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Our Hook Adventure
Chapter 6

By Vicki

After Lisa dropped us off from our mall adventure we decided to review our latest hook adventure with Lisa. Neither one of us had any desire to remove our hooks. We would stay in them until we went to bed. We each got a glass of wine and sat down.

"I think Lisa did really well considering how handicapped she is with her braces," Jean said.

"Yes, with the hip locks she has to walk really slowly and swing her legs," I replied. "I do love how she looks with her braces showing below a short skirt. They make her look really sexy to me."

"Kind of like our hooks," Jean said as she looked down at her two hooks. "I wonder how many devotee guys there are? I think I have spotted a few looking at us," Jean said.

"Oh yeah. There are many more than you think. I caught one guy looking at Lisa's braced legs. He was probably going to have an orgasm right on the spot. I know these things can drive some guys nuts too," I said raising my two hooks and opening and closing them for effect.

"Well they certainly turn us on," Jean said laughing.

"I wish we could wear them full time," I would love to go to work as an arm amputee," I said.

"I guess we could. The girl Bill mentioned does. Let's see if we can meet up with her."

We called Bill and asked if he could get in touch with Gwen and see if we could call her. He did and gave us her number. We called the next night. Gwen was very anxious to meet us. We told her that a friend who wore leg braces would be with us. We agreed to meet at a local restaurant the following night after work. All three of us got home and rushed to get ready. Jean and I put on our hooks and Lisa got into her braces. She picked us up at 6:30 PM. We arrived at the restaurant a little before 7:00 PM. We went in and looked for a girl with two hooks. She was easy to spot sitting at a table. What amazed us was that she was wearing a sleeveless white top, short red skirt and matching pumps. It looked like she had on pantyhose. We wondered how she managed that and how she could get them down to pee. We went up to her and introduced ourselves. Jean and I each touched Gwen's outstretched hook with ours.

"That's a hook shake I guess," Gwen said to break the ice.

Gwen was a stunning beauty with short blonde hair, full breasts and a narrow waist. As we were walking over we couldn't help but notice that her pumps had really high heels, probably 4.5 to 5 inch. All this was insignificant as we noticed that something was very different about her prosthesis. She had standard 5x hooks and articulating wrists as we did, but as we worked up her forearm sockets we couldn't help but see that she had an elbow joint. The forearm socket was hollowed out near the elbow to allow it to bend up. She had no arm stumps inside her forearm sockets. That was obvious. Gwen was a bilateral above the elbow amputee, not a pretender unless she had some clever way of concealing her arms. A look at her shoulders made it clear she really didn't have arms.

"You look a little startled'" Gwen said.

"You don't have arms," Jean exclaimed.

"We thought you were a pretender like us," I said.

"I was, but now I have only very short stumps above where my elbows would be," Gwen explained.

"Oh God we are so sorry," Lisa said entering the conversation.

"Oh don't be. I had my arms amputated voluntarily," Gwen said.

"But why?" I asked.

"Well I was living and working full time using my hooks and I just got so tired of having curled up hands inside my sockets that I decided I would be much more comfortable as a real amputee. I no longer used my hands anyway."

"But you are an above the elbow amputee," Jean said.

"Yes. That was the tough decision. I was so good at being a double below the elbow amputee that I felt less and less excited about having hooks. I wanted a greater challenge. Being a double above the elbow amputee is far more difficult and debilitating. I actually considered becoming a double shoulder disarticulate but then realized that I would be unable to do so many things that above the elbow was the best alternative. DSDs can barely do anything with their hooks. Having shoulders is really important."

"Can you live alone being a DAE?" I asked.

"No. I need a little help for some things. Once I am dressed and into my hooks I am pretty independent," Gwen explained.

"Do you regret actually having your arms amputated?" Jean asked.

"Not for a moment. It feels so wonderful to be this way. When I get up and realize that all I have are these small arm stumps I know I did the right thing. You can't imagine what it feels like when I move my stumps around and there is no heavy arm dangling down. Of course I can't use my stumps for anything. They are far too short to use to grab anything. I am pretty helpless without my hooks unless I use my feet which I do, but I am not really good at it. When I put my hooks on I just feel so incredible."

"I would love to see your stumps sometime," Lisa said.

"Sure, just not in public," Gwen replied laughing.

"Do you have someone to help you?" Lisa asked.

"Oh yes. My roommate, who is also my lover takes care of me. I can't bathe myself or dress in some things. She bathes me, shaves my legs, plucks my eyebrows and does the things I can no longer do," Gwen explained.

"does she like you being an amputee?" I asked.

"Oh yes. In fact she is an amputee. Both of her legs were amputated at mid thigh.  She is in a wheelchair," Gwen said. "She does have prosthetics and can walk with crutches, but she likes her chair better."

"How awful," Jean said.

"She likes being that way just like I do without arms."

The waitress came over to ask if we wanted drinks. We all ordered glasses of wine.

"I am embarrassed to ask, but do you three need straws?" she asked.

"No. We can't hold a regular glass, but we can hold the stem of a wine glass using our hooks," Gwen replied. The waitress handed us menus and left to get our drinks.

"Don't you feel a bit conspicuous in a sleeveless top?" I asked Gwen.

"Gosh no. I like people to be able to see the extent of my amputations and my prosthesis. Why don't you guys go sleeveless?"

"Well we worry about the extra length of our arms," Jean said.

"Don't be. You could be wrist disarticulates. They have very long sockets. Believe me no one will notice. I wore short sleeves or sleeveless tops almost all the time when I was a DBE pretender," Gwen said.

"We should try," Jean said.

I have another question about clothing, How can you manage in pantyhose? HOw can you get them down in the ladies room?" I asked.

"Actually I am wearing stockings and a garter belt. Of course my roommate Amy has to put them on for me. No way I can fasten the garters even if I could get them on. My panties are over the garter belt so I can use my hooks to pull them down just like you guys do," Gwen explained.

"How did you voluntarily have your arms amputated? Bill didn;t mention this," I asked.

"He doesn't know yet. I found this doctor overseas who does voluntary amputations. Very under the table. Eight months ago I went there and had my amputations. We I returned home I said it was the result of an accident and the local doctor referred me to his prosthetist. Of course I couldn't say I already had one. He made my new arms when my stumps healed. You can't imagine how incredible it was when I first tried them on. It was so much harder with the elbow joints. Your main cables only open and close your hooks. Mine raise and lower my arms when my elbows are unlocked. When they are locked the cables work like yours. I have an additional cable on each arm that lockas an unlocks the elbows," Gwen said as she used one hook to point to the short cable on her other arm.

"Wow, that must take a lot of work," Jean said.

"It becomes automatic after a while. Of course I don't have anywhere near the dexterity that I had as a DBE. Everything is a bit of a struggle, but that's what I like being like this."

After Gwen explained a few more things the waitress came with our drinks. The three of us opened our hooks around the stem of the wine glass to drink. It was obvious that Gwen had to work a bit to get her arm into just the right position to lean over and get the wine to her mouth. It was much easier for us and of course Lisa used her hand normally. We ordered our meals.

"Tell us about going full time as a pretender," Jean asked.

"Well it was easy. I just started wearing my hooks every waking hour and went looking for a job. I landed a position at a bank as a receptionist. I used a headset for the phone and I could use the computer quite well with my hooks. Everyone accepted me as an arm amputee. I loved being able to  be in my hooks all the time," Gwen explained.

"Amazing. Jean and I have been talking about that but we really haven't worked up the nerve to try. We are using our hooks full time other than at work. I think we are very proficient now. There aren't too many things we can't do with our hooks," I said.

Our meals came and we all started to eat. Jean and I were very good at eating with our hooks after so much practice. We watched Gwen use her hooks and couldn;t help but notice how much harder it was for her. Using a knife was really hard for her. We were fascinated by how she did things without being able to rotate her forearm like we could. Not having elbows really was difficult.

At one point we all went to the ladies room. It was empty. Gwen took the opportunity to lift her skirt up and show us her stockings and grater belt. Jean and I would have to cheat to get the stockings on if we tried this since we did not have a person with hands living with us. It would be neat if Lisa moved in with us and she could help us. Maybe then we would never have to use our hands again.

We rinsed off our hooks and left the ladies room. Lisa crutched along with us. Gwen looked so incredible in her sleeveless top, short skirt and stiletto heels. Lots of eye were on the four of us as we went back to the table.

We finished our meals and vowed to get together again. Gwen wanted to have us over so we could meet Amy. She said the two of them loved to cook and that we would have a really great meal. There were so many questions we wanted to ask, but it was getting late. Gwen chipped in for her share of the meal. We wathed as she got the money out of her purse. Once again we realized how much more difficult things were for her. Lisa assisted us and paid the bill. Later that night Jean and I vowed to go sleeveless that weekend.

For the rest of the week we considered if we wanted to try to get new jobs where we would be able to wear our hooks full time. We pretty much convinced ourselves that we wanted to do just that. Becoming actual amputees was an entirely different matter.

Saturday morning we got into our hooks and helped each other into nice sleeveless tops.

"God Kate, everyone can see our entire prosthesis except for the harness under our tops," Jean said.

"Yeah. I think we look really cool, but I like the way Gwen looks even better. Her elbow joints are way cool."

That day at the mall we knew we got many more stares than usual. It felt really different with everything exposed. I looked at Jean's arms and took in her control cables running up her arms and into the openings of her top at her armpits were I knew they continued to the metal ring below her shoulders. I knew I looked identical. Good thing we shaved our underarms since now they were visible if we raised our arms.

After a couple of hours we felt totally at ease being sleeveless. I was convinced no one suspected anything. One of the tings we did was to shop for stockings and garter belts. We both missed the feel of pantyhose now and then. Somehow the thought of stockings and a garter belt was a turn on since we knew guys liked the look, not that they would see much. Maybe a stocking top and a garter would be revealed if our skirts hiked up too much.

"God but I love being like this," Jean said.

"Yeah, we really need to go full time. I would love to work wearing my hooks," I said.

"What about actually becoming an arm amputee?" Jean asked.

"Hey, one step at a time," I replied laughing.

Next, Lisa changes her catheter and shops for a wheelchair.

Chapter 7



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