us discussed this we were curious as to what sort of business it might be. In any case we were eager to be able to live full time with our hooks and braces. We told Bill to make arrangements. Brian called us and gave use his address and invited us to dinner. Lisa drove the three of us.

We knew their address was in an exclusive neighborhood, but we were still amazed at the size of Brian's house. We parked the car as close as we could and walked to the front door. Of course Lisa took some time walking in her braces. We rang the bell. The door opened moments later.

"Hello girls. I am Brian Devon. Please come in," he said.

We entered and Brian closed the door. We introduced ourselves. Brian seemed to enjoy grasping our hooks in a kind of handshake.

"My wife Brenda should be her in a moment," Brian said as he led us to the living room.

A moment later Brenda entered the room. She was a stunning blonde wearing a sleeveless very short red dress, pantyhose, and matching red five inch pumps. But what was more amazing was that she was wearing very dark sunglasses and holding a white cane in front of her. Brenda was apparently totally blind. She used her cane to navigate over to where we were standing.

"Hi, I'm Brenda. I understand that two of you have prosthetic hooks and one of you is walking with long leg braces and crutches."

"Honey, this is Kate, she has two hooks," Brian said introducing me.

Brenda held out her hand and I let her grasp my right hook.

"It must be wonderful to have two hooks. Being forced to do everything with your hooks must be very exciting," Brenda said.

"Yes, we both love being this way," I replied.

"I'm Jean," Jean said also letting Brenda hold her hooks.

Lisa held out her hand and touched Brenda so she knew it was there.

"You must be Lisa," Brenda said. "Would you mind if I felt your braces?"

"Of course not," Lisa replied.

Brenda then kneeled down in front of Lisa and used her hands to trace her braces up her legs to her crotch.

"Oh my, you are catheterized. How fantastic," Brenda exclaimed as she felt all around Lisa's leg bag and gently traced the catheter line to where it disappeared inside the leg opening of her panties and went under her pad and finally into her urethra.

"I loved being catheterized when I wore leg braces," Brenda said. "Do you spend time in a wheelchair as well?"

"Some, but I love my braces, " Lisa said.

"Why don't we all come and sit down before dinner," Brian suggested.

We all found seats. Lisa unlocked her braces and got into a seated position.

"I hope you don't mind my asking, but how long have you been blind?" I asked Brenda.

"Oh I'm not blind. I am a pretender," Brenda said.

"Can you see through those dark glasses?" Lisa asked.

"Oh heaven's no. I can't see anything. I haven't seen even the slightest flicker of light in over a year now. I have no light perception at all with my special prosthetics."

Brenda removed her glasses and exposed the fact that her eyes were covered in black plastic cups that fit perfectly over her eyes.

"The first thing we did is have Brenda's eyebrows permanently removed by electrolysis. This is so the adhesive would stick properly. Next molds were made of her eye sockets up and over the orbital bones. The mold was then used to make black plastic  cups with the rims perfectly fitting the orbital bones. A special adhesive like spirit gum is used around the rims to hold the cups in place. Absolutely no light can enter even in bright sun. The cup shape allows her eyes to open and blink normally. The cups can be worn for close to a week before the adhesive weakens. We have several pairs and Brenda changes them in the bathroom which has no windows and a special light proof door,"  Brian explained.

"I started to pretend about two years ago and decided to go full time a year ago. I wear my eye cups 24 hours a day. Of course I have to wear dark glasses when I am in public," Brenda explained. "No one can see the cups underneath."

"I can't imagine what it must be like to be blind," Jean said.

"At first it was difficult. Of course the challenge is what I liked. I am sure you feel the same way about your handicaps," Brenda explained. "Brian paid to have a private trainer for me to learn orientation and  mobility. Of course someone needs to guide me when I am out. I always need help shopping for clothes. I can feel them but I obviously can't tell colors. Since my other senses are more acute things I never thought of I now enjoy. For example, I love the feeling of my pantyhose and heels. I can't see what I look like, but from the feelings I know I look good. Sex is much more intense since everything is feeling. I feel much sexier being sightless, especially in public when I know people realize I am blind."

"Have you had the urge to cheat and remove your eye cups for a few minutes?" I asked.

"Sure, but I always decide not to. I know that if I did cheat I might not want to be full time again. Now it has been so long since I used my eyes it is easier to just stay this way. I understand you want to go full time and I am sure it will be the same for you."

"On that note let me explain how I can help you three to go full time with your handicaps," Brian said.

"Bill said you could make it possible for us. We were considering looking for jobs as disabled women," Lisa said.

"Absolutely. But why don't we sit down for dinner. Marge, my housekeeper, should have things ready by  now."

We all went to the dining room and selected our seats. Brian helped Lisa get close to the table as it was so hard with her braces. Wine was already poured and Jean and I had no trouble holding the glass with our hooks. Since we knew that Brian was a total devotee we knew he would want to watch us use our hooks. We knew he got a thrill helping Lisa. He was ogling her braces. I think his eyes almost popped out when Brenda was feeling around Lisa's leg bag and catheter line.

"As I am sure you have realized I have considerable financial resources. As a devotee I enjoy being around handicapped women even if they are pretenders. Brenda understands, of course, that this is strictly voyeurism and that she will always be my wife and sole lover. She understands things from the pretender/wannabe side."

"I plan to open a special store for selling disability aids. It will be called AidStop. It will sell almost every item you can  think of for the disabled. We would stock wheelchairs, crutches, walkers, and knee braces etc. Bill would have a display to show his association for those needing prosthetics and orthotics. We would sell supplies for amputees including stump socks terminal devices and the rubber bands you use on your hooks. We will also have aids for the visually impaired. There is a big market for disability aids of all kinds."

"How do we fit in?" I asked.

"I want to hire the three of you to be my sales force. Brenda will work there too. Having seemingly disabled employees will be a big plus for attracting customers. Of course you will all have to be handicapped full time. You can realize your desire to be able to live full time the way you want. You will be paid very well and have stock options in the company," Brian explained.

"This sounds just ideal for us," I said. "Where would the store be?"

"In the mall. I have an option on the space I would need."

"That's neat. We can go shopping on our breaks and there are always lots of people to show off our hooks to," Jean said.

"You three will be important in another way. I plan on being open to the pretender community. There will be lots of men and women who want everything from braces and hooks to other less extensive aids. Casting is very popular and we will sell those supplies. I am sure you three will be able to make the pretenders feel at home even if you decide to have your amputations or, in Lisa's case, become permanently paralyzed."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Oh, the final carrot to entice you to accept my offer is that I will pay for your surgery if you decide to become real amputees or a paraplegic in Lisa's case. You can have your amputations at whatever level you want, below the elbow, above the elbow, or even at the shoulders."

We didn't quite know how to respond as I think we only fantasized about really becoming arm amputees.

We spent the rest of the evening listening to Brian explain his plans for AidStop.

"Well I hope you girls will consider accepting my offer. I need to know very soon as I want to hire you immediately to help with the store opening."

We agreed to let him know in a day or two.

"I have one request to make of you. Will you take Brenda shopping? She needs a guide and while you are out she can tell you more about our plans from the feminine side."

We agreed to take Brenda out the next day which was Saturday. Brian volunteered to drive us all.

Brian dropped us off at the mall. Brenda got out and unfolded her white cane. I guided her as we walked to the entrance. I noticed that even though I was guiding her she still liked to hold her cane in front.

"I feel more comfortable if I know I won't bump into anything even if someone is guiding me," she commented. "You know I forgot to ask Brian. Is the sun out?"

"Yes, it is a nice sunny day," Jean replied.

"I though so. I can feel the sun on my face, but of course everything is totally black to me."

"We are coming to a curb," I said.

Brenda used her cane to find the edge of the curb and guide her to step over it. We entered the mall. Of course we got the usual stares. At least Brenda was never aware if someone was staring at her.

"Where to?" I asked.

"I really need a couple of new bras. Can we go to a good lingerie shop?" Brenda asked.

We wound up at the intimate apparel department of a major department store.

"What are you looking for Brenda?" I asked.

"Well I am a 34D and I love Bali bras. Could you look for an underwire with full coverage and lightly lined cups?" Brenda asked.

We looked around and found a rack with the appropriate style from Bali. I used my hooks to sort through the sizes of a style I thought Brenda would like. Of course I couldn't feel how soft the cups were with my hooks. I handed it to her and she used her hands to feel the bra.

"This feels like what I am looking for. Is it white?"

"Yes, but there are black as well," I replied.

I showed Brenda a couple of additional styles.

"I think I like this one," Brenda said. Can you guide me to the fitting rooms?"

After I put the other bras back on the rack we guided Brenda to the fitting rooms. We went in with her to find an empty stall. We then returned to the entrance to the fitting rooms. In a few minutes Brenda came out guiding herself with her white cane.

"This is fine," she said. "I think I want one in black. Of course I can't tell, but obviously a black bra looks better under a black sleeveless top or dress. I am still aware of the need to wear the right colors." 

We spent an hour or so more helping Brenda shop and marveling at how she managed. At one point we needed to guide Brenda into the ladies room. We all relieved ourselves and touched up our makeup. We were amazed that Brenda touched up her lipstick and put on a little powder. Of course she didn't have to worry about eye makeup under her dark glasses.

"Makeup is easy for me. Not needing to do my eyes makes it easy," Brenda said. I always struggled a little with my eyes using my hooks.

After Brian picked us up at the mall and dropped us off we started to unwind/

"That was fun," Jean said. "Brenda really seems to enjoy being blind."

"Just like we love our hooks," I replied. "So do we accept the offer?"

"How can we pass it up?" Jean said. "I am sure Lisa will agree.

We called her and after she said she couldn't wait. We called Brian and told him we would accept his offer as soon as we could quit our current jobs.

Jean and I sat down on the couch and sipped glasses of wine.

"Just thinking about using my hooks full time really gets me going," Jean said.

"Me too," I replied.

Jean turned towards me and grasped my shoulders with her hooks as she drew me to her lips. She kissed me passionately.

"God you turn me on so much. I just can't stand it any longer. You are so incredibly sexy with your hooks."

"You too," I said. "I guess we have been hiding our feelings for each other for too long."

We wound up in the bedroom undressing each other and used our hooks on each other in innovative ways. It was clear that we loved each other and the fact that we had hooks instead of hands was a key factor. Would we eventually become real amputees? That seemed more likely to me after our revelation of our feelings for each other. That night I fell asleep and dreamed of what it would be like to have two above the elbow stumps and to slip them into the sockets of a bilateral above the elbow hook prosthesis.

What lies ahead at the new AidStop?

Chapter 9




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