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Our Hook Adventure
Chapter 3
The First Day

By Vicki

The next morning we got up and discussed what we wanted to do. It was the beginning of the weekend and we didn’t have to worry about work.

“Do you want to see if we can wear our hooks for the entire weekend?” I asked Jean.

“Two days? I guess we would know how it would feel to spend the rest of your life needing hooks. You think we could do it?”

“I don’t know, but if we do it we should vow that they stay on until we go to bed each day,” I said.

“Okay girl, let’s do it. I think we should bathe and get dressed first. We can try makeup with our hooks,” Jean said.

“What about food?” I asked.

“Let’s wing it. We can figure out how to do it. There are two of us.”

So we proceeded to take our baths, shaving our legs, and doing other personal things. We decided that skirts were in order since we didn’t think we could manage buttons on tight jeans. We also opted for sandals since we thought we might need our feet for something. We could slip out of them easily. We didn't wear pantyhose. We figured they would be impossible if we needed to go to the bathroom.

“Long or short sleeves?” Jean asked. “The girl in the documentary wore her hooks over a sleeveless top some of the time.”

“Way too tempting to just slip the hooks off. We should wear long sleeves so it will be a real pain to get out of our hooks,” I suggested. We both stood there in our skirts and bras. "If we go out we would want long sleeves anyway."

“Ready?” I asked. Jean nodded.

We first slipped on our long stump socks and then put our hooks on kind of like putting on a coat, first one arm and then the other. We helped each other into long sleeve pullovers. That was a struggle and we knew we would only take our hooks off as a last resort.

“Well, here we are, two armless girls who have hooks instead of hands.” Jean said.

"How does it feel?" I asked.

"I feel really strange. I still feel my hands but I know they are useless and I can only do things with my hooks."

"Our hair is a mess from putting on our tops. Do you think we can comb it?" I asked.

"Maybe if we did each other," Jean suggested.

We tried holding our combs and brushes. It was difficult to find one that didn't slip around in our hooks. We finally found a brush with a rubber handle and used it to brush each other's hair.

"Not bad. We look almost decent," I said. “Makeup or breakfast?”

“Makeup,” Jean stated.

We spent the next full hour trying to put on makeup. The first problem was foundation. We had some cosmetic sponges and that sort of worked. Getting the cap off the makeup tube wasn't too hard. We had watched Vicki's makeup video and saw how she grasped her makeup brush, eyebrow pencil, liner and shadow. After putting on a little blush we struggled to do out eyes. It wasn't as easy as we imagined. Just opening the plastic shadow containers was a pain. Jean found that using a metal nail file did the trick. You could pop the lid with the file. Doing things with hooks was difficult. We realized how much easier it was with hands. We managed to get our mascara on and finished with lipstick. It took a bit of doing to remove the cap and twist the tube. Finally we tilted our hooks just right and applied the lipstick.

"Not bad but boy that was a struggle," I said. "It was kind of fun though. I liked it when I finally did something difficult."

"How do your hands feel?" Jean asked.

"I am sort of losing the sensation that they are there. Maybe in a few hours it will feel more like we have real stumps. Bill said it would," I commented. By the end of the day we completely lost the feeling that we had hands. It felt as if all we had were stumps. That actually added to the feeling of having hooks.

Breakfast was a disaster. We had not prepared coffee and neither of us could figure out how to manage it. We knew that we needed more practice. We figured that we had no way to make much of anything to eat. We were just about to try to make an English muffin when Jean made an outrageous suggestion.

"Why don't we go to McDonalds?"

"Are you nuts? I don't think we could manage," I said alarmed.

"Come on. Where is your sense of adventure?"

We were nuts, but we grabbed our bags and left the apartment. The McDonalds was a few blocks away. We got some stares as we walked. We were really aware that we had hooks hanging at our sides. It was fun to be out wearing our hooks.

"This is pretty neat," I said. "We are out again with no hands and showing off our two hooks."

"Maybe if we were like this permanently it wouldn't feel so neat," Jean replied. She was probably right.

 We entered the McDonalds and went up to the counter.

"Two coffees and wo Egg McMuffins," Jean requested.

The clerk immediately noticed our hooks. Jean offered to pay and managed to get her wallet out of her bag. She fumbled with the money and finally the clerk offered to help.

"Thanks. I haven't had these for long and I need practice," Jean said holding up her hooks.

"I can't imagine what it must be like without hands," the girl said.

"Yeah, it's a bitch," Jean replied.

A young girl and her mother were in line behind us.

"Mommy, why do they have funny hands?" the girl asked her mother.

"I am so sorry," the woman said quite mortified.

"It's okay," I said to the mother. "Honey, I have these special hands because I don't have real hands anymore. See how I can open and close them sort of like a real hand," I explained to the girl as I opened and closed both of my hooks.

"Thank you," the woman said.

We carried our trays to a vacate table. Unwrapping the muffin wasn't hard, but trying to get cream and sweetener in the coffee was a real challenge. We both struggled to get the lids off the little cream containers. We managed with our teeth. Ditto the sweetener. We stirred the coffee with spoons. That was easy. We could drink the coffee by holding it by the rim.

We  tried to eat the muffins with our hooks. A disaster. We did manage to use the plastic forks to break little pieces off and eat them. We noticed we were getting lots of stares. I guess it was pretty unusual to see two girls with no hands and two hooks. We were spending a lot of time fooling with our articulating wrists and rotating our hooks to the right position. Eventually it would become second nature but for now it wasn't.

"Having fun?" I asked.

"Yup. We need practice, but we are getting by. I guess maybe we can actually function to some extent without hands," Jean said.

"Thank goodness we have hooks or we would have to use our feet," I said. "I saw a video of a girl who had her arms amputated at the shoulders and she ate with her feet. I guess hooks aren't very useful if you don't even have  any stumps."

"It must be much harder even for a double above the elbow amputee," Jean said.

"They have to lock and unlock their elbow joints," I said. "They don't have anywhere near the functionality that we do." I said.

We dumped our trays into the trash and left the trays on top of the basket. That was easy.  We both had to pee and headed for the ladies room. I entered a vacant stall and managed to pull my skirt down with my hooks. It had an elastic waistband and so it wasn't hard. I used the little levers or thumbs of my hooks to pull down my panties. I sat down and relieved myself. I got a piece of toilet paper with my right hook and wiped. I dropped it into the toilet between my legs. I managed to pull up my panties and then my skirt. That wasn't too hard. I met Jean at the sinks.

"Should we rinse off our hooks? I asked.

"Why not," Jean said. We managed to turn on the water and rinse off our hooks.

"At least we don't have to worry about the water being too hot or cold," I said. We both laughed. 

We walked back home savoring the experience. We could get by out in public confined to our hooks.

"That was really neat. How long has it been now?" Jean asked.

"I don't have my watch on, but the last I glanced at the clock would make it about four hours."

"Four down and about 12 hours before we take our hooks off for bed," Jean said.

"Think we will make it? I kind a don't feel my hands anymore. They don't hurt, but I hardly know they are there," I said.

"That's cool, isn't it?" Jean asked.

"Yeah, just like having real stumps. I am getting used to my hooks as well. I feel more natural wearing them," I added. "So what are we going to do for the rest of the day?"

"Good question. Maybe we should think about how we can do things and try them."

We spent the rest of the day playing around with our hooks. We tried all sorts of things. We even managed to get the top off a bottle of Coke using a pair of pliers we had in our tool box. We realized that we did not have enough prehension in our hooks for some things. The hook just slipped when we tried to turn things.

Our big goal was to manage to cook ourselves dinner that night. That turned out to be a lot of fun. We wanted to have spaghetti and tomato sauce. We could handle the pot and opening the box of spaghetti. Opening the sauce was the biggest challenge. We ended up using our feet. The lid was too big and too tight to manage with our hooks. We even managed to open a bottle of wine. That took the two of us. What a relief when I pulled the cork out using my right hook holding the corkscrew.

After everything was prepared we set out plates and wine glasses. We served the spaghetti using a large fork that we could hold in or hooks. A large serving spoon made putting the sauce on the spaghetti pertty easy. We carefully poured the wine by holding the neck with our right hook and balancing with the left. We finally ate our meal. We quickly learned how to hold our forks. We really didn't need a knife.

"Here's to our first day as armless hooked girls," Jean said holding up her wine. We touched glasses and laughed.

"Well we have a lot to learn if we want to live this way," I said.

"What do you mean live this way?" Jean asked.

"Just kidding," I replied. "But we can have fun getting better at it."

"What do we do tomorrow?" Jean asked.

"How about we go to the mall and do some shopping? We can interact with more people and try new things," I suggested.

"Great idea. Let's go first thing in the morning. We can spend the day."

We spent the rest of the evening sitting around watching TV and talking about what we would do at the mall. When it was finally time to go to bed we realized we had been wearing our hooks for over 16 hours. Neither of us could really sense our hands. We helped each other get out of our tops. We wiggled out of our hooks. We pulled our stump socks down with our teeth and feet. Neither of us could open our hands.

"God it hurts when I try to open my hands," Jean said.

"Yeah, me too."

Very slowly and with a lot of pain we opened our curled up hands and exercised them.

"If we had real stumps we wouldn't have to worry about any pain," Jean said. We both laughed at the outrageous thought.

We changed into our nightgowns and went to bed. The next day would be yet another adventure.


To be continued.
What will the trip to the mall be like?

Chapter 4



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