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Our Hook Adventure
Chapter 2
The Fitting

By Vicki

We got a call from Bill to let us know our hooks would be ready on Friday. We were quite excited. Bill told us to wear a long sleeve top with the longest sleeves we had since the length of our arms wearing our hooks would be a bit longer than normal. We did as he suggested. Right after work we met up and took the bus to Bill's shop. We both a bit nervous, but certainly excited.

"You girls ready to try out your new toys?" Bill asked.

"You bet," Jean said.

Bill led us to a table where he had placed the two pairs of hooks he made for us. We couldn't believe these would be ours to wear whenever we wanted. They looked heavy. Bill held up one pair by the metal ring that would be located between our shoulders that anchored the four straps, two for the triceps cuffs and two for the control cables that ran down to the terminal devices.

"Gee this is pretty heavy," I said.

"Yes they are, but you will get used to them," Bill replied. "Who wants to try her hooks on first?"

I volunteered. I was pretty embarrassed when Bill told me to take off my sweater. There I was in just my bra. I had the feeling that Bill was a little turned on when he took a good look at my Victoria's Secret underwire bra. Lots of my breasts were visible since this style was not full coverage.

"Some girls like to wear a thin sleeveless top or tee over their bras so the straps of their prosthesis don't rub against their skin. If you get a thin one it can be worn under almost any top," Bill said. "Of course many girls just wear their hooks over whatever they have on if they don't care if people see their sockets. I don't advise that for you girls though."

Bill was talking about girls wearing their hooks, just like the girl in the documentary. It came to me that I would be a girl wearing her hooks in a few minutes. I kept wondering what it would be like to get up every day and put my hooks on. Bill sort of made it sound like a girl wearing hooks was commonplace.

Next, Bill got a pair of white long stump socks. He had me curl up my hand and insert it into the sock. He helped me pull it all the way up to my armpit. We did the same for my other arm. I was happy that I remembered to remove my watch and bracelet. The moment had come. I was about to slip my arms into a pair of real prosthetic hooks. I would know pretty soon what it felt like to have hooks for hands.

"Okay Kate, insert your right hand into the socket. I will push the socket up. It will feel tight, but you will get used to having your hand curled up. After a few hours you won't really be aware you have a hand. It will start to feel more like a stump."

It was a bit tight as my curled up hand bottomed out in the socket. Bill slipped the harness over my right shoulder and guided my left curled up hand into the left socket and I pushed it all the way in. Now the harness was over my shoulders.

"You put your hooks on just like a coat," Bill explained. "Okay, let your arms hang down at your sides. I am going to adjust the straps attached to your triceps cuffs," Bill said.

The triceps cuffs were plastic and went partially around the back of my upper arms. The cables were attached to the cuffs with a special small metal bar and leather strap. The main straps came around the front in a Y pattern and attached to the sides of the cuff.

"Now I am going to tighten the straps on your control cables. They need to be fully tightened when your arm is at your side. Any movement of your upper arm and shoulder in the forward direction will pull on the cable to open your hook. Do you get the idea Kate?" Bill asked.

 "I think so," I replied.

"Okay, now I want you to hold your right hook out in front of you and shrug your shoulder and arm forward until you feel the tension on the cable opening the hook. See if you can open it all the way," Bill requested.

I did this and was amazed when I saw my right hook opening. It was then I realized I was really turned on. I had no idea why, but I liked it. Bill repeated  this with my left hook. Finally I opened both hooks at the same time.

"Can you help me get back into my sweater?" I asked Jean.

"Not yet," Bill requested. "I want to make some final adjustments of your straps after you practice a little. Jean's next."

I watched as Bill helped Jean out of her sweater revealing an equally sexy black bra and full breasts. Watching Jean get into her hooks turned me on even more. I looked down at my new hooks. I no longer had hands, just two neat metal split hooks.

Bill had us do some simple things with our hooks. He had us pick up some objects he had lying around. We go the knack of it pretty quickly. He had us articulate our wrist units by pressing the small buttons on the wrists. There were two positions we could tilt our hooks to. I could see how this would make some things easier. If I pushed the button and held my hook in the right position it would flip back to the normal. A final exercise was learning to rotate our hooks. They could be rotated in the wrist units in either direction. With the proper rotation and tilt we could get our hooks in almost any position we might need. 

Bill made some last minute adjustments to our straps and helped us into our tops. We too a look at ourselves in one of the large mirrors mounted on the wall. Wow! I looked just like a real arm amputee with her hooks. My two hooks extended below the sleeves of my sweater. The thought that people would see me like this was turning me on even more. I knew people would be thinking how awful it must be to have no hands and only two hooks.

"You two look really sexy with those hooks. I have the feeling you two are hooked on hooks," Bill said laughing. "Do you want to take them off now or wear them home?"

Even though we had practically no experience using our hooks we decided it would be fun to wear them home. We would be taking the bus across town. Bill suggested that we get our money ready and place it in our purses so we could easily reach it. We did that and Bill helped us get our shoulder bags over our heads. He knew we would have trouble with them if they were just over the shoulder and not over our heads across the opposite shoulder. Bill told us to come back in a day or two to have the straps and cables adjusted after we practiced a little.

"Right now you each have three rubber bands on each hook. If you feel you need more gripping power we can add one or two when you come in," Bill added.

We left the shop and walked to the bus stop. Our new hooks were showing below the sleeves of our sweaters and we knew that people stared as we walked by.

"Boy am I nervous," Jean said.

"Yeah, me too, but I am really turned on. Having hooks is so neat," I replied.

At the bus stop we got the two dollars out of our purses and held the bills with our hooks ready for the bus. It came a few minutes later. We handed our fares to the driver. It was kind of neat to do this with hooks. We sat down and placed our hooks in our laps.

“Are you still nervous?” Jean asked.

“That’s an understatement. We can’t take these things off you know. We are stuck wearing them till we get home.” We looked down at our new hooks and tried to relax for the 20 minute ride.

After we got off the bus we walked the short distance to our apartment. We didn’t anticipate the challenges that awaited us. We had not considered how we would get into our apartment. We had never handled a key with hooks. We had barely any experience. It took us a few minutes to root around in our purses until one of us got her key. Now to unlock the door. That wasn’t the hard part. Turning the knob was impossible. Our hooks kept slipping. We couldn’t turn the knob. Eventually we tried grasping the knob with one hook and clamping our other hook over the first to add more pressure so the hook wouldn’t slip. We finally got it and went inside with a sigh of relief.

“We did it,” Jean exclaimed.

“Yeah, us hook girls did it,” I said.

Eventually we changed the doorknob to one that had a lever instead of a round knob. We could then open it with no problem. Over the next several months we would adapt our apartment to make everything easier with our hooks.

“You want to take our hooks off now?” I asked Jean.

“No way. I want to feel what it’s like to encounter more challenges,” Jean replied.

We did find all sorts of challenges. Our first one was going to the bathroom. We had never tried to get panties down with hooks. Fortunately we were wearing skirts and so we didn’t have buttons to contend with. We struggled until Jean suggested we tilt our hooks. I pushed the little button at the wrist unit and let my hook drop to the greatest angle. I did the same with my other hook. Now it was easer to get my panties down and up again. I pushed the buttons to return my hooks to the normal position.

Getting something to eat was hard. We could not open a bottle of Coke. The cap kept slipping until we remembered we had a special piece of rubber material design to open lids on jars that were tight. Jean held the bottle while I managed to get the cap off. We tried picking up a glass and that didn’t work. We found some paper cups and could hold them by the rim. That worked.

Food was a problem as well. Both of us fumbled around until we finally made two sandwiches. God it was so hard with hooks. We remembered the girl in the documentary and now knew what it must have been like for her. Eating the sandwich was messy. It kept falling apart when we tried to grasp it with our hooks.

“We need to learn to use a knife and fork,” I said.

“Tomorrow. I am exhausted, Jean said.

 We managed to use the TV remote and just vegged out for the rest of the evening staring at our hooks.

“So what do you think?” I asked.

“I think I want to learn to be expert with these things. It is a challenge,” Jean said.

“Do you think it is kind of fun?”

“Actually, yes. I think it will be really fun if we can go out and do things with our hooks,” I replied thinking about what I had just said. “I don’t know about you but I really got turned on riding the bus with my hooks.”

“So are we going to get jobs wearing hooks?” Jean asked laughing. Of course this was the furthest thing from our minds at that moment.

“So how much time do you want to spend playing around with our hooks on?”

“I guess we can determine that as we go along. As long as we have fun we can play around. We have to learn how to do things. Maybe the internet can help,” Jean said.

Finally we decided to go to bed and had to remove our hooks. That proved to be a challenge since we had on long sleeves. Neither of us could get our sweater off. Without the feel of touch we couldn’t use our hooks if our vision was blocked. Also because we couldn’t open or close our hooks when our arms were in some positions it was a real struggle. We knew there must be a way, but we resorted to helping each other which worked quite well.

What will the girls do next?

Chapter 3



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